Freedom Of Choice

Any one of the signs can either bring out the best or the worst in human souls. The greatest depravities and evil, as well as the highest good and the noblest character qualities are equally within our reach during each one of our lifetimes and particularly in Scorpio. In spite of the fact that all souls potentially contain the very best and the worst of human characteristics, during our explorations of the inner self, there is no need of being afraid of what we may find. Anything that is not to our liking, we can and indeed is meant to be changed by us. It is worth knowing that human behaviour is chosen and that the only real freedom anyone has is how to behave and react to people and circumstances that arise in our lives. The events of everybody’s life are predestined. They depend entirely on the Karma that we ourselves have created in the course of previous lifetimes and also the present one.

Humankind’s much cherished freedom is comparable to a dog going for a walk on a lead. We are the dog and our Karma is the lead. Our Highest Self constantly takes us where we need to go. It alone know which lessons we still have to integrate and which experiences have to be gone through, to achieve this. Therefore, if during our meditations and healing journeys, something of an evil nature surfaces into our conscious awareness, it is up to us whether we bring it forth and act it out in our environment, or whether we change and transmute the energies of this presence into something good. Life is constantly offering us choices, for example no-one can force us into doing anything we do not like. There is always a choice and it has to be made – by us. Yet, before any human soul can being to choose wisely, it first has to become aware of the necessity for it.

God is our partner in this adventure, known as life. We are children of God, co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. With the help and will of God all things are possible, negative energies can be changed into positive ones, and all situations and relationships improved and healed, especially the one between God and us. Every one of our wishes is always fulfilled and all prayers are replied to. It’s just that sometimes the answer is: ‘No!’ Yet, whatever our heart truly desires, for good as well as for evil, for better and for worse, God helps us to bring forth, so that we may learn from the resulting experiences and grow through them more heaven-tall.

 By the way, I do not believe that every soul always has the right to choose. Very young ones must go the way they are shown, so that they can learn their most basic lessons. That is why it is unwise to ever judge anyone! I feel intuitively that it takes until we reach a certain evolutionary level that freedom of choice is revealed to us. But, having reached that crucial point, it is vital that to act accordingly. For example, if there is something we do not like about ourselves, it is up to us whether we remain the same or change the offending part into something positive and acceptable. Through our inner connection with God we are all capable of transmuting anything. But as our thoughts create our reality, first we must take charge of our unruly thinking patterns; only then can we set about cleansing our inner self, one small step after another, by the sheer power of thought.

The world around us is an outer manifestation of what is inside us and reflects it back to us like a mirror. Even the greatest evil that exists in us and our world in the end can and has to be transmuted into something good and positive. We are in this life to find healing for all the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wounds we and our world ever had to endure, throughout the long process of our evolution. Each soul, through its very own efforts, must save and redeem itself and our world by doing their share of blessing and healing it. God and the Angels are waiting to show us how to go about it. That, in a nutshell, is evolution, and the reason why we are in this existence.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Astro Files – Introduction To The Sun Signs’ .
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