Humankind's Lust For Power

Part 5

You are aware by now that the same powers that are in Me are also in you. Every soul can only get to know the creative and destructive force of the powers inside you through its own first hand experiences. The masculine in Me and also in you, women and men alike, is the power aspect. In Me this part naturally dominates its feminine counterpart, the Goddess, the love and wisdom aspect of Me. She is part of Me and I am part of Her; we are one and inseparable. To develop the male aspect of humankind, in your world the male of the species for a very long time has been seeking dominion over the women in their lives. My feminine aspect willingly subjects itself to My masculine counterpart.

Make no mistake about it; the masculine in both genders craves power. In the long course of the evolution of your race, human desires and appetites for dominion and power over others grew ever larger and more ludicrous. Individually and as a race, you eventually reached the evolutionary stage when power over small numbers of people was no longer enough to satisfy this urge. You wanted more of it, over whole nations of people and their countries, eventually whole continents and – humankind’s greatest dream – over the whole Earth!

To stop anyone from condemning the male gender, let me remind you that to receive a well rounded, balanced and fully comprehensive education, it is necessary that in some lifetimes you come as women and in others as men. Every soul has to go through the whole gamut of earthly experiences sometimes at the receiving end and at other time the receiving one. The most basic one of these lessons is the handling of energies of the planet of desire, Mars, the God of war of antiquity. 

In its most basic expression on the Earth plane Mars is a force, a drive that makes souls who are still inexperienced on this level of life feel and shout loudly: ‘I want, want, want – and I want it NOW! If anything gets into the way of the force of the Martian desires by refusing to do as such a soul wants, the unwilling ones get suppressed, shouted down, bullied and, if need be, in some other way still manipulated into submission. At worst Mars walks over dead bodies to get what it wants; it goes to war and unthinkingly destroys everything that does not surrender itself to its will. Arians are quite capable of doing this with any of the objects of their desires.

Mars energy moves the newly created Divine spark onto the Earth plane where it needs to build itself an earthly personality. By each soul dwelling in its own physical body it begins to recognise and experience itself as an individual. With the help of its developing earthly personality the soul finds itself a place in its new environment. It maintains this place by bursting forth with all its youthful vigour and vim and the enthusiasm for the enjoyment of life that is typical of the Fire element and the signs it rules. Mars is a force that in young soul expresses itself like a wild mustang that has to be caught, tamed and harnessed before it can be ridden wisely. To master this energy, the same as all others, every human soul must spend sufficient lifetimes on the Earth plane. Eventually there comes the time when you are ready to learn how to conquer and dominate this part. By riding on the desires of your Highest Self, i.e. following the directions of Me, your inner teacher, back home into the oneness with Me.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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