A Case Study

We shall now take a closer look at Angela’s birthchart and see whether it is possible to shed some light onto the problems she is presently grappling with. Angela was born 22.6.1979 in São Paulo, Brazil. She presently lives in London. Her Sun is in zero degrees of Cancer, in the tenth house, associated with Capricorn. Her Moon is in Gemini, in the ninth house, allocated to Sagittarius, the traveller and the gypsy of the zodiac. This position of the Moon reflects that Angela at some stage in her life could feel drawn to making her home and settling down quite happily in a foreign country. However, the Cancerian influence may in time draw her back to her roots.

Angela’s Gemini Moon reinforces the emphasis on the importance of honing her communicating skills during this lifetime. It also indicates that she may need to take care not to spend too much of her precious life energy on endless chattering. By the way, Cancerians are more strongly under the influence of the Moon than those whose Sun is in other signs. If you seek a better understanding of the motivations of Cancerians, you will learn a great deal by studying their Moon sign. Angela’s Ascendant in Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, bodes well for all her efforts in both fields. Last but not least, the day of her birth, the twenty-second, reveals that she is an extra highly sensitive soul.

Angela was born into zero degrees Cancer and therefore has what is known astrologically as one foot in each of two camps, in her case of Gemini and Cancer. The Cancerian influence adds to her already high emotional sensitivity. Everybody can benefit from becoming aware that each new lifetime brings to the human soul fresh opportunities for transforming its weaknesses into strengths. Strengths that have been developed during previous lives are meant to support us and be used to our advantage in this one. Further working on and reinforcing our strong and positive points eases the way through all our experiences.

To help Angela get to know herself better and find out about her inner motivations, as well as the negative and positive aspects of both signs involved I recommend that she studies the interpretations of the relevant Sun signs in the Astro Files. If she decides to work with what she finds there, she may find it useful to reflect and meditate on which ones she could have brought with her into this lifetime. After that, she needs to concentrate on those that require changing.

Genuine progress will be possible for her as soon as she starts to counteract and rise above the negative aspects of her two Sun signs. First let us look at Gemini’s; one of the main ones is seeing whinging and moaning as an end in itself, instead of getting to work on with transforming that which is within her power to do so. In Angela’s case, this applies mostly to her deeply ingrained eating patterns. The Geminian urge for constant complaining, which some souls born into this sign indulge in without knowing how difficult that may make life for those around them,  is likely to be due to their over-developed critical and analytical faculties. For such souls it is all too easy to notice even the tiniest flaw in everything, especially in people.

For a better understanding of Angela’s pathway through this lifetime you might like to study the following files:

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