Relationships Healing - Introduction

 War And Peace In Relationships - The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer

Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing

Section VI

Home sweet home

We are in relationship with all life and all life is in relationship with us. Everybody is in need of making peace through finding healing for all our relationships: the one with God and the Universe, with ourselves and all we come into contact with. This part of the jottings is trying to help you do just that.

Where there is righteousness in the heart,
There is beauty in the character.
Where there is beauty in the character,
There is harmony in the home.
Where there is harmony in the home,
There is order in the nation,
And when spiritual order has come to each nation,
There will be peace in our world.

Chinese Proverb

Six pointed Star

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‘Relationship Healing – All In One’

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