The Sun In Libra

Libra - the sign of balance and the scales

Libra - Glyph

Sign Of Relationships, Partnerships And Marriage

Soul Food For Libra

Deep peace of the gentle Lake to you.
Deep peace of the flowing Air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet Earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining Stars to you.
Deep peace of the Universal Christ,
God’s only born Son/Daughter, to you.

A Celtic Blessing
Edited by Aquarius

Many happy returns of the day, dear Libran friends.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star 

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only when your Sun is in Libra, but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the seventh house, the natural house of Libra.
•    Your Moon is in Libra or the seventh house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Libra.
•    You were born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Libra. See also ‘The Sun In Taurus’

Six pointed Star


The mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of human souls in general terms, as well as some of the character traits that are typical for souls born into any given sign. That’s why we are considering this aspect first. Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet that has been known to humankind for a very long time. References to it can be found in Babylonian records from as far back as approx. 1600 BC. Others came to us from the Mayans – their famous religious calendar is based on the motions of Venus. As this planet is the third brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon, it is likely that our race was aware of its presence and influence on us and our world much earlier than that, possibly even in prehistoric times.

When Venus is visible in the night sky, it is by far the brightest star-like object. Through Venus in earthy Taurus, feminine, and airy Libra, masculine, the Universe demonstrates to us the feminine and masculine characteristics and qualities of this planet. Each sign teaches us the expressions of the Venusian energies in its unique way. When the Sun is in Taurus Venus shows itself to our world as the ‘Morning Star’. By the time the Sun moves into Libra it has become the ‘Evening Star’. This fact carries a message of its own that is charged with symbolisms for the human soul on its return into its true nature and home. Before this can happen, each one of us first has to descend into matter and Earth and work their way through the experiences this brings.

Love is the nature and law of the Universe, it is also the essence of humankind’s true nature. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, balance and harmony. In Taurus the soul still expresses this with a great love for all the good things our planet has to offer on the material plane. By the time the soul reaches Libra, its focus changes and it concentrates on creating peaceful, balanced and harmonious relationships with all life and  especially human ones. The lessons every soul learns under the guardianship of Venus and the wisdom thus gained are intended to lighten the burden of battling our way through our earthly existence. Venus teaches us how the load of the earthly cross, the oldest symbol known to humankind for our existence in physicality, can be relieved through loving relationships that express our higher nature and are in harmony with the laws of the Cosmos.

There comes the point on every soul’s evolutionary pathway when it is finally ready to begin its ascent back into the higher realms of the Air element and the wisdom and understanding found through it. In the zodiac Libra represents this aspect of God’s and our nature. When Venus lights us the way as the evening star we are presented with many opportunities for experiencing and expressing the different types of love that are within the reach of human souls. This requires the development of all our faculties, especially the use of the inborn intelligence that is a natural part of the equipment of every one of God’s children of the Earth. In the Air signs the Universe we are constantly offered openings for the practice of taking charge of our earthly minds and its thought patterns. For the fine art of creating better relationships  Libra adds to the soul’s natural equipment qualities like the ability of expressing itself with kindness, tact and diplomacy, as well as finding words of love and forgiveness at the right moment.

The glyph for Venus is a circle with a small cross either underneath or on top. The circle represents the human spirit and soul, and the cross the Earth, its existence in matter. I prefer to visualise the cross as being below the circle, because it shows the ability of the human spirit and soul who, through the power of love – in the fullness of time and in the long course of its evolution – can and indeed is required to rise above the cross of matter, i.e. the purely physical aspects of Earth life. Although in biology, the Venus symbol represents the female sex and femininity, astrology clearly shows that it would be a mistake to describe the planet’s energy as a purely feminine one. The planet’s dual placing in feminine Taurus and masculine Libra clearly demonstrates that the ability of giving and receiving love, living in harmony with others and peace-making, from the beginnings of time on the Earth were never meant to be a monopoly of the feminine.

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Six pointed Star

General Observations

Libra marks the Earth’s entry into the second half of the zodiac and the autumnal equinox with its first day of autumn has crept up on us once again. In the outer world Libra is the turning point of the year. On the inner levels of life, the same happens to human souls on the evolutionary spiral, when they reach this sign. That is why, as this lifetime progresses, for many of them their pathway ideally needs to become an ever more delicate balancing act between our two worlds, the material and the spiritual one. When waking up to its true reality again, the earthly self discovers that there really is such a thing as a world of spirit, its soul is delighted.  Aware that together they are now on their way back home, they stop pulling each other apart. Much can be achieved when both are finally moving in the same direction, forwards and upwards, yet at the same time back into the awareness of their true self and home.

Especially powerful outpourings of the Christ energies are flowing into our whole world at various occasions, for example around the time of the Wesak Moon and the Christ Moon, as well as the summer and winter solstices and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. No matter whether we live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, they simultaneously reach and influence all life on our planet equally strongly; the reversal of the seasons in the hemispheres does not make any difference.

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Six pointed Star


Libra, the cardinal Air sign, is ruled by Venus. It is the seventh sign of the zodiac and the seventh house is its natural domain. This is the house of relationships, marriages and partnerships of all kinds, whose polar opposite is the first house of the ‘I’. In the seventh sign and house the soul discovers and develops the concept of ‘we’. Instead of focussing purely on the ‘I’, the way the soul does in Aries and the first house, during a lifetime spent in Libra and the seventh house the ‘we’ and relationships of all kinds are of the utmost importance – more of this later.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs, the thinking and communication signs of the zodiac. The human intellect is an integral part of the intelligence of the great Universal mind and the Air signs serve the individual and collective development of this aspect of our nature. Slowly but surely this leads us and our world into ever higher levels of comprehension of that which is known to us as God’s Divine truth. Each lifetime spent in one of the Air signs presents human souls with the required opportunities for the further advancement of their earthly intellectual faculties of logic and rational thinking. Bearing this in mind, it is hardly surprising that during the time of our entry into the Aquarian Age, we realise ever more strongly that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that our thoughts create, colour and influence the perception of our reality on the Earth plane.

During the time of the Sun’s transit through Libra periods of high winds are frequently followed by a great calm. As ever, the world around us reflects what is happening within and the weather at that time of the year is no exception. It is an outer expression of the constant up and down swings that take place in the world of Libra’s feelings. Working on finding inner poise and balance goes a long way towards finding the badly needed peace and equilibrium that can only be found within. 

In its meditations, prayers and contemplations the earthly mind of the soul needs to attune itself to its counterpart, the Highest mind. Only through constant practise can we hope to return into the oneness with and become part of our Highest or God Self, the way we once were. When our spiritual wings slowly begin to grow, we move towards fulfilling the highest potential that is our soul’s yearning, namely to act as  channel through which Divine inspiration and insights can flow into our world, to help it evolved in to a better place for all. These wings enable us to rise above the purely emotional level in all our relationships and we can then lift them onto ever higher levels of consciousness and experience.

