Colonising New Planets

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Colonising New PlanetsFrom time to time there is talk about the colonising of new planets, but in spite of the evidence that on the purely physical level it may well be possible, I do not believe that we shall ever make any real progress in this direction. Some years ago the American scientist, Professor Carl Sagan, who was well known for his research into terra-forming of other planets, did some extensive laboratory experiments. He found that blue-green algae thrive on carbon dioxide and have a phenomenal tolerance of hostile conditions, particularly extremes of temperature. The atmosphere of the planet Venus is extremely dense and rich in carbon dioxide, which makes the surface temperature of the planet too high for human beings.

The professor suggested that terra-forming of this planet could best be achieved by changing its atmosphere. It was his idea that a number of rockets could be sent to criss-cross the Venusian atmosphere to bring this about. The nose cones would be filled with blue-green algae; they would be triggered to explode into the atmosphere of the planet. The algae would instantly begin to feed on the carbon dioxide available. This in due course would effect sufficient changes in the atmosphere to cause heavy rainfall, thus reducing the planet’s surface temperature.

Being nearer to the Sun than the Earth, but of comparable size to her, Venus would still remain warmer than our planet. However, large areas of it could have temperatures tolerable to human beings, thus making colonisation feasible. Extensive laboratory tests were carried out at the time, supporting Sagan’s theory that this idea may well be workable. Terra-forming ideas exist about Mars too, but not about any of the other planets in our Solar System.

I do not believe for a moment that we shall ever be allowed to do much damage through what we – with typical human arrogance – would like to call ‘colonising’ other planets. What a fine euphemism for subjection and domination, one of the favourite pursuits of the young and inexperienced male of the species when freely left to its own devices. Before the Angels and Masters in charge of our world allow us any significant adventuring into space, they will demand from us that we put our own house in order and restore our home planet to an acceptable state.

Only when we, individually and as a race, have become sufficiently evolved are they going to permit us venturing deep into space. I for one am glad to know that even then we shall remain under the protection and guidance of the Wise ones who look after us and our world. They will show us how to behave properly, i.e. without interfering with other life-forms, as yet unknown to us, on other planets. In my view, it is more than likely that they do exist, but unlikely that for as long as we insist on searching for planets from a purely earthly perspective and vision we shall ever be able to see them or even perceive their existence.

There are many who still believe that one day we shall succeed in taking over other planets, but I believe that more urgent and important events, issues and developments will require humankind’s utmost attention. Any kind of incursion into space always represent tests for humankind. They reveal to the wise ones in charge of us and our world to what degree people are at least trying to understand the spiritual nature of other planets and the forces that are at work behind all physical manifestations, and what kind of attitude we have towards them. Each one of us being a spark of the Divine intelligence, there cannot be any doubt that – with the help and will of God and the Angels – we are a highly resourceful and successful race.

The way I see it, we shall be allowed to stretch our imagination and ingenuity in matters of space to its full capacity. But, whatever ambitions anybody may have about the exploration of space and colonising other planets, I am sure that something will always happen to stop us before we can harm other planets and their inhabitants. In many places the residents could be much more highly evolved than we are and who therefore no longer need physical bodies for moving around. Such beings will be invisible to earthly eyes and wherever there are any, we shall not be allowed to disturb them and spoil their home planet, the way we have done and still are doing with ours.

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