Climbing The Spiritual Mountain

I am your God Self and you are My children of the Earth. For a very long time, the spark of Divinity in your heart has been waiting to come fully alive. I work and express Myself through each one of you. I learn about and get to know Myself through you. Some of you are spiritually already more awake than others. They need to help those who are still slumbering and therefore struggling more than you with their homecoming. Although you are all walking up the spiritual mountain together, each has to find their own way, whether you are as yet aware of this or not.

Great teachers have from time to time emerged in your world, to act as your pathfinders. Benefit from their efforts by walking in their footsteps, but know that you can and indeed are meant to help each other and to guide those behind you. Try to ease their burden as best you know how to, but never take away the lesson they have come to learn and do not try to do things for them which can only be done by them. As already pointed out, you are in this life to work on improving your character by bringing forth the best that is within you. As you grow and evolve in this way, the whole human race and everything in your world is doing the same.

You are My children; you have come into this lifetime to learn to love wisely, the way I love all of you. My love excludes nothing and no-one is left out. In My eyes you are all equal and loved in the same way, totally and unconditionally. Never compare your progress with that of another. Beware of spiritual arrogance and remind yourself frequently that climbing the mountain is not some kind of competitive sport or chase. Before Me, each one stands alone. You are all at different levels in your personal evolution and each has to go at their own pace. Where you are on your spiritual path at any given time reveals itself to Me through your thoughts and actions; words on their have never been enough.

Love is the law of the Universe. You were born from love and to love you are now returning. Like the whole of Creation, love is a dynamic and ever expanding force. In seed form it is in every heart and from there alone can it grow. You are in your present life to develop your Divine qualities and to become ever more like Me. Everything that is in your life is always a gift from Me and designed to teach you something. In this way, with My help, you learn to recognise the true value of things in general and also of the people in your life and your personal possessions.

There is much talk of love in your world, but to this day far too many of you fail to understand the true meaning of this word. Passions, sentiments and even pity are frequently mistaken for it, but the vibration of true love can only arise from your reunion with Me. It is the feeling that wells up from the innermost centre of your being when you still the passions of life and on the deepest innermost levels of your own being and all life you become at one with Me. The life of the Master Jesus was written as an allegory, to demonstrate to humankind what Divine love really means.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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