Six pointed Star

Moving From ‘I And Me First’ To ‘We And Us’

Each time the soul reaches Libra there stirs within a great unconscious longing and it begins to search for the ideal love relationship with the one great love of all lifetimes. Yet, for as long as it fails to understand its own true nature, it will continue to hope finding fulfilment and wholeness in the other one, when in truth this is impossible. However, the feelings that rise from their inner self may lead younger, i.e. less experienced Libran souls down the path of imbibing the lessons of promiscuity. Wise ones, who attended to this in previous lifetimes, know that if the bitter harvest of this kind of conduct does not return during this lifetime, it will surely do so in coming ones. To those who believe, as I do, that the Moon in the birthchart is an indication in which sign we spent our previous lifetime, it does not come as a surprise that people with their Moon in Libra are known to draw some fateful, i.e. Karmic encounters into their lives.

In the first six signs of the zodiac, from Aries to Virgo, the soul remains very self-centred. It may be so occupied with building itself a personality that this happens sometimes to the exclusion of all others. However, from Libra onward the soul’s interest turns away from purely ‘I and me first’; its consciousness opening up to the concepts of ‘we and us’, partners and relationships are valued greatly. One of Libra’s main soul lessons is the search for the point of balance that lies half-way between the two extremes of utter selfishness, as for example expressed by young souls in Aries, and that of total surrender of the self to the wishes and needs of the partner in Libra, which can be highly detrimental to the soul’s own spiritual development.

Truly wise souls, not just Taureans and Librans, take care not to live in the extreme characteristics of any of the signs that are in polar opposition to each other in the zodiac. The point of balance always lies in the middle; the position halfway between each set of signs of the dot in the small circle in the middle of the birthchart reflects this. The zodiac is the wheel of fortune around which the soul in its search for growth and enlightenment is required to whiz, until eventually it reaches the point when it must learn to become still and conduct its life from the centre in the hub of the wheel. Before it can do this, the soul has to move countless numbers of times round and round the spinning wheel of life, for that’s the only way it can grow and learn from its experiences. Enriched by each one it moves through lifetime after lifetime of ever new and challenging situations that lead to more and more growth.

After developing its earthly personality in fiery Aries with all its selfishness, push and drive, the soul moves on into much steadier and earthbound Taurus. This means it is descending deeper into matter and therefore needs to learn how to deal with and appreciate the value of material possessions, including its physical body and life on the Earth plane. When the Sun moves through this sign, it is springtime for the soul and also for everything on the Earth plane; in the sky above us Venus appears as the morning star. It is a time for enjoying and appreciating the goods things of the Earth, especially nature and the more earthy aspects of love-making. Metaphorically speaking this applies to the lessons of the soul throughout its lifetime through Taurus. Spiritually, Venus in Taurus is the morning star in the evolution of the human soul; by the time it reaches Libra, Venus acts as the evening star.

Created In God’s Image

Wise ones have always recommended: ‘Wo/man know thyself and thou shalt know God and the Universe!’ But, how shall we do this? In my view, there is no better way than astrology for getting to know ourselves, our inner motivations and our predestined pathway through life. At the threshold of the Aquarian Age ever more of us are becoming aware that we are sparks of the Divine and young Gods in the making, no more and no less! Each is an individual spirit in its own right, who in the course of many lifetimes had to grow itself a soul. Having been created in God’s image, all aspects and qualities of God are also in us. Each one of us, without exception, is part of the soul of our world; this in turn is an integral component of the soul of the whole of Creation and of the Great Mother of all life. God is part of us and we are part of God; on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything.

The memories of all our experiences and all the learning and the wisdom that was ever gathered by any soul anywhere, in all worlds, are available in the Great soul and it is every soul’s birthright to eventually gain access to this knowledge. However, this is only possible with the help and under the guidance and protection of our inner teacher, our Highest or God Self. The Great soul remembers times and ages long past when life on the Earth was peaceful and harmonious. It knows of and speaks to our souls of highly evolved worlds where all live together in perfect companionships and harmony in a state of pure love that has long risen above physical passions. The feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine are an integral part of all life and therefore also of every human soul. In the peaceful worlds the Great Soul tells us about in our dreams they are freely and willingly merged into one and functioning as one harmonious unit. Every soul contains these two aspects within its own being.

In the physical body kidneys are ruled by Libra. As the kidneys are the purifiers of our outer vehicle, relationships are the spiritual cleansers of human consciousness. The more we think of others instead of ourselves, the more we love them and want to take care of them, instead of merely attending to our own needs and wishes, the more our inherent human selfishness dissolves, until finally this characteristic has been eradicated from our consciousness altogether. As this takes a great many lifetimes, we are all very much in need of our relationships. No matter how difficult they often turn out to be, they do help us to grow and evolve more than anything else, because it is a natural human reaction to put one’s own needs behind those we love and care for. That is why children can be particularly good teachers.

How about relationships to make us whole? We do not need them for that purpose because on the inner level we have always remained whole. Once all parts of our being, the earthly and the Divine part, the masculine and feminine, have come together in a loving union, we shall once again be whole and never to be parted from our truly beloved inner and Highest Self. This is the state of perfection; to achieve it is the final aim of all life throughout God’s Creation, including on the Earth. Each soul in its own right will in due course have fully taken possession of and integrated all its aspects. This process of growth and fulfilment cannot be completed by anyone on our behalves; hand in hand with God and the Angels we all have to do this work on our own.

Six pointed Star

Seeking Love And Perfection

The Great Soul of all life on its deepest and innermost levels, from the highest to the lowest manifestations of life, is one amorphous mass. It was for this reason that humankind’s temporary existence on the material plane once became a necessity. When everybody wanders around and experiences life and themselves in their own physical bodies, one cannot help noticing one’s individuality. Temporarily encasing every spark of the Divine, a spirit, in matter and adding a soul to it, so that we could experience ourselves through the world of our feelings, was the only way each one of us would eventually become fully aware of ourselves as an individual being in our own right. In the course of a great many lifetimes this has successfully created the illusion of being separate from each other, which in truth we are not, never have been and never will be.

As a result of this oneness of all life, every individual soul within the Great Soul is responsible for its own spiritual wellbeing, as well as that of the others and the whole. From the Highest levels of existence the river of life feeds down to the lowliest ones, supporting, maintaining and nurturing all that is. None is ever forgotten or will be left behind. And because love is the law of the Universe, no soul ever struggles on its own, in spite of the fact that it often feels like that on the Earth plane when we are struggling to find our way back home into the conscious awareness of the oneness with our Father/Mother Creator. Help is at hand whenever we need it. All we have to do is call.

Every human soul carries deep within the memory of the perfect and beautiful world from which we once descended into physicality and to which one day we shall return. This is a world that knows nothing of sickness, pain, violence, crime and wars, and all life exists together in perfect harmony. From time to time the memories of this world come to haunt us in order to encourage us in our search for the same perfection, i.e. wholeness that is in our Creator. To achieve this goal the Great Spirit plants in Its children of the Earth an urge to grow and reach upwards, so that our consciousness may expand through learning something from every experiences that comes our way. 

