Who Or What Is Rays Of Wisdom?

Rays of Wisdom is a non-religious spiritual site – not to be confused with spiritualism – that draws from and embraces all the religions of our world. By looking for the higher meaning behind some of their outdated teachings it hopes to show that rising above the Earth plane is possible and even desirable for all human souls whilst still being an integral part of it.

It is a private initiative dedicated to the healing of our relationship with God, ourselves, each other and our planet. During this very special times of transformation and transition from one age into another this is getting to be of ever greater importance. God and the Angels are eagerly waiting to be called upon by each one of us to help us with this task. Thus we shall re-learn to walk hand in hand with them, the way we once did. They wish to show each one of us how to make their own contribution towards the healing of our planet and making it into a place where all lifeforms can exist together in harmony and peace.

The Elements -  Air - Fire - Water - Earth

Because God and the Angels are spirit – the same as the essence of our own being – to my mind, they are connected with spirituality rather than religions. But what is spirituality? To me it means nothing more than an awareness of the most fundamental understanding that there is a great deal more to each and every one of than our physical bodies. In truth, we are spirit and soul who from time to time find themselves temporarily encased in matter. Having become aware of this, the comprehension of the purpose and meaning of life and its mysterious background falls into place easily and naturally.

Religions, not one but all of them, have always been on the periphery of my life rather than representing its main focus. It’s just that occasionally my inner guide and Master, my intuition, draws my attention to one or the other, because some of the Ancient Wisdom that has come directly from the Source of our being is meant to be gleaned from it. Since the beginning of human life on this planet and throughout the ages, this wisdom has been presented to our race in ever changing forms and through a great variety of channels. I am one of them and so – at least potentially – are you. Having been a free spirit thus far, I have every intention of remaining that way. Over the years, I have developed into an interested observer of life who enjoys picking the best from all the belief systems our world has ever known, so it can be shared with all those who are interested in it.

Someone recently asked me: ‘What – not who – are you?’ My reply was then, as it will always be: ‘I am a very ordinary person and a beloved child of the Universe, the same as the trees and the Stars, as well as you are and everybody else.’

My only aim is the sharing of spiritual knowledge with as many members of my spiritual family as possible. Although everything that can be found here takes its inspiration from all the religious, spiritual and/or philosophical belief systems of our world, Rays of Wisdom is in no way connected with or sponsored by any of them. All it intends to do is aiding you in finding an ever expanding awareness of the true purpose and meaning Earth life and the processes behind it.

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