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Desire is at the basis of all life and the energies of the planet Mars are the pure creative/spiritual/sexual ones that fuel all your desires and as you are well are of by now there are a great many. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents human souls experiencing their primary encounter with life when of necessity all their desires and interests are still focused on themselves. They are propelled into life by the desire to build themselves an earthly personality that will help them to carve out a niche for themselves and maintain it. In the second sign, Taurus, the desire for all the good things of the Earth and especially earthly possessions are explored. In the third sign, Gemini, the soul concentrates this precious energy onto developing its abilities to communicate. In the fourth sign, Cancer, it learns to appreciate the value of home, mother and tradition. In the fifth sign, Leo, it becomes aware of itself and its own creative powers. And so forth.

It is good and right that the human earthly self wants the things of the Earth, but once you have woken up from our spiritual slumbers, you need to learn how to rise above and overcome these desires. At first the temptations of your earthly nature will continue for some time to rise into the consciousness of your lower self. However, the more you recognise them for what they truly are, i.e. tests and trials that are meant to help you grow, the easier you will find it to resist them. Your present existence is meant to teach you mastery over its lower planes. To achieve this, your higher God or Christ nature needs to take charge of its earthly counterpart, learning to ride its desires instead of being ridden by them.

Your mind and your physical body are like a ship with whose help you, with the passing of time, are learning how to navigate the great ocean of life successfully and to your advantage. Your God or Christ nature is the captain who is in charge. But, I am the Admiral of the Fleet, your supreme commander, and each one of you is responsible to Me for their own wellbeing, that of their craft and also the state of your world. My Universal laws have always ensured that that the ocean of life would never be reigned by chaos and that will continue forever. For young spirit/souls taking part in the lesson of the earthly school of life is compulsory. It’s essential that in some of your lifetimes you are placed at the giving end of one of its lessons and in others on the receiving one,.

In the beginning of your earthly education you are unaware that life throughout the whole of Creation, therefore also yours and that of your world, is subject to My laws. But when you have matured sufficiently, your consciousness expands to  understanding the necessity for my laws. This  knowledge empowers you to take your destiny into your own hands, but even then only up to a point. You will always be answerable to Me and the gift of your present lifetime has been granted in the hope that this time round you will be able to gain control over every aspect of your being, the feminine and masculine, the higher as well as the lower.

I am the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation, the Pole Star, whose light consists of spiritual wisdom and understanding. By this beam you will, in due course, be able to steer the vessel of life back home into the conscious awareness of being at one with Me. Every night before going to sleep and especially when the end of your present earthly lifetime comes round, place your whole being into My loving hands. Rest safely in the knowledge that there is no death, that you will merely be moving into different dimensions of life and that in all Eternity you will be secure with Me. Each one of you is the centre of their own Universe and all the love, wisdom and power that has ever become manifest in the whole of My Creation is also in every human being, wherever you may eventually find yourself.

Lay your hands trustingly into Mine, so I can tell you intuitively the best and wisest use of your inner resources. Your earthly self is filled with doubts and fears. When they come to trouble you and threaten to overwhelm you, turn towards Me, your God Self and Divine consciousness. I am with you always and will help you overcome any adversary, even the worst one and that is everybody’s small lower earthly self. Many of the ghosts and the shadows from your past are still waiting to be released, so that the wounds of all lifetimes can be healed. Whenever you are in trouble of any kind, call upon Me and I will show you the way. Learn how to walk hand in hand with the Angels and Me, so I can teach you how to do your share of blessing and healing, saving and redeeming yourself, your world and everything that is in it. I love you all and I bless each one.

It may surprise you to hear that I am longing, just as much as you are, for the moment when all My children of the Earth can receive and comprehend My whole truth. During the spiritual infancy of your race this was impossible, as much of the knowledge you are receiving now would have frightened you to death in those days. That is why I only small part of My truth were given through the teachers I sent to your world from time to time. When you look back, you will be able to see for yourself how, as humankind slowly progressed on the evolutionary spiral, every so often another instructor appeared to relate to you the same story in a somewhat different manner.

This is how it came about that I gradually revealed ever more of My truth to you and your world. By the time I gave you the Jesus legend, many of you had grown into their spiritual adolescence. The stories about the Master’s birth and life seeded into the consciousness of your race some new and essential parts of My truth about the initiations every human soul on its evolutionary pathway eventually has to undergo. Upon reaching spiritual adulthood, you begin to grasp the underlying esoteric meaning of all the teachings I ever gave to your world through fresh myths and legends that from time to time appeared. The degree of understanding of their concepts reveals to the Angels and Me when another one of you is ready to be taught, guided and protected exclusively by Me, your inner teacher and guide, the living God within.

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