To ensure that no soul ever gets lost, like a giant magnet the Source draws all life back towards Itself to a fuller and more perfect existence. From the Great Soul to the soul of humankind also come feelings of loneliness, of being lost on the Earth plane and a great yearning to one day find a love that lifts itself above the earthly plane and ascends into ever higher and more idealistic, namely spiritual realms of love. The Great Soul knows past, present and future. It dreams through us and whispers into each one that the time will come on the Earth when humankind has reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level to be able to live peacefully and harmoniously together. There will come ages when the same balance and harmony that exists on other planets have been developed on ours, too; they may be closer than we now dare to think.
However, for as long as it is still required to learn its lessons on the Earth, the poor human soul searches and dreams of finding the one great and ideal love, one that will last forever and will never leave it. But when it has moved through the whole zodiac a great many times and been sufficiently recycled, there comes to every soul the realisation that its vision of love is not meant to be fulfilled through earthly companions. What every soul in truth has always been seeking from the moment it emerged from its state of utter oneness with God is to return it. There is a hunger and a craving for the infinite love of God that cannot be satisfied by anything the Earth has to offer. As it stretches ever more heavenwards to reach this love, its spiritual wings grow and slowly it becomes more peaceful and loving itself towards all life forms. Thus each one of us needs to make its own contribution towards bringing our peaceful new world into being, hand in hand with God and the Angels,

The chaos, discord and disharmony, the selfishness and greed that surround the soul on the Earth plane is in stark contrast to the world it once came from. Existing and being trapped in such a world can be very painful and the cause of much suffering for sensitive and delicate human souls. Yet, these conditions too are not in our lives for nothing. They are meant to teach our soul some invaluable lessons through which it grows and finds the expansion of consciousness we all have come to seek in this life, no matter what. As time goes by it progresses on the evolutionary scale, one small step after another. But the soul’s yearnings for a better and more beautiful world where all live together in harmonious relationships with each other will not go away. They become ever more powerful because they are guidance from the soul of the Great Mother/Father, who in this way eventually draws every one of Its children back home into its true nature and into the harmony and oneness with all life.

Six pointed Star

Learning To Pray

Every soul at some stage reaches the point when it feels that living on the earthly plane has become intolerable and that it can take no more. For a very long time its longing and yearning for a peaceful world without suffering, lying and cheating, violence and crime have been increasing. In its dreams it is reaching ever more strongly out to these worlds, because intuitively it knows full well that they exist somewhere. Having exhausted the learning possibilities the material world has to offer, it begins to ask itself: ‘Why is all this happening to me? Why can nobody help me; there’s got to be someone out there who can!’ When the earthly self finally goes down on its knees in the hope that relief may come from somewhere, its soul can pray through it. Everybody has to go through this kind experience at some stage. When at long last we are reaching out for the blessing and healing hands of God and the Angels, they begin to draw ever closer to us. To make this possible, behind the scenes of Earth life on the higher and highest levels of life, they are guiding and protecting us and always waiting for some kind of a signal from us.

Through suffering the soul grows in understanding and we, its earthly self, become ever more open and sensitive to the traumas of those around us. More and more we dream, even in our waking states, of escape and release into the peaceful that exists in our imagination. It takes a long time until one finds out to one’s amazement that such a world cannot come about on its own; that it has to be created by us with the help of God and the Angels and that each must make their own contribution towards it. The realisation that we are responsible for ourselves and our world and everything that is in it is a great turning point for human souls. Although it is one of the most difficult discoveries to make, it is at the same time the most empowering one of all. It enables us to consciously get to work on ourselves. As soon as we start changing ourselves, our world does the same. When we conduct our lives more peacefully and endeavour to create harmonious relationships with everything and everyone we come into contact with, with every small effort our world grows into a more peaceful place for all.

The more the earthly self gets back in touch with its inner teacher, listens to its guidance and starts giving of itself and sharing its gifts, it becomes aware of the truth that giving is much more satisfactory than just taking, taking, taking from life without ever planning to present anything in return – as so many are doing to this day. Never mind, that’s their lesson. They too will reach the phase in their development when they will know that there can be no greater joy on the Earth plane than giving of one’s gifts freely to all. Such souls are then ready be used as channels through which Divine inspiration and healing flow ever more strongly, bringing relief to the suffering of the Earth and light into its spiritual darkness.

Many have by now reached the evolutionary point for the re-union of their earthly and the heavenly twins, a symbolism of the earthly mind and the mind of the Highest of God Self. Read about this in more detail in the Sun in Gemini and its opposite sign, Sagittarius. Teaching the lower and upper aspects of our nature to work together, until they grown into one harmoniously functioning unit is an important part of every soul’s responsibilities. As the earthly mind becomes the faithful and loyal servant of the Highest, its role of past ages changes from that of the slayer and destroyer of truth into the one of the interpreter and communicator of Divine truths to humankind.

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Six pointed Star

The Walls Of Jericho Are Tumbling Down

Great is the soul’s joy when its earthly self at long last is ready to accept the wisdom that it is an eternal being of light and that life is not a one-off thing. And the earthly self finds comfort and healing in the knowledge that there is a world of spirit to which it will go after physical death to recover and be restored in preparation for other lifetimes to come, until it will no longer require further ones in physicality. The Walls of Jericho are a symbolism for the walls of fear, which the earthly self in the course of many lifetimes has erected around itself, against God and life and everything it contains.

The fears were good enough and even necessary and wanted for as long as the soul failed to understand its own true nature and that of God. These fears have kept us away from experiences for which we were as yet unready. Now, however, we all have to face the formidable task of dissolving these walls of fear. To make a re-union possible, bit by bit down to its last little brick it has to be dismantled and the fragments taken away. God and the Angels are ready and waiting to be called upon to help us with this.

There is always great rejoicing in the Heavens over the homecoming of another one of its children. In this process the earthly mind and its Heavenly counterpart, the mind of the Highest, slowly come together and begin to function as one.  Every soul eventually reaches the point when it is ready to go willingly wherever the living God within tells it to and to obey its orders. To make this possible, the conscious mind of the earthly self must first surrender all its desires, fears and anxieties to God and the Angels. We are required to rise above them, but this is probably the most difficult task we shall ever have to face; to fulfil it we need their help more urgently than we ever did before.  By listening to and following intrepidly the call of our spirit and soul, we nail this part onto the cross of matter and the Earth, leaving them behind once and for all.

Six pointed Star

The Scales – Libra’s Symbol

Libra’s keyword is: ‘I balance!’ The symbol of this sign is a pair of scales that is held in perfect balance by an invisible hand. Because of this many seem to be under the impression that Librans are automatically well balanced. Don’t you believe it! Quite the opposite is true for many of them, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are one of those who still frequently find themselves wildly out of balance, every lifetime spent in Libra presents our soul with many chances for practising the art of finding balance, within and without. As you are sure to know better than anyone else, that is by no means an easy task. Libra’s delicate inner balance is easily upset by all manner of things, especially when there is a lack of understanding among those around them.

