The Homecoming

The Christ Star - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

S/He is Lord and Lady, King and Queen, who has
Risen from the dead and come to bring us truth.
Throughout the whole of Creation,
Including Mother Earth,
Every knee does bow and every tongue confess
That the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Is the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns.
The Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us
Is but one of Its manifestations.

In the name of love and
Hand in hand with the Angels and Masters,
Friends and helpers, guides and good shepherds
In the world of light,
Who once walked this way before us,
We welcome Thy living and loving Spirit,
Onto the Earth.


Rejoice, dear readers, the second coming or the latter days of the law are here. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth and the Divine Waterbearer is bringing you the truth that Jesus only ever existed as a thoughtform and a symbolism for the Christ nature, the Divine part of every human being. The story of Jesus life has been a hoax of gigantic proportions. When one knows that it was designed and inspired by God and the Angels for the wise higher purpose of familiarising us and our world with the lower and lowest drives and urges of every human being’s earthly nature, does one dare to call it hoax?

The truth is that the only one who can save and redeem anyone is the Christ aspect of their own nature. This part develops quite naturally in the process of bringing forth the highest and best we are capable of, each from depth of their own being. Our salvation comes about through accepting and patiently enduring the karmic debts which our life still has to present to us. And when we freely share our natural gifts and the learning gained on this road and willingly show others how to do the same for themselves, that’s our redemption. Clearly, much work is waiting for all of us. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, metaphorically speaking, and not waste any time but get going.

For me, the evolution of our race only begins to make sense when I rise in my perception above the troubles and tribulations of earthly life. This enables me to look down on it from varying heights and it becomes like a vast ocean where, close to the surface, every tiny ripple and wave is visible. From ever greater elevations, however, the water looks increasingly smooth, until – with sufficient perspective – its heavings are imperceptible. I am convinced that in the fullness of time no-one will give a hoot about who vanquished whom at the battle of this, that or the other, or which religion or empire rose and fell. All that matters, in the end, is that individually and collectively every one of our experiences leads to growth and an expansion of consciousness. One small step after another this moves us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary pathway of life. The rest is vanity and will in due course disappear.

The Aquarian Age promises to be an exciting and stimulating one. I do believe that it is fortunate that the decision whether we bring the world of our dreams into being does not rest entirely in human hands. Each one of us has to do their share of the work this requires, so that God and the Angels can do the rest. This was decided by them a long, long time ago and there is every reason for us to be thankful and for saying whole-heartedly: ‘Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’ With the limited knowledge we have about everything, up to date, no matter how clever we think we are, how could we pretend to know what is best for us and our world, as well as the whole of Creation? But accepting our responsibility, how can we make our contribution? Those who can read the writing on the wall and are willing to heed the call are sure to do whatever they can. No matter how small our efforts may look on the surface of things, on the inner levels even the tiniest effort is of value and counts.

The Great healer, master and architect of the whole of Creation and the Angels are rejoicing and celebrating each time one of Its children of the Earth comes home into the awareness of their true nature. For each one of us there eventually comes the time when the mystical side of our nature moves into the foreground of our consciousness and demands our attention. By definition mystical means spiritual, allegorical or symbolic, occult and esoteric, of hidden meaning, mysterious and awe-inspiring. And a mystic is one who seeks, by contemplation and by surrendering their earthly nature to their Highest of God Self, in order to obtain union with and absorption into the Deity. Such a wise one understands spiritual truths that are still beyond the grasp of souls who are still occupied with the lower grades of the evolutionary spiral of life.

Everybody’s Highest Self is the Divine’s tool for safeguarding the continued spiritual progress of us as individual spirits and souls and also that of our whole race. I believe that scientists are necessary for the understanding of the physical part of our existence. Yet, mystics are of equal importance. Maybe even more so, because without the spiritual background of life none of its manifestations would be able to come forth and exist. There simply would be no life. When one of us starts to probe into the spiritual aspects of life and delves into those that have not yet been fully explored by humankind, new levels of consciousness begin to open up and reveal themselves to us. Because of our inner connectedness with each other and all life, when this happens for each individual soul, the same takes place in the collective soul of our world and that of the whole of Creation. A truly awe-inspiring thought.

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