Myths And Legends

Throughout the history of your race, myths and legends about teachers and prophets, who are said to have appeared in your world from time to time, have been My teaching aids. Some of the most striking examples of this are the tales of Abraham, Moses, the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus, to name but a few. Every so often, new stories of this nature were in this way presented to you and your world from the Highest levels of life. They served as tools for slowly revealing a bit more of My truths, so that you would gradually become aware again of the higher and highest realities and aspects of life. Each story represented a vital step forwards on the evolutionary pathway that will eventually return you and your race back into the conscious oneness with Me.

Examples of this can be found throughout ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’, in this part as much as in the others. I am the inspiration behind all Aquarius’ writings. Aquarius is but one of the numerous channels I have been using over the ages to help your race find a better comprehension of the esoteric meaning that lies behind all the allegories that have ever appeared in your world. All of them were given in the hope that they would encourage you, My beloved children of the Earth, to go in search of your own deeper knowledge and understanding of My wisdom and truth.

Every human soul, under My guidance and protection, has to do this for themselves. In truth each one of you has always been and forever will continue to be a transmitter and receiver station for My thoughts and ideas. At least potentially, all human souls on the Earth plane are channels through which I am constantly trying to feed some more of My wisdom to your world. Naturally, this can only be as much as you can sensibly be expected to cope with, at any given phase in your personal evolution. In the fullness of time, you will all grow into conduits for My light of wisdom and truth onto the Earth plane. This will continue until every last shred of the darkness of ignorance has disappeared.

The legends that surround your human heroes on that plane of life with time tend to take the stories that are told about them ever further away from that person’s true being and achievements. In contrast to that, the legends and myths inspired by Me can and indeed were always meant to lead your race to an increasing comprehension of My truths. Through reinterpreting the knowledge that had already accumulated and presenting it to you in from time to time a new form, in the end they are destined to guide you back into a full awareness of My truth. Your spiritual infancy and childhood necessitated the myths and legends I gave to you. Having outgrown this evolutionary stage  and reaching spiritual adulthood, there is no need to hold any part of My wisdom back from you. Ever more of it shall be revealed to you, as we go along.

As the Master Jesus belongs to the realm of myths and legends, those who are hoping still that one fine day he will return to the Earth plane to save and redeem them, shall be waiting in vain, because the only who can do this is you yourselves. It is done by each one of you constantly endeavouring to improve your character and behaviour patterns on the Earth plane. You are all responsible towards Me for yourself and your world and the saving and redemption of you and your world is in everybody’s own hands. Your responsibilities begin with yourself and by this I mean that each has to sweep before their own doorstep and take good care to bring their inner house in order.

At the same time I expect that all human soul make every effort to transform their home patch into a kinder, more tolerant and loving environment for all lifeforms you come into contact with. This is how all together – with My help and that of the Angels – each shall bring their own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth. Because of this, your world will slowly but surely grows into a kinder and more peaceful one. As My children you are creative beings, who are capable of acting as My co-creators, each one of you is gifted in their own special and unique way. By applying all the talents I have so generously bestowed upon all of you to whatever task you may be presented with, every soul must do its share of saving and redeeming yourselves, each other and your whole world. There is no other way!

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’.
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