The symbol reflects the keen sense of justice and fair play of souls born into this sign. It is for good reason that the statue of Justice is usually shown as a blind-folded woman who holds a pair of scales – the scales of justice – in her hand. Do not allow appearances to fool you though; true justice is anything but blind! To me, the figure represents the Divine Wisdom of our Mother/Father Creator, the feminine aspect of God, explained earlier. The blind-folded woman shows the need for giving up seeking justice in the outer world and the necessity for looking within – to our inner world and the Highest levels of life. An understanding of the Universal law of Karma helps us to recognise that true and absolute justice rules life throughout the whole of Creation and therefore also our human relationships.

The message the statue of Justice conveys to our world is that, unlike its laws, the Universal ones are utterly just and fair; so much so that it may be hard for us Earthlings to grasp. Universal laws can never be bent – justice will always be done, no matter what. If in the outer world of appearances justice sometimes does appear to be blind, spiritually it never is and that is why the woman’s gaze is firmly fixed within. She looks into the highest levels of human existence, where the Akashic Records of every single one of everybody’s lifetimes are kept. If in your life earthly justice has ever seemed to be blind, take heart and know that justice will be done, for the Divine never errs.

Libra teaches human souls the glorious lesson that the love and cohesiveness of true and lasting unions can only be achieved through a willingness to compromise and in co-operation with others. Having reached the highest point of selfishness in previous lives, the soul may choose to be born into Libra, the sign of partnerships and relationships, also of unions and marriage. Here it wakes up to the great importance of relationships and that we are all in one of those with all life, including its Creator. To enable us to have relationships we need to attract others into our lives. Venus is a symbolism for the aspect of God that bestows upon us the gift of the power of attraction.

In Libra the Universe uses this as the tool for teaching us to attend to the most important part of our work for this lifetime, namely the development of ever more of harmonious relationships. The Venusian energies constantly draw the necessary people and circumstances into our orbit, to ensure a steady flow of opportunities for practising our relationship skills and building the Venusian qualities ever more strongly into our character. Souls who patiently attend to this will have found by the end of this lifetime the inner equilibrium their soul was yearning for earlier.

Six pointed Star

The Danger Of Over-Focussing On The Needs Of Other

Having reached Libra our soul’s consciousness becomes more aware of and open to the joys of ‘we and us’. During lifetimes spend in this sign all kinds of relationships are of the greatest importance. Yet, this ‘we’ consciousness has it own pitfalls; the greatest one of them is losing one’s identity because of over-focussing on the needs of others and over this overlooking one’s own. Because the point of balance between these two extremes lies in the middle, wise ones also make time available for themselves. They create a space, where no disturbances are allowed from anyone and where they can balance the world of appearances with the rich inner realities of their soul.

Venus in Libra endows the soul with high principles and a yearning for living in peace and harmony with everybody. However, when applied to the harsh realities of Earth life such ideals are extremely difficult to live by. Unless they are diligently held up and staunchly defended, Librans can be in constant danger of accepting peace at any price. Libra’s most negative trait is trying to be all things to all people, in the hope of being loved and liked by everybody; it is one of the most deadly traps of this sign. Having woken up to the fact that this is impossible, wise ones refuse to bend over backwards to accommodate everyone. They no longer give in and agree with those around them too easily either. Whenever the need arises, they stand up to defend their ideals and to be counted. Following their inner guidance, they learn to speak up on behalf of themselves and on the issues that concern them, in spite of finding this difficult.

Should a Libra child ever be entrusted into your care, encourage it to face up to difficulties and confrontations, in spite of the fact it is likely to be extremely reluctant to do so. Coaxing it into practising Venus’ finest gifts, its natural intelligence and sense for diplomacy and tact, integrates them into their character for good.  Whenever the child is over-attentive and obliging to the desires of others, ensure that it knows that it must not neglect its own needs over those of others. Remind it that any virtue carried out to excess soon becomes a vice.

Maybe you’ll explain that everything that is in this life has purpose and meaning and that everybody’s inner needs, wishes and interests are no exception to this. They should not be ignored because they were given to us for a specific reason, which is that we should seek to find some kind of fulfilment for them. Our desires are intended to guide us into this lifetime’s lessons and finding what is rightfully ours. They can be important pointers to our hidden gifts and talents that can help us fulfil our highest potential. They could have taken many lifetimes to develop and are now waiting to be nurtured and perfected some more. Neglecting them may deny us the spiritual growth and progress that would otherwise potentially be possible for us, during this lifetime. Read more about this in ‘You are Special’ in the ‘Other Writings’ section.

Six pointed Star

Learning To Love God’s Way

The final evolutionary goal of each one of us is to become ever more God-like by learning to love the way our Divine Father/Mother loves us, i.e. totally, unconditionally and impersonally.  The Bible tells us: ‘Love your neighbour, as you love yourself!’ To my mind, this does imply the need for loving and respecting ourselves as the precious and unique creatures we all truly are. We are magnetic beings who attract into their orbit that which we ourselves are; everything begins and ends with us. That is why, before we can attract some love into our lives, we first have to become loving ourselves. If we wish to be respected by those around us, we must first learn to respect and appreciate ourselves.

As pointed out, our own innermost needs and wishes are there for a purpose; it does not do to neglect them. The same applies to our space and time; they are as important as anyone else’s. With a generous dose of Venus’ gifts attending to one’s own desires without being selfish can be developed into an art form in its own right. Probably the finest one of these gifts is the ability to achieve one’s aims through intelligent compromises that do justice to all parties involved, with the tact, diplomacy, charm that is typical of most Librans. Add to this their heart-warming smile and some real progress is possible in human relationships.

Librans have a wonderful natural ability to see and understand both sides of any coin, which helps them to adapt themselves to those around them with great ease. However, wise ones take care not to lose their own identity, self-worth and self-respect in the process. They no longer settle for peace at any cost because they have learnt the bitter lesson – either during this lifetime or a previous one – that this kind of peace can be far too expensive. No matter how wise they may have become, when they stand up for themselves and their high ideals with integrity, and this ruins one of their relationships, they are likely to still find it hard to come to terms with the ensuing loss.

Saturn, the planet of Karma, is exalted in Libra. Relationships are all important to every soul’s development – without them no progress is possible. But acquiring the skill of nurturing them, so that they can grow into loving and stable ones, may take many lifetimes. Good relationships do not grow on trees and will not appear in our lives out of thin air. Because of our own selfishness and that of those around us, they have to be created by us and to ensure that they continue to work they have to be worked on very hard. This process can be speeded up considerably as soon the soul has become sufficiently evolved to accept Saturn as its teacher. If, over the course of a whole lifetime, it willingly submits itself to old Father Time’s stern and undeviating demands, it learns to build stability into its own character make-up, as well as its relationships. This is how the planet eventually turns from the teacher into the rewarder by providing us with a fine sense of responsibility and self-discipline, as well as the ability of telling right behaviour from wrong, in ourselves and those around us. Resolving the many issues that were created between any given set of two souls along the way and developing their relationship into a satisfying one may take many lifetimes, but is well worth the effort.

