Do Not Blame The Numbers Or The Stars

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Whenever something goes wrong in our lives, it is all too easy to blame someone else for what is happening. If nobody can be found, God or the Universe – for as long as one still fails to understand their true nature – will do. Some go as far as accusing the numbers, in the case of numerology, or the peacefully and serenely moving planets, astrology, in the sky above them for the events in their lives. They may even hold them responsible for their negative character traits, when nothing could be further from the truth. As much as many people appear to dislike the idea, we alone are responsible for the way we are and behave.

Neither the numbers nor the stars MAKE us the way we are. The planets are never the reason for earthly events. Yet, in some mysterious way any kind of happening is caused by humankind’s behaviour patterns and the karmic debts each one of us is bringing into every new lifetime. The way we behave is quite decidedly not the result of the positioning of the planets and the aspects they form to each other in our birthcharts. The birthchart is a blueprint of a moment in space and time, which reveals what we were at the moment of our birth. Every bit of the characteristics we developed in previous lifetimes we are bringing with us into our next one, so they can be worked on some more and – hopefully – improved.

Therefore, when things seem to go wrong in anyone’s life, including our own, it is not because of a certain alignment of the stars in the Heavens, but because the energies are right for life to try and teach us a specific kind of lesson. We ourselves agreed to take part in it, a long before entering our present lifetime. Blaming others is invariably an attempt at trying to find an escape route. Alas, no spiritual progress is possible for as long as we cling to this approach to life and our place within it. Until we let go of this belief, we shall remain firmly stuck on the evolutionary spiral. Our lives can only change for the better when we finally accept the responsibility for everything that is in them.

The planets, God, the Universe, mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, aunts and uncles as well as all other kinds of relatives are most certainly not responsible for any of our character traces. This is especially true for the less pleasant or downright unsavoury ones. Every single one of them is our responsibility. We brought them with us into this lifetime in the hope that this time round we would wake up to our true nature. At long last we would then roll up our sleeves, metaphorically speaking, and get to work on improving our earthly personality, so that one fine day even the lowest aspects of our nature will finally have been overcome.

The only reason why the people around us are displaying some of our characteristics, good and bad alike, is that our energies and lifepath are compatible with theirs. This is necessary because it enables all of us to act not only as pupils and teachers to each other, but also as mirrors. We have reincarnated as a group so that we may learn and grow together in this particular set of circumstances, parents and family line. Becoming aware of these things puts the onus on us as an individual to do our best to change our deeply ingrained behaviour patterns, so that in this process our weaknesses are converted into strengths. Our good example can show others the way and assist them with doing this kind of work on themselves.

I believe that the root of all human problems can be found in everybody’s prejudices, false beliefs and perceptions. They were created in previous lifetimes through misunderstandings and misinterpretations of our own and other people’s motivations. I believe that the difficulties most people are encountering, to this day have their origin in nothing more mysterious than not knowing who and what we truly are and the reason for our being in earthly life. For as long as this is the case, it is impossible to recognise the role we are all meant to play in each other’s lives.

The result of this ignorance is that when something goes wrong in our lives, finding scapegoats is a great deal easier than accepting the accountability for ourselves and the way we conduct our lives. This changes profoundly as soon as we awaken to our true nature and realise the responsibilities every human being on the Earth plane has. Blaming anyone for our own shortcoming and errors is then no longer an option for us.

This kind of knowledge would have been too much of a burden for us to carry in earlier lifetimes. But those of us who are now reaching their spiritual adulthood are ready to deal with some initially rather unpalatable truths, like:

•    We are responsible for ourselves, for our character, the way we are and behave.
•    The planets do not make us the way we are, they merely reflect what is inside us and have brought with us from previous lifetimes.
•    For every thought, word and action we are accountable towards the Highest forces of Creation.
•    Every action causes a re-action.
•    We have freedom of choice, and every choice we make has consequences. Not choosing also represents a choice.
•    A responsibility and a duty is attached to every right we have been given.

For as long as we remain unaware of how the processes of life work, as parents we stand before our children: with delight and pride if they are doing well, unhappily and with dismay if they are not. Our ego may swell mightily at the thought of having produced such a wonderful offspring or we could be deeply ashamed, as the case may be.

Yet, when the loving union of two wise ones has been blessed with a particularly gifted child, they realise what a great honour it is that a youngster of this calibre has been placed into their care. Humbly they stand before the child and its talents, doing all they can to help these gifts to develop some more. They carefully refrain from claiming them as the child’s inheritance from its earthly parents. Aware that giving birth to a child is the highest expression of creativity, whilst kneeling in awe and wonder before the miracle of life they do not overlook who has done the creating – through them.

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