The Universal Christ Speaks - Introduction

The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer

Section IX

The Great Light - the sun behind the sun

S/He is Lord and Lady, King and Queen, who has
Risen from the dead and come to bring us truth.
Throughout the whole of Creation,
Including Mother Earth,
Every knee does bow and every tongue confess
That the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Is the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns.
The Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us
Is but one of Its manifestations.

In the name of love and
Hand in hand with the Angels and Masters,
Friends and helpers, guides and good shepherds
In the world of light,
Who once walked this way before us,
We welcome Thy living and loving Spirit,
Onto the Earth.


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