Of Good And Evil

Rays Of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Speaks To Us And Our World Now - Of Good And Evil

Created in My image, the core of your being is all good. No matter what your earthly self will ever be doing, your inherent goodness is unchangeable and will always remain good. Yet, each one of you must experience evil, to enable you to recognise the goodness inside you and also in others. This is only possible through encounters with evil, doing evil and having it done to you.  Evolution is the law of life and that means learning; each must do so through their own experiences. Life constantly moves forwards and upwards; when you are looking back you are wasting precious time. To recognise any quality in yourself and those around you, you must get to know the other side of every coin, its polar opposite.

The only way the human soul can come to appreciate the meaning of good and evil is through its very own first hand experiences. By taking part in both it begins to differentiate between the two polar opposites. In future, whenever someone commits an evil deed, against you or someone else, remember that the spirit inside the offender is still good. Never forget that such people are merely working on integrating a very important lesson, in the same way as you are presently occupied with another one, namely practising tolerance and understanding towards all people. No matter what Karmic tasks may still be waiting for you on the earthly plane, may the knowledge you are finding here help you find in your heart love and forgiveness for every soul. May the mastering of this lesson lead each one of you onto ever higher levels of learning.

To know the value of peace each must know war. To know healing you must know what it is like to be sick and wounded. To know comfort you must taste the bitterness of tears. To tell truth from lie you must experience both. To know rebirth you must die. And to re-discover that in truth you are an eternal being of light, whose inner core nothing can destroy or harm, you must die a great many times. And finally to know what homecoming is you must go out into the world and completely get lost in it. This teaches you the true value of home. In the fullness of time, you will be able to recognise that what you now consider to be your home is but a temporary and therefore false one. You must first get to know the sense of insecurity that accompanies this kind of home; otherwise you would be unable to recognise your true home when you rediscover it. This also ensures that once having found it, you will take extra good care never to lose it again.

Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. And the wisdom you are gaining through all your experiences is constantly adding to My light as well as yours. That is why I say to each one of you: do not begrudge whatever comes your way. I am your inner teacher who, from deep within your own being, is constantly giving you feedback and granting you insights into your life situations. Any understanding you are finding this way is meant to help you cope better, not only during this lifetime but also all coming ones. The more light you acquire, the more your inner strength increases and a deep inner awareness grows in you that there really is such a thing as Divine love that guides and protects you.

As time goes by, you will all know intuitively that whenever you reach out for Me, I will come to your help and show you how to go forward, without fear and with love in your heart for the life that has been given to you and for Me, the One who created it. This is the only way any human soul can learn to feel safe and to trust that the goodness of the life is constantly attending to every one of your true needs. Each has to find out for themselves that no matter what happens, I will never leave or forsake any one of you. My dear children of the Earth, this kind of trust is hard to come by, but it is worth struggling for because it is the single most precious gift I can bestow upon anyone.

Light is the giver of life, without it there is no life. Light also means truth, My life and My truth, which in the fullness of time needs to become yours. I have created you in My image and I have given you life. My light is with you at all times. It brought you into this lifetime and for as long as you are true to your real higher nature and trust Me and My guidance from within, I will take you ever onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Through the legend of the Master Jesus I told you: ‘I am the light of the world.’ I am the light that shows every soul its own way back home into My kingdom.

My everlasting arms are constantly around all life on all its levels to guide, support and protect it. My infinite love enfolds everything that is in all worlds. I am omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. As there is no place where I am not, no human heart and soul ever needs to be without Me. And because I am part of you and with you always, I suffer with you in the depths of depravity and the deprivations of Hell on the Earth plane, and I rejoice with you when you are reaching for the highest heights. To paraphrase one of the poets of your world: ‘Every hair is numbered and every grain of sand. Not a sparrow falls from the sky without My grief and mercy.’

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