Saturn’s presence in Libra can also be observed when, from time to time, gentle and charming Libran souls suddenly reveal that they are quite capable of wielding an iron fist in a velvet glove. That is why a word of warning does not come amiss:  beware how you treat your Libra friends and loved ones born into this sign. Never push them too far! If you do, it may take time to show, but you may live to regret what you did to them.

Recommended Reading:
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• ‘Karma in Families’

Six pointed Star

Lazy Libra?

The cardinal quality of their sign reflects that theirs is an executive type of mind. Thus, they are capable of holding down positions of responsibility and of being happy when put in charge of people and projects. Should there also be an element of elegance and beauty involved, you can trust that your Libran is going to be in their element. Occasionally, there is also talk about lazy Libra and this may well apply to unevolved souls. It is true that most Librans shy away from working with their hands and getting them dirty, but give them something to do where they can apply and practise their intellectual skills, they are sure to be in their element. Just watch them and see how they love their tasks and thrive on them.

In common with the other cardinal signs, Libra is capable of bringing forth a great wealth of creative ideas. Their inner connection with the source of all creativity ensures that through them they can constantly be poured into our world. To avoid frustrating this flow, it is essential that they should at all times find sufficient outlets for their creative urges. When this is the case, you can watch them at work effortlessly and sheer tirelessly, if need by until they drop. As far as anyone’s daily work is concerned, it is important to locate something that really suits the soul’s predestined pathway through this lifetime. For example, if housework is in need of attention and you get a Virgo, you are sure to be delighted with the results. If you leave the mental/intellectual tasks to Libra, I promise you, you will be thrilled with their efforts.

On the whole, Librans do not like the limelight; they are reluctant to go up front and prefer staying in the back seat. But there are many exceptions and as always, they confirm the rule. In any case, Librans are not usually the stay at home types. They love to explore new horizons, both mentally and physically. Most of all, they enjoy being out and about among people. When travelling, the people they meet can be of more interest to them than their destination – a reflection of life itself. In their relationships, inexperienced souls are quite capable of working up a storm, now and then. Although on the surface of things, one can always sense Venus’ gifts of diplomacy and sweetness, but let no-one be fooled by that. When dealing with Librans, try to bear in mind their ability to use the already mentioned iron fist in the velvet glove most efficiently.

Six pointed Star

Bossy And Domineering Libra

The cardinal energy of their sign reflects their ability of taking charge in all their relationships. Not wishing to come across as dominating and self-willed, wise ones show their good manners by treating those around them with the kindness, respect and consideration every soul on the Earth plane by rights deserves. Even though with some people this takes a special effort, they will try to establish a good relationship, if at all possible. Some Librans undoubtedly are bossy and domineering, in spite of the fact that most of them would hate to admit to it, even to themselves. Mrs. Thatcher and her career are the finest example of this that comes to mind. But then, her ascendant is in Scorpio.

Other famous Librans of past and present, to name but a few, are: sex symbol of days gone by, Brigitte Bardot; singer-songwriter, guitarist and gifted wordsmith, Paul Simon; peace-loving John Lennon – his visionary song ‘Imagine’ with its ‘Imagine there’s no Heaven and no religion, too!’ have been providing us with glimpses of the ideals of the Aquarian Age for quite some time; the late Luciano Pavarotti, a big man in all things and visibly extremely fond of all the good aspects of life; singer Olivia Newton-John; actor Michael Douglas.

Last but by no means least, there is the writer Oscar Wilde, maybe the most famous and notorious Libran of them all. His life’s work deserves a closer examination though, because it presents us with a unique study of the soul’s pathway through Libra. First, his plays were given through him to our world; they display the fluffy, playful, superficial and frivolous side of this sign. In spite of their great popularity, I have never liked them; for my taste they lack in substance and depth. However, there is another side to the man and his work. Reserve your judgment until you have read ‘De Profundis’; it came into being towards the end of his life, during a time of deepest suffering when he was in prison. Here his soul speaks to us and one realises the great depths of profound thinking he was capable of; hence the title.
This part of his life’s work is as fine a demonstration as anyone could wish for of the amount of soul growth that is possible in Libra, through life’s most bitter lessons in matters of the heart and a lack of understanding of the true meaning of love. His quote ‘To become the spectator of one’s own life is to escape the suffering of Life!’ is so poignant that, as you may have noticed, I have chosen it as the motto and main theme for all my work. It was done because it so beautifully demonstrates the detachment and rising above the pain and the circumstances of our earthly existence, which we are all meant to find eventually. Alas, it can only ever be found through one’s own suffering, and that for Libra begins early in life. Because of their strong sense of duty and responsibility in relationships, it can be very difficult for them to brake free from the past and to leave those behind  who no longer support their highest good.

As a result many tend to stay over-long in their parental nest, and for better or for worse, too strongly identify with their mothers. Playing the role of the over-dutiful and obliging daughter/son – or later in life of wife/husband – for too long is a dangerous and slippery slope. If we insist on doing this for too long, we are in danger of losing contact with the world of our feelings and get out of touch with our own desires and needs. This not only severely stunts our own spiritual development and growth; it is much further reaching than anyone could suspect. Our inner self is constantly giving us some kind of feedback about the state of our life through the way we feel inside our physical bodies. If we repress the feelings of regret and resentment that rise from within that are trying to tell us when something is amiss in our lives, we are creating stress and unnecessary suffering for ourselves. Should we insist on ignoring this, we leave our soul no choice but eventually having to speak to us through painful conditions in our physical bodies.

Six pointed Star

Mother Issues

My experience has shown that everybody, at least to some extent, has some unresolved issues with their mother. That’s why we can all benefit from becoming aware that when we are longing for the ideal mother, in truth we are seeking to be re-united with the all-embracing and all-forgiving love of our true mother, the Great Mother of all life. Becoming aware of this facilitates the letting go of our earthly mother, when her role in our life has been fulfilled. and also of the past in general. Although this may take a very long time, releasing both becomes a natural process, when one finally realises where one’s feelings of wanting to remain close to mother have their origin. This sets us free to fully turn towards and embrace the concept of our all-loving and wise Mother, who is always there for us. We may then wish to dedicate the rest of our present lifetime to serve Her as a channel through which She can pour Her great love and wisdom, to be shared with our earthly siblings so that they too can come ever closer into Her loving embrace and protection.
Her presence clearly defines the temporary role of our earthly mother and finding forgiveness for her seeming shortcomings becomes a spontaneous reaction. Thus a great cycle of experiences of giving and taking, hurting and being hurt by each other, finds its conclusion between the two souls involved closes, and the vicious circle of Karma that is likely to have occupied many lifetimes is over for good. The Karmic shackles between them dissolve, and as love remains their only link, they are setting each other free to each pursue once more their own unique destiny. This is of particular importance for the Libran soul, but equally valid for all others.

