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Refuse to think of time in the earthly sense. Consider only the timelessness of Eternity and look at life from the viewpoint of your Highest immortal self, Me. Know that everything that happens in your world rests safely in My hands and is part of the Great Plan of spiritualisation and bringing forth the self-realisation that enables you to recognise yourself as part of Me and Me as part of you – that in fact you yourselves are God. This process involves you as individuals as much as your planet. Fields of exploration and adventures await you that so far lie beyond the reach of your wildest dreams. Rest assured that everything will be for your highest good and greatest joy. Good is the ultimate goal of all life. True and lasting happiness and great miracles and wonders are in store for each one of you in the conscious reunion with Me and the returning home into My loving embrace.

Your planet is the only place where the concept of time exists. In truth it is always now. There is no tomorrow and no yesterday. They are merely ideas that had to be created especially for your world, to assist you with setting boundaries and giving structure and shape to your earthly sojourns. Know that you are in Eternity and that Eternity is now, that attitude is everything and that there is no need for you to worry about tomorrow. All you will ever have is your present moment and every new one of them will always bring fresh learning opportunities for those who are ready to take advantage of them. Let tomorrow take care of itself. If they so wish, let others worry about it but refuse to join them.

Because on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, when one of you changes their attitudes and thinking patterns, everybody else evolves with them. If you are familiar with spreadsheets, think of humankind and your whole world as a gigantic one of these. Now, change one figure – imagine that this figure is you – and watch the effect rippling through all the others – the rest of humankind and everything else in your world. See how they too are changing – it’s pure magic! The world you are inhabiting is a wondrous place. Alas, to unaware souls who are as yet unable to look beyond the ends of their noses and below life’s surface to perceive how I, the living spirit, am at work throughout all life, the insecurity of their earthly existence can be very frightening.

Rest assured that nothing can manifest itself in your environment unless it has first taken place on the inner level of life. As a result, each time one of you consciously changes their inner perception and attitude towards life, your whole world follows suit. And when you save and redeem yourself in thoughts, words and actions, your world is saved and redeemed with you. So, go your way with your eyes wide open and prove that you are alive through taking an active interest in what surrounds you. Your intelligence is part of and one with Mine. Use it for good purposes only and strive to make your world a better place by bringing a renewed understanding of the higher purpose and true meaning of humankind’s earthly life to as many as possible. Share the knowledge you are finding here to help ignite the Divine spark in people’s hearts and souls, so that the small still flame of spiritual understanding can also come alive in them and their faith and trust renews itself in Me, your Creator, and the goodness of the life I have prepared for each one of you individually and collectively the whole race.

Assist the people you meet to become aware that in truth there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only this glorious moment of here and now, and that every moment of their lives is part of Eternity and precious. All who at any given time are dwelling on the Earth plane are aspiring to become a lightbringer and healer, who in the fullness of time can be used as a channel through which My wisdom and truth, the macrocosm, flows ever more forcefully into the consciousness of your race, the microcosm. Know that the power of creation is in you and that imagination is the source of all creation. Use yours to create the ideal world of your dreams where all live together in peace and harmony, and where warmongering, sickness and death are no longer known. By thinking about this often, you call it into being. And when you meditate and reflect upon it, through your inner guidance I will show you how you can do your share of bringing your new world about.

Rejoice in your oneness with Me and experience the elation of acting as a true child of Mine by assisting others to become aware that they also are the daughters and sons of My eternal spirit. In the name of love I ask this of each one of you. And never forget that nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. Everything is constantly recycled time and time again. Each human life is consciousness that on the Earth plane believes of itself that it is taking place in time. In truth, the concept of time only exists in the material world, anywhere else there is no time. Life on your planet comes, earthly personalities appear, they live and eventually die. The indwelling spirit and soul move on and the physical body that is left behind apparently decays, though in reality even this aspect of your being only changes its form.

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