I Wish You Enough

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Relationship Healing - I Wish You Enough

I wish you enough inner Sunshine
To keep your mind bright,
No matter how grey some days
May turn out to be.
And I wish you rain sometimes,
So that you may appreciate the Sun and
The good things of the Earth can grow,
For they are in need of both,
The same as we do.

I wish you enough understanding
To recognise that everything in your life
Serves a wise higher purpose,
So that instead of grumbling you give
Thanks and praise to the infinite love and wisdom
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Who is in charge of all things and knows their ways
And through giving and withholding at certain times
Teaches us their value.

I wish you the deep happiness and peace
That fills your earthly consciousness
Through the awareness of your true nature,
And that in truth you are an immortal and eternal
Being of light and a jewel that has many different facets,
As yet unknown to you.
But I also wish you enough pain to help you
Realise the joyful higher eternal side
Of humankind’s earthly existence.
Last but by no means least,
 I wish you a sound knowledge of the processes of life,
The spiritual background of our earthly existence
And that human spirits and souls are immortal and cannot die,
So that, each time the departure of a loved one comes round,
You rest safely in the knowledge that they have not died,
But merely moved into a different dimension of life
Where they are alive and well,
And that your earthly good-bye from them
Was by no means a farewell forever.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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