Good And Happy Marriages

Rays Of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - Good And Happy Marriages

They do not fall from the Heavens or just happen,
But have to be created by the people involved.
In marriage, the seemingly little things
Are the most important ones.
For example:

Never being too old to hold hands,
Remembering to say: ‘I love you’, at least once each day;
Never going to sleep angry;
Having a mutual sense of values and common objectives;
Standing together and facing the world;
Forming a Circle of Love that gathers in the whole family.

Expressing words of appreciation in a thoughtful manner
That demonstrates the gratitude you feel towards each other;
Being able to forgive and letting bygones be bygones.
Creating together the right atmosphere
And giving each other sufficient space,
So that both partners can breathe and be,
Growing independently of each other and yet together.
A common search for the good and the beautiful
In all people, things and situations.

And because we are magnetic beings who can
Only attract that which we ourselves are,
Like always attracts like and
Making an effort at being the right partner is
Far more important than marrying the right person.
This alone decides what kind of spouse
We shall attract into our orbit in future lifetimes.

Edited by Aquarius

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