Librans are usually refined and well behaved people – again exceptions confirm the rule, as always – to whom the rough and uncouth behaviour of others can be deeply offensive. Being the diplomats and the peacemakers of the zodiac, they frequently find themselves thrown into these roles. They are friendly, charming, clever, witty and playful creatures. Outgoing and interested in living life to the full, they usually relish the good things of life. Probably more than anything else, their artistic and creative soul is nurtured by beautiful and well written words in poetry, prose and song. In spite of their reluctance to go up front, their desire for recognition is strong. They may shine in group activities because they are tactful, conscientious, and full of idealism and equipped with a strong sense of justice. Always willing to lend a helping hand,  able to find a kind word for everyone and of pouring oil on troubled waters, especially when people are struggling with their relationships, makes them very popular and in much demand, sometimes with too many.

As associations of all kinds are of the greatest importance to soul’s development in Libra, they love meeting new people and situations. Sociable creatures that they are they have no difficulties adapting themselves wherever they may be. Most of them are fond of the arts and well mannered; they also have been equipped with much public spirit and are therefore a welcome addition to any gathering. Libra’s negative aspects may show themselves in a lack of firmness, constancy and consistency, as well as too big a craving for recognition and being someone of importance, in some way or another. Bear in mind that we all first have to experience the negative side of our Sun sign, before we can aim towards integrating its highest and finest qualities. We are all in this life so we can learn to overcome our less desirable qualities by counter-acting them. This is the only way any soul can achieve the success it is dreaming of for its present lifetime.
The lesson of the Air signs is siblinghood – my preferred word for brotherhood – in action. The old word reminds me too much of the patriarchy and all the miseries and suffering it brought into our world. I realise that this too was once necessary for our evolution. What a good thing that by now it has run its course. Be that as it may, fulfilling the purpose and learning the lesson of the Air signs, wise Librans sublimate their desire for significance through knowing that everybody’s work – each in their own small way – towards creating a more harmonious and beautiful world is of the greatest importance, not just to Earth life but to the whole of Creation. Now, there’s importance for you! Being aware that peacemaker is their natural role, they willingly share their relationship skills with those around them. That surely does more than anything else to bring a more peaceful world into being.

Six pointed Star

Indecision –Thy Name Is Libra!

This sign bestows upon human souls the ability of considering all different spects of any given situation, and of viewing them from everybody’s angle. Weighing up all pros and cons against each other, is an ongoing process for those born into this sign and they can be excellent in the legal profession and also in Public Relations. This gift however, like any other, has its downside and that is dithering. ‘I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure!’ seems to be the motto of some of them. Well yes, that’s tongue in cheek; but it is a fine description of less experienced Libran souls. Until this aspect of their nature has been mastered at least to a certain degree, their inability to make up their minds can be a veritable trial, and a times downright infuriating, to those who have dealings with them.

However, if you wish to reach them, maybe to discuss this, bear in mind that the best way of doing this with the air signs, including Libra, is not through appealing to them on the emotion level. They are far more likely to respond favourably when one approaches them through their intelligence. They need to learn that their way will ease considerable if, after careful consideration, they come to a decision and then stick to it. Like anybody else, they need to watch the result and then draw the learning from what can be seen as the consequences of their actions. If our choice was a wrong one, we need to comfort ourselves that everybody makes mistakes and that there is no harm in doing so. After all, we are all here together in this school of Earth, so that each should learn from their own first hand experiences. Viewed from that angle making mistakes is a thoroughly good thing. It teaches our soul humility, and each time we learn something we grow and make progress on our evolutionary path.

Librans usually have a wonderful aptitude for dealing with people and situations, and as their life progresses, this may develop ever more into a knack and a skill. A great understanding of human relationships and behaviour is theirs and many love to exercise it by helping others to come to terms with theirs. Venus being the planet of beauty, harmony and peace, fighting goes against the grain of those born into the two signs ruled by it. Librans as well as Taureans will fight only when they have to and if it cannot be avoided. And when someone forces them to do so, in love and war Librans are likely to proceed with fairness and justice. Under-handed methods are not usually part of the armoury of the peacemakers of the zodiac.

Yet as always, there are exceptions that confirm the rule. Here is one for you: a Sun Libra friend of mine voluntarily joined the armed forces, at the beginning of his working life. It is not hard to see why he felt drawn into this line of work: his Sun is in the first house, the natural house of Aries, ruled by the planet Mars, the God of war of antiquity. After a few years he had to leave the forces, as he became seriously ill. I feel intuitively that this may have been because he was going against the flow of the energies in his life and the lack of being able to fulfil the purpose of his present lifetime as a peacemaker. It took an illness to nudge him back into employment more suited to Libra.

Six pointed Star

Learning To Say ‘No!’

Libra’s highest soul potential is finding the much needed and longed for inner balance and harmony. Only when that has been achieved, can the world around us responds in like manner. The simple reason for this is that the environment is an outer manifestation of our inner world; it constantly reflects its state back to us. Souls who resolve their conflicts with the help of God and the Angels, whilst apply their God-given gifts to the best of their ability to this task, are well on their way of learning to love Divinely, i.e. totally, unconditionally and impersonally.

Libra teaches us and our world that there is only one way in which all conflicts, inner and outer, will ever be resolved, and that is through the intelligent use of love and respect for ourselves and each other. And as all together we walk up the spiritual mountain that takes us back to our true nature and home, I do not mind repeating here that, to my mind, the most important awareness we need is that before we can love and respect others, we must first find the same for ourselves.

Most of all that means learning when and where to firmly say: ‘No!’ This sets boundaries which others are not allowed to step over. Samuel J. Ellis once wrote: ‘When people take more and more advantage of you, they begin to dislike you more and more. It is not because of anything you do or say; it is because of what they are saying and doing to you. So, in your next situation do not let others take unfair advantage of you. Say something to them early on. Everyone seems to act this way, though some more than others.’ In other words, if we do not respect ourselves, others cannot do so either. This is because for wise purpose there is always a special dynamics is at work in human relationships, so that two people reflect back to each other – like two mirrors – what is within them.

Clearly, learning to stand up to others and asserting themselves can never be an easy task for kind, obliging and in their relationships far too patient and therefore long-suffering Librans. As pointed out before, anyone who tries to take advantage of their good nature once too often and pushes them too far may in the end find themselves confronted not only with the iron fist but also with Libra’s unconscious inner partner, Aries – the God of war, remember. Because of their peace-loving nature, it does take time before Libran will speak up. But, when they feel that an injustice has been done to them or someone else, or when someone has repeatedly gone too far and overstepped their boundaries too many times, their strong sense of fairness and justice at long last makes itself known.

Then at last they will then stand up to be counted, and when they do, you better watch out! Unlikely to enjoy a good fight, the way Aries does, if you push them too far, they eventually and reluctantly pick up the bone of contention and defend themselves, as the situation requires. They themselves and those involved could then be in for the shock of a lifetime, because for both the time has come to discover how very capably and intelligently Libra is capable of defence.

Six pointed Star

Setting Boundaries

Disharmonious relationships are poison to sensitive Libran souls. Their inner equilibrium is such a delicate one that it is all too easily disturbed and unbalanced by even the slightest discord. This adds to its difficulties, as it already constantly has to juggle with two options of some kind or another. The most important part of Libra’s delicate balancing act is the question: ‘When do I keep my peace and shut up, or is it better to stand up now and be counted?’ Libra is known as the sign of balance. As mentioned earlier, this seems to have created the general idea that those born into it are naturally well balanced people. Have you ever heard or read that somewhere? Take my word for it, nothing could be further from the truth.

