The Homecoming

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – The Homecoming

The Age of Aquarius is bringing us and our world
The long awaited spiritual homecoming.
It’s a time for leaving behind the false beliefs,
Superstitions and prejudices of the past.
By gazing deeply into the roots of our being,
Where we have come from and
Now are in the process of returning to,
We are discovering the true purpose
Of our earthly existence and the higher meaning
The periods that lie between these two events have served.
To perceive life with a clearer vision
And gain the higher perspective,
It is necessary to peer beyond the end of our nose
Into the spiritual background of life,
Where everything that happens in earthly life
And truly matters is brought into being.

What we are presently finding is faith, not ‘a faith’.
That would merely be like another religion.
The new faith is something much more
Basic and profound than any belief system
Our world could ever hope to be.
It is not a belief but a deep inner feeling
Of knowing and trusting that cannot
Be shaken or taken away by anyone or anything,
Because it is based on the spiritual knowledge
The Universe is helping us to find
Along the pathway of our life.
This provides us with the kind of faith
That trusts beyond any shadow of a doubt
That we always have been and forever shall be safe
In the loving hands of God and the Angels.

The new age brings us faith in the true meaning of the word,
Because we know from our own experiences
That in truth there is nothing for us to be afraid of
And that there is every reason for trusting the
Universe’s intentions that are based the infinite goodness of life.
This steadfastness of heart grows in us from the knowledge
That the Universal forces have always brought us
Whatever we truly needed
And that it will forever continue to do so.
The new faith is not something anyone can give us.
It can only grow organically within each one of us,
From their own experiences.

All together let’s fly on the mighty wings
Of God’s spiritual wisdom and truth
That’s now flowing ever more powerfully
Into every heart and soul and that of our whole world.
The knowledge we are finding is the tool we need
To release ourselves, each other and our whole world
From the suffering of earthly life
Into the greater freedom of the Aquarian Age
The freedom of knowing the truth.
Those who unselfishly giving of their best,
Are creating ever more positive Karma,
For themselves and our world,
Doing their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth,
So that in the end nothing negative and destructive
Can return and touch us any more.

Peace be with us and our world,
Now and forever.

* * *

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