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Investigating The Spiritual Background Of Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders have become so widespread in our world that I have wanted to write about some of my insights into this phenomenon for some time. Obesity is presently the highest on the ratings list of eating disorders in the Western World. If you suffer from this condition yourself, I hope you won’t mind too much when I tell you that my immediate reaction to anyone passing me by who ‘has a bit of weight’ on them, has always been my small still inner voice nudging me and saying: ‘Ah, Venus!’ You can verify the truth of this for yourself quite easily. Next time you encounter somebody who fits my description, look into their faces as discreetly as you can and, acknowledge them with a smile, if possible. If they respond and return your greeting to you, you will notice that most of them have the most wonderful smile that can be found anywhere.

This creates an opportunity for noticing how bonny the faces of these people usually are. Besides, my experience has shown that those whose physical bodies are – shall we say? – well rounded, almost invariably also have a more rounded personality than other folks. They are on the whole much easier to get along with than some of their less ample contemporaries. This tells me that in such a body there probably dwells a well rounded, though troubled, soul who is far more likely to live and let live than others, as well as being willing to allow you to be just who and what you are.

What is visible here is the gracious and beneficial influence the planet Venus has on humankind and also one of its negative qualities. Like all things on the Earth plane the energies of this planet have an upside and a downside. Venus is a hedonistic planet, whose influence – especially when affected by hard aspects – can show up tendencies to excessive indulgence and an over-fondness of the good things in life. Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus and those born into both signs experience at least traces of this influence.

To study this in more detail with the help of astrology, we shall take a closer look at the birthchart of a lady who is severely affected by obesity. Her name is Angela and she has very kindly given me her permission to tell you about some details of her personal life and her birthchart.

Angela’s chart reveals that her Moon and Venus are conjunct; they form what is astrologically known as a hard aspect to each other. The effect of this is aggravated by both planets forming a square to Saturn, yet another hard aspect. A Moon/Venus contact, especially when it forms a hard aspect with Saturn, can certainly be an indication of an over-fondness for sweet things, particularly chocolate – known as the food of Venus. This planet brings ease and comfort – sometimes too much so – into the areas of our life affected by its energies. Like all other energies, this one is in need of careful controlling and wise handling. On top of that, in Angela’s life, the same as in any other, Saturn is waiting to be accepted as the wise schoolmaster who teaches his lessons through life itself; each one of us can only learn from thier own experiences.

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