What you have been listening to was one of those astrological myths, which are discussed in more detail in my article ‘Astrological Myths And False Perceptions’. May it suffice to point out here that when the soul enters its present lifetime in Libra it is almost certainly a very long way from being a well balanced personality. It is far more likely that you, for example, have opted for this particular sign so that many opportunities could be created for learning how to make wise choices, so that after many trials and errors you will, hopefully before the end of your present lifetime, find the longed for inner and outer peace and equilibrium that is Libra’s by potential only.

Another one of the, to my mind, false astrological beliefs in connection with the peace and harmony loving planet Venus is that souls born into Taurus and Libra, the signs ruled by it, are naturally very patient. Let no-one try to convince you of this myth either. The opposition of the energetic fighting spirit of Mars, the Roman God of war, in both signs reflects that the truth is far from it! Because of the influence of the gentle Venusian energies on their nature, Taureans and Librans may come across to the onlooker as patient. As established, neither Librans nor Taureans are particularly good at standing up for and defending their own needs and rights. All too frequently, they are reluctant to set up firm boundaries for themselves, which those around them are not allowed to overstep. At least initially, they may fail completely to do so. Thus, it comes about that these usually kind, obliging and – only seemingly – far too patient souls eventually blow their tops. Sometimes this happens with a vehemence that can be reminiscent of the violent eruption of a long-smouldering volcano. When it does, the likelihood is that they and the world around them may well fail to understand what has hit them!

This finds itself a different way of expression in each sign, but the result is the same. Librans will try endlessly and go to great pains to mend their relationships, going back time and again trying to make peace, but frequently coming away with a bloody nose – if only metaphorically speaking. Yet, when they have finally had enough and decide to move on, they are likely to cut the offender from their lives completely. That’s why the wise ones around them take care not to disturb the peacemaker’s delicate inner equilibrium too much and for too long. Those who do may live to regret it, unless they want to lose Libra’s friendship for good in any case. In Taurus case, the home-builder of the zodiac, the transgressions of those around them disturb the harmonious and peaceful home-life, which they are so fond of and work hard to achieve for themselves and their loved ones. One Taurean friend of mine, although she is only small, smashed a hole into the door of her son’s room with her bare fist, when her anger erupted on one occasion about his rude behaviour towards her and she had finally had enough.

Yet another reason why souls born into both signs frequently endure the wrongdoings of others towards them for far too long, is that when the inevitable point of explosion has eventually been reached, no-one could be more surprised and upset than they themselves. They are usually far more disturbed by their outbreak than those at whom their wrath was directed, especially when this occurs for the first time. Having grown wise from their experiences though and having found a measure of self-knowledge through them, enables them to take precautionary measures by establishing firm boundaries for themselves, to which they make themselves stick – difficult though that is.

This gets us back to their hardest lesson: deciding when to say ‘No!’ – the most difficult word in any language, certainly to Librans.  However, half of their battle is won when they begin to recognise and react to the early warning signs of intolerable behaviour towards them. Learning how to put one’s foot down lovingly, but firmly and giving the warning signal – so far and no further, is as important a part of the Venusian gifts as any. It is one of the greatest helps if we genuinely wish to lead better relationships with others and also for healing the one with ourselves, the most important relationship we shall ever have.

Six pointed Star

Sun In Its Fall In Libra

In Libra the Sun is in its fall. This reflects itself in the fact that souls born into this sign throughout their present lifetime suffer from low energy levels. Did you know that Depressions are often born of tiredness and fatigue, physical, mental and spiritual? All those who tend to get depressed, hopefully only occasionally, are likely to be in need of learning to take good care that they do not tire themselves out too much. This applies especially to those who are by nature hard working people. As a Sun Libra, be careful when keeping the company of others and make sure they do not stress you out too much with their demands. It is very likely that you will attract souls born into Aries, your opposite sign in the zodiac and your sleeping partner, your unconscious inner self into your orbit, at some stage in your life.

If you ever watched Arians, you may have noticed how that they are always full of vim and vigour, and constantly in search of some kind of excitement. Wise ones do not try not to keep up with the pace of such people; at the right moment they step back and let them get on with doing their own thing. No-one can stop Arians from doing that in any case! Knowing their limitations, they ensure to set boundaries – very important in all human relationships and particularly so for Sun Libra with its tendencies of trying to be all things to all people. Failing do these things means inviting trouble and, in the fullness of time, possibly illness and break-downs from sheer exhaustion. Learning to household with our most precious resource, the energy the Universe makes available for us during this lifetime is an especially urgent task for Libra; for those who do all will be well.

Six pointed Star

Libra’s Gifts And Qualities

Venus is the planet of peace and harmony, as well as of beauty and the fine arts. With its help some invaluable qualities can be built into the soul’s character in Libra. Conducting peaceful and harmonious relationships successfully and on an ongoing basis requires a full share of the Venusian gifts of tact and diplomacy. This is by all standards a craft and a skill that belongs into the fine arts category. In Libra the soul develops the ability to see and understand other people’s viewpoints. This brings with it the willingness to reach conclusions by making compromises that do justice to all involved. In Libra the soul learns the careful balancing act that is required when it comes to saying yes and no: when to give in – not merely as peace at any cost – or whether to intelligently stand one’s ground; and deciding whether it’s wiser to speak up or remain quiet without loss of self-respect and confidence. Such things are skills and art forms designed to be practised with charm and intelligence. The presence of Venus in Libra teaches human souls how to create more agreeable relationships and through this a more peaceful world. Not surprisingly Mahatma Gandhi was a Sun Libra.

Love is the greatest healer of all – it can heal anything, especially relationships. Not for nothing is Libra the sign of marriage and partnerships. During each lifetime spent in this sign, ruled by Venus, human souls can acquire the gifts they need for healing any kind of relationship. Libra being an Air sign, they start with intelligence, in particular when applied to relationships of all kinds. It grows into an ever more potent tool when comes together with the Venusian gifts of tact and diplomacy; a strong sense of justice and fairness; an ability to perceive all sides of any situation, relationship and argument; being capable of producing the right words for pouring oil onto troubled waters. A love of good manners, a winning smile and affectionate nature are also part of Libra’s essential equipment for learning to cope with life on the physical plane.  

No-one in their right senses would expect that such abilities could ever drop into anyone’s lap perchance. They have be developed and worked for extremely hard and that, as likely as not, in the course of many lifetimes. Souls who do not succeed in their present one, like in any other school, can repeat the lesson however many times it may take, for the Universe’s patience is endless. Yet, once a quality has been built into a soul’s character make-up it can never be lost again. It will continue to smooth its pathway through life in all its relationships in all future lifetimes on the Earth and beyond. The soul is then free to move on to different lessons. As mentioned earlier, Saturn is exalted in Libra. It’s placement by sign and house is another important indicator as to which special lessons the soul has chosen to specially concentrate on during its present lifetime.

