What Happens When Someone Dies?

What Happens When Someone Dies? - Rays of Wisdom - Spiritual Background of Depression & Suicide

How many times have you heard it said that nobody has ever come back from the dead? To my mind, this is simply not true. Most of us have passed over into the valley of death and returned from it on numerous occasions. The problem is that, in our present existence as earthlings, we have no conscious recall of what happened to us. To find out more, to whom can we turn? First to the Angels. The Angelic hierarchy is in charge of us and our world and has always communicated with us through groups of guides and helpers who dwell in our other world, that of spirit. There are many of these groups and White Eagle is one of them.

Each group is headed by a highly evolved Master soul. Under their guidance and protection I am about to share with you something from a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2013 under the heading ‘What the Saints Give Up’. By capturing its essence and adding my own intuitive understanding, I hope that together we may be able to shed some light into this shadowy corner of our existence. Here is what our spirit guides would like to tell you through me:

At the moment you pass from the physical plane of life you move for a time into the inner world. When we, your guides and helpers in the world of light, speak to you of an inner world, forget about thinking of this as a state of annihilation or pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. The inner world is one of light and enfoldment, for taking stock and seeing your own soul from God’s perspective. Those who have arrived in the inner world find that their bodies, surroundings and all the things that are there manifest themselves in forms that are as solid and real as those in the physical world. We want to make it quite clear to you that ours is a living world that has nothing in common with a valley of death. It is vibrant and teeming with life that you cannot see during your times on the Earth plane.

 The only difference between your present world and the inner one is that, when a soul enters the latter, one of the layers of perception, known as the veil of consciousness,  is removed. This is a shield that acts like a bandage or blindfold during your stays on the Earth plane. Once again you become aware of God’s true nature and your own as a being of light, who has all Eternity in which to grow and evolve through learning and exploring life on all its levels. There is no judgement day, merely a time for taking stock, when you yourself with the help of the ministering Angels assess your most recent lifetime and all previous ones. Knowing who you truly are, you are bound to have some regrets about missed opportunities to express your true nature. In your sadness about not having been kinder, more loving and tolerant towards all life, you promise yourself to do better as soon as new occasions for doing so arise.  

New hope rises in you when the Angels explain to you the things that are of real importance. In a gentle and merciful manner they draw your attention to the things you are meant to learn during each one of your sojourns on the Earth plane. Every time you have sufficiently absorbed of its lessons, there follows for you a period of resting in a state of perfect happiness and bliss, which you would call Heaven. As time does not exist on the inner level, we would give a wrong impression by saying that before reincarnating a soul remains there for a hundred, three hundred or maybe even a thousand years in Earth time, if it is going to reappear in earthly life again at all.  

Because in our world there is no time the way you understand this concept in earthly terms, it is impossible for us to explain the idea of Eternity to you. Time and space are parts of the illusions that are real only in humankind’s earthly mind with its purely logical and rational thinking capabilities. You can easily verify the truth of this in your meditations, for example by imagining yourself ten thousand years or so back and asking your Highest Self to help you relive one of those lifetimes. Memories of experiences that once helped your soul to grow remain the property of your consciousness forever and can be lived again at will, although everything that ever happened to you and your present world did so in the vastness of the Eternal now.

Whether you can grasp these things depends on the level of your present awareness of God’s true nature and your own, and the purpose and meaning of your existences on the Earth plane. Whenever you think of God as the ultimate and highest level of life and meditate on this, the power of your thoughts lifts you into the heights. Rising into the light at the apex of the spiritual mountain of life, you are then bathed in God’s Eternal power and glory. Knowing that you are in God and God is in you, you become aware that on this level of life past and future, heights and depths are no more. A feeling of warmth, harmony and love begins to fill your heart and flows from there through every cell of your being, soothing and healing all of them. Wherever some cells are in need of it, they are restored to normal and healthy functioning.

This kind of meditation takes you into the dimension of supreme or cosmic consciousness of which many of the scientists of your world to this day believe that it does not exist. They too will understand in due course.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’
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