Homesickness Of The Soul

The Homecoming - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology on the Healing Journey

The light of the Christ Star for some time by now has been breaking ever more forcefully through the mists of consciousness that for so long have clouded the vision of God’s children of the Earth. Pouring its blessings into the heart and soul of all humankind, the Star’s light and warmth at the same time heals all other lifeforms with which it comes into contact. This is an integral part of every human spirit/soul who today is  bringing our world it’s message of renewal of hope, faith and trust for us and our world. The more we work with this light, the more strongly it fills our whole being and flows from there into our world, to beautify and heal everything it touches. Whenever we feel the need for it, we can ask that its Divine strength should fill our whole being and help us to dissolve and disperse all our fears and anxieties, down to the deepest and darkest ones. 

Deeply imprinted in the very core of their being every one of us carries the memory of our true home and our oneness with God. Deep down God’s true nature and the special relationship with our Creator and true parents, the Great Father/Mother Creator, has not been forgotten. The Garden of Eden is a symbol of this state of oneness and the perfect and beautiful spirit realm where all life is one, there is no separation between anything and all live and work together peacefully and harmoniously. From that world every human spirit/souls descent into physicality once began. The Universal laws ensure that one fine day we are sure to return to it. And whenever the going gets tough on the earthly plane, our soul memories remind us that this perfect world exists somewhere. Our earthly self then starts yearning and craving for it.

This memory is every spirit/soul’s most precious possession. It is the beacon of light – light spiritually means knowledge – that at the end of our earthly education takes us home into the conscious reunion with our true parents. Alas, that can only come about at the end of our evolutionary journey that has taken us time and again through every sign and house of the zodiac. This ensures that every human being takes part in every lesson the earthly school of life offers. Towards its end, when the earthly self has matured sufficiently and become at one with its higher God or Christ nature, the Great Father/Mother draws us home into the loving embrace of conscious awareness of our oneness.

If you are familiar with ‘War And Peace Among Nations’ of my writings, you know that I was born in Germany and spent the first twenty-eight years of my life there. In 1965 I got married and moved to the United Kingdom. It took me twenty-five years, believe it or not, to completely overcome my homesickness for the old country and make my peace with my adopted one by taking British nationality. When it comes to discussing homesickness, I must be one of our world’s champions. The English language appropriately calls this longing for home and the past a sickness. For me it was like a debilitating illness that was doing its best to devour me alive, without having any idea of what was troubling me. The only thing I knew was that I could not settle because something inside me was gnawing away at me like a cancer.

With hindsight it’s easy to see that such a destructively strong longing could never have been for the woman through whom I entered into this lifetime, the home she initially provided for me and the country in which I was born. But even when I at last came to term with that none of them could no longer offer me anything, it still took me a long time until it finally dawned on me that in truth my longing and yearning was for quite a different mother and home environment.

My Sun is in Cancer, the sign that’s dedicated to the Great Mother of all life, the nurturing and caring principle of the whole of Creation. My astrological knowledge made it easier to understand that, all along, my homesickness had been of the kind that’s programmed into every Divine spark before being placed into the heart of another human being who is ready to start attending the lessons of the earthly school of life. On the deepest innermost level of our soul memories, every one of us carries this longing for their true home and parents. That’s what in the end returns us to them in the spirit realm in the deepest innermost part of our being.

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