Everything that has been said in ‘The Sun in Libra’ is valid for every soul interested in making evolutionary progress. Anyone who wishes to do justice to their true nature by meeting their loved ones in a more idealistic manner can benefit from paying attention to Libra’s lessons. Learning to love wisely and finding the loving detachment that is in God, who allows us to go our own way so that each one of us can gather their own experiences, is the very purpose of our earthly existence. If we wish to love each other the way God loves us, we have to be there for each other, guiding, protecting and helping no matter what circumstances may arise, without getting emotionally involved. A tall order indeed, but this is what the Universe eventually demands from all its children of the Earth.

This moves very much in the foreground of the soul’s attention, during each one of its lifetimes in Libra. All is well as long as we do not overlook that although loving God’s way is highly desirable and that it is good and right to make every effort to learn this lesson. Yet, it would be foolish and unrealistic to expect loved ones to come towards us in the same manner. We do not know their karma and they may still be unready to love this way, but we can try to teach them by our good example. Understanding such things goes a long way towards protecting us against hurts, heart-aches and feelings that we have been disappointed by our loved ones. However, let us not forget that the very purpose of these experiences in human relationships is that we should grow in wisdom and understanding. They can bring us a good deal of the expansion of consciousness every soul is on the Earth plane to seek.  It has not been said for nothing that in Libra we grow ourselves a soul. This does not mean that those born into it do not have a soul, but that through the suffering experienced in matters of the heart over the whole of a lifetime is sure to result in much soul growth.

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Six pointed Star

In Love With Love

The most vital part of bringing forth ever more of our God-like qualities is learning to love wisely, God’s way. For those born into the signs ruled by Venus it is the most natural thing to do. Librans are in love with love and the willingness to love for its own sake is a vital part of their journey through this lifetime. Romantic and idealistic in love, inexperienced souls may ceaselessly search for that elusive ideal love mentioned earlier to come into their lives. Quickly dropping each one that does not fulfil this requirement, off they go in search of another, which may soon provide them with the next disappointment.

Whatever the soul’s age may be, in Libra it dreams of a love that is capable of lifting itself above the earthly passions it is likely to have savoured to its heart’s content in earthy and sensual Taurus. Having reached Libra, the air sign, yearnings begin to stir in us for a higher more idealistic connection with a partner who knows and responds to our needs and wishes intuitively. It dreams in which the lovers use the power of thought to communicate and express their love for each other on a higher level. For a very long time in its development the soul has no idea what it truly is seeking, namely the elevated spiritual love that Earthlings can only find by attuning themselves to and reaching their final destiny of becoming one again with the Highest and Its mind.

All along the soul has been aware of the need for this reunion; that’s why it nudges its earthly counterpart to look for this kind of love on the Earth plane. The earthly self, failing to understand the messages of its soul, may have to wander for a very long time from one disappointment to another, until it learns from its own experiences that such a love cannot and is not meant to be found in its earthly companions. Realising this does not stop it from longing ever more strongly for it. On and on the soul wanders, dedicated to its odyssey of searching for its great love. Lifetime after lifetime, in some of them as a woman and others as a man, and as it gets older and more experienced also in other cultures and civilisations.

Having grown wiser through its own experiences the understanding eventually dawns in its consciousness that if it wishes to solve its love problems, it must become more loving itself and start giving of itself without expecting anything in return – a tall order for one who is as selfish as all human souls initially are. Throughout their meanderings every soul’s earthly self’s selfishness creates problems in many of its relationships. When the going gets too tough in some of them, while the soul is still young, it may try to leave its problems behind by abandoning them. If need be, such souls may go as far as taking things into their own hands and putting an end to their present lifetime. Little do they know that all unresolved issues in every one of their relationships must be tackled again and again in coming lifetimes. This has to continue until satisfactory solutions have been found by the parties involved and they have made peace.

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Six pointed Star

Soul Mates

For every soul there comes the moment when it knows intuitively that during its times on the Earth plane the love of its dreams can only be found through re-establishing its inner connection with God. The wise ones in charge of us know only too well the pitfalls of love; they look upon us with kindness and understanding, ever ready to forgive and spur us on to new learning. When two souls first meet and get involved with each other, they may well swear eternal love to each other and even mean what they are saying. The Angels and Masters forgive us whenever lovers fall out with each other and go off in search of a new love to come into their lives.

Better than anyone else they appreciate that loving God’s way requires human souls to find a different approach to life and is difficult indeed. Only in rare moments can our love approach anything like the greatness of Divine love. Total and unconditional, it is so pure that it can lift us and our whole world up and help them both, at the same time, to rise above the physical aspects of lovemaking – necessary though they are for the process of procreation. God’s love is steadfast and faithful; loyal and true in all Eternity; never wavering and fluctuating. No matter what may ever happen and try to come between It and the object of Its love, it keeps on sheltering, protecting, nurturing us and keeping us safe.

The more times a soul has been recycled and the more highly it has thus become evolved, the stronger the pull of the Highest Self grows. This eventually leads every soul back into fulfilling its birthright and final destination in the loving union and the sacred marriage with the One. Yet, even in their present lifetime this may only manifest itself as they get older and they have been through the mill of many kinds of suffering that have helped to cleanse their consciousness. This process continues until the soul’s energies have been sufficiently purified that the sacred merger between it and the Divine can take place. Not often found in human marriages, the one with the Divine brings healing and peace to the individual soul and – through it – to the soul of our world and by extension to that of the whole of Creation.

This takes us full circle back to where the Astro Files started with ‘The Pathway of the Soul’. Of particular significance to Libra is its last section:

We bear the wounds and scars of furious battle, my soul and I.
But now we walk in quiet peace, hand in hand with our Highest Self.
Having gathered together the scattered pieces of our being,
We are whole and healed, once more.
The evolutionary circle closes and the twin serpents of the dual forces
Of Creation, Highest and lowest, masculine and feminine,
Who once were opposed to each other are now working together harmoniously.
Winding round the Caduceus, they are the serpents of wisdom and healing.

Under the protection of the pyramid shaped rainbow
Of the long promised land of plenty my soul and I are coming home,
And humankind’s highest ideals, hopes and dreams
Are finding fulfilment at last.
Crowned by gentle Venus and the victory of a love that never left us,
We have survived the might of selfish seeking
And the downward pull of our earthly self.
Having found the gift of a renewed understanding of
God’s true nature and our own,
A new morning’s soft forgiveness is dawning for humankind and its world.

Edited by Aquarius

From ‘The Pathway Of The Soul Through The Zodiac’

I hope that I shall be forgiven for waxing lyrical by finishing the Sun in Libra by paraphrasing some words from ‘Lara’s Theme’ from the film ‘Dr. Zhivago’: ‘Somewhere, my love, there will be love again, and somewhere true love is waiting for us all, so be still, dear heart.’ Only by becoming ever more loving and giving ourselves, while at the same time no longer expecting it from others on this level of life, can we ever be true to our real nature. To me, the best news by far is that such love does exist and is indeed waiting for each one of us to reach out for and take possession of it, because that is everybody’s birthright.

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