The Latter Days Of The Law Or The Second Coming

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Salvation And Redemption - The Latter Days Of The Law Or The Second ComingDuring the early stages of our earthly education, up to a point all human souls are allowed to do as they please. But still, whatever anyone does at any given moment can only take place within the boundaries and limitations of the God’s law, the Universal law of cause and effect. Nothing in the whole of Creation is out of its and therefore God’s reach. The history and present state of our world shows clearly what this kind of behaviour has produced. But now at last the time has come for waking up to our true nature and taking charge of the greed and avarice of our lower earthly nature and making big changes through acting in keeping with God’s laws and expressing the qualities of our Christ nature. In truth, this is what Christianity calls the second coming, namely the first appearance of the Christ Spirit in our world. The first one was merely a legend.

At last we and our world have reached the evolutionary level that Buddhism describes as ‘The latter days of the law’ and Christianity ‘The second coming’. The idea behind both concepts is the awakening of the Divine spark of God’s light in all human hearts. The latter days and the second coming have arrived for those who have  consciously become aware of their true nature and the presence of the Universal laws that rule all life throughout the whole of Creation. Every human soul’s final destination, no matter how low or humble our position in life at present may still be, is the reunion with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life who is the Source of our being. The only reason why the tale of the Master Jesus’ life once appeared in our world was to prepare our race for the fact that every one of us is destined to eventually evolve into a Christed  one, a spiritual Master like the legendary Jesus, who in truth never  walked the Earth.

Some seem to believe that with the coming of the latter days the law of Karma will cease to exist, but that could not be further from the truth. The Universal laws never change. To my mind, the latter days of the law would be more appropriately described as ‘the latter days of the human ignorance of the law and the end of their misbehaviour.’ No-one can revoke Cosmic Laws. But even if it were possible, what wiser, kinder and more loving laws could there be other than the ones we have now? For example, the law of Karma sees to it that, when certain conditions have been fulfilled, i.e. we have redeemed ourselves, our slate is wiped clean and we are allowed a fresh beginning. Equipped with our increased understanding and the wisdom we have gathered along the way we are then ready to be released into the exploration of the higher and, in the fullness of time, the highest levels of life.

Surely nobody in their right senses could wish to change the law that ensures that everything returns