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Esoterically, ignorance stands for darkness and light for the expansion of God’s consciousness and our own through spiritual wisdom and knowledge. The Bible tells us in Genesis 9:13: ‘I set My bow in the clouds and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the Earth.’ To me, this is a reassurance that whenever the going gets rough, rainbows of light will in the end be reaching down from the Heavens, a metaphor for the highest levels of life, onto the Earth plane in the form of the new wisdom and understanding that has been found by humankind through these experiences. The Genesis quote is God’s signal that the wisdom and love of the Great Mother has never left any of us and that the Sun will surely break through the clouds again, each time some rain has to fall onto Earth’s inhabitants.

A rainbow is always a special blessing for us and everything that shares our world with us. It appears when the light of the Sun reflects itself in the moisture left behind in the air after a downpour and this light and its warmth once more reappears. The same principle applies spiritually to the Sun beyond or behind the Sun, the Great or Christ Light. And every rainbow contains all the healing rays of the Sun with each colour representing a different ray that is capable of healing one of the many ills of our world. In due course all of us will be ready to learn how to tap into these rays.

Let us return to the state of paradise for another moment. As discussed in the previous chapter, the word describes the state of consciousness we once left behind in order to become mortals. We descended from Heaven – a metaphor for the highest levels of life – into matter and an earthly existence, so that together with our planet we could evolve some more. To make this possible, it was essential that for some time we had to die to the knowledge of our true nature and of our oneness with each other and the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. God being infinitely merciful and wise, this awareness was never wiped from our consciousness altogether, but always remained part of us.

However, as in the course of many lifetimes we gathered ever more experiences, this memory sank into the deepest and most ancient recesses of our subconscious. That’s where it has remained and as layer upon layer of the soul memories of every passing lifetimes piles upon our most ancient recollection, it becomes  increasingly difficult to access. Yet, it has always stayed alive. This is how, from the very core of our being, the soul incessantly tries to point its earthly self in the direction of our true home. When the right moment for doing so has come, it is the soul’s longing and yearning that in the end reunites us with our Source.

Divine Wisdom has always taken great care that nothing and no-one would ever be able to destroy or take the memory of our true home and origin from us. Everybody’s birthright and God’s covenant with humankind is to be drawn back, consciously reunited and one again with all life, to be whole and holy, healed in mind, body, spirit and soul. Finding true happiness and fulfilment will be everybody’s reward and compensation for the willingness to leave the state of paradise and taking upon ourselves the suffering caused by our earthly self’s belief that we are separate from the source of our being, God.

I would go as far as saying that in that state of our existence and in the youthful enthusiasm and innocence as young spirits, we not only agreed with this, we even wanted it. We did so, because we understood that through fully partaking in Earth life alone we would ever be able to recognise ourselves and each other as individual spirits. From where I stand now, it is not difficult to see the necessity for the statement that those who eat from the tree of knowledge have to die. It was done because at the time of its appearance that was all our race could grasp and digest of the underlying esoteric truth of God’s wisdom.
Thanks be to the Universal Forces that ever more of us by now are ready to understand why the Bible had to speak to us and our world through myths and legends that abound with symbolisms and allegories. In truth, the snake in the Creation story stands for the wisdom aspect of the feminine aspect of the Divine, the Goddess with its powers of transformation and healing. From our present evolutionary level it can easily be recognised that in truth the serpent was by no means evil but wise and spoke the truth. Yet, at the time the Creation story first appeared in our world none of us could possibly have grasped the higher esoteric meaning of this tale. As we mature into spiritual adulthood, we once more become aware of the fact that the human spirit and soul are immortal and eternal, and because of this cannot die. This brings us the realisation that nothing but the outer shell of our physical bodies is returned to Mother Earth at the end of each lifetime, while the essence of our being moves on into the world of light, it’s true home.

Humankind once agreed to descend into matter to help expand God’s wisdom and knowledge of Itself, each through gathering their own real life experiences and learning from them. Having done so sufficiently, our next lesson is learning to live harmoniously and consciously in accordance with God’s cosmic laws. Knowing that all life abides by them, why shouldn’t we? When looked at in the right way, namely from the evolutionary angle, partaking in the tree of knowledge’s fruit could never have been as sin; it was very necessary and desirable.

Adam and Eve’s wish to eat the fruits is a symbolism for humankind’s craving for life and evolution, for growing through learning about life on all its levels, including physicality. This hunger will always be with us, wherever we may find ourselves, even when we have moved way beyond this world and onto the highest levels of consciousness, as every soul does in the end. Everybody’s own consciousness and that of our world can only continue to expand through the constant gathering of knowledge about ourselves, our world and life, which is the reason why we are here.

The most fundamental purpose of every human being’s earthly sojourns is that with the passing of time we should evolve into a seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. It’s a great relief when one finds out that we shall need but one guru in this quest and that is our intuition, the living God within. Everybody has this inner teacher and guide, who is the only one in the whole of Creation who is entirely reliable and trustworthy. From long before human life on the Earth plane began, it has been part of us and with us, trying to guide us and keep us away from harm from the innermost part of our own being. If that isn’t proof enough that none of us ever left the paradise of being one with God and that, on the inner planes of our being, the connection with God has always remained intact, then please tell me what is.

Looking back on my life, it is easy to see how the Divine wisdom within has constantly been helping me. Regardless of the fact that for a very long time I had no idea of the source of all the helpful ideas that came to me whenever I needed them, my inner guru was always there for me, as it is for everybody. It never let me down and I could and did rely on it, even and maybe especially in my working life it clearly enjoyed supporting me and helping me to find solutions for any kind of problem, and I am glad to say it is still doing this. For example, when there was a lost file that no-one could find or something on my computer was puzzling me. This still happens from time to time. Having walked away from the scene, after a while out of the blue the thought comes: ‘Why don’t I try so and so?’ Lo and behold, it works almost every time and the solutions quite magically appear.

Aware that they are coming from my inner wisdom who shows me the way in all things, I do not forget to say: ‘Thank you! Is it any wonder I love you. Who wouldn’t? To know you is to love you.’ And other times, when I need yet another answer for a tricky situation, not without first trying to solve it on my own, I plead: ‘Please, help me!’ The response may take a while, but it always comes and each time it does, I am deeply grateful.

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