Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

In the course of the past two thousand years, many of the higher esoteric meanings of the wisdom I brought to your world through the Jesus legend have been misunderstood and misinterpreted – some were lost altogether. To spread My messages, translations from one language to another became necessary. It was inevitable that many distortions crept in. Matthew 5:3 is as good an example of this as any. Some Bible versions present it as: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.’ In recent times, there came to your world a new translation of the Bible that is based on the Peshitta, the original ancient Eastern texts in the Aramaic language, which the Master would have spoken if he had been a historic figure who once took part in earthly life. In this Bible the same text has become: ‘Blessed are the humble, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.’

In My eyes the truly poor in spirit are not souls who give away all their earthly possessions. To renounce them altogether is as wrong as getting lost in them. The point of balance, as always, lies halfway between these two extremes. It is true that you are still in this world, even when you already know that you are not of it, namely when you have found your true home. You are on the physical plane of life to awaken to the fact that your earthly possessions, including the body you are living in, are imbued with My Divine essence, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation. The atoms of everything that is in the created world – not merely the one you live in – are held together by My will; without it no material manifestations are possible.

Everything that is in your possession has merely been given into your care temporarily and is on loan only. Even the body you live in is not your own; neither is anything else. The only thing that truly belongs to you is your consciousness. Therefore, take good care of it and ensure that it grows and expands, for that is what you are here for. Your soul is always trying to communicate with you through the very cells of your physical body. And whenever there is an illness or a disease of your soul somewhere within you and you fail to pay attention to it, given time it will manifest itself on the outer level. Illness, pain and discomfort of any kind are always signs that some part of you is suffering; it is ill at ease and crying out for help.

The gift of another lifetime has been given to you so that you can learn how to deal with everything that is in your life, in spiritually responsible ways. You are constantly tested as to how much wisdom you have gained thus far. Only through experiencing first hand what a burden an excess of material possessions becomes with time, is it possible for any one of you to learn the value of fewer of them. Avoid the temptation of looking upon individuals, groups and whole societies who are still chasing after ever more earthly goods, as if they were suffering from a type of mental disorder.

In My eyes, the over-materialism of your world never has been nor will be some kind of madness. Whenever you see it around you, remind yourself that life itself is teaching the souls of those involved the invaluable lesson of recognising the true value of material possessions. If you have already mastered this, rejoice and leave others to their learning. Move on to that which is now required from you and recognise that what you are seeing around you in itself is your very own test. Your next lesson consists of learning to grow more tolerant towards souls who are still struggling with integrating the lesson you are fortunate enough to have learnt already. You are all in this earthly life to simultaneously act as teachers and pupils to each other. Do not forget that actions speak louder than words and that the best way of teaching anyone is by living as a good example. This you do when you can be seen as a keeper and guardian of the Earth who recycles and who does not over-consume.

Whenever an opportunity arises, do what you can to help those who are poor in spirit, so that they too may come into their awakening, for truly deprived are only those who have not yet found their way back home to Me. They do not yet know that they have a Highest and God Self, who is waiting to be called upon to protect and guide them, from within their own being. They deserve your compassion because they – like you until recently – have forgotten that they are one with Me.  Unaware that I am with them always and that it is their birthright, the same as anyone else’s, to return into this blissful state, they are likely to suffer intensely, the way you did before waking up. Never sit in judgement over anyone; I alone know every soul’s Karma and the lessons each one has come to integrate, during any given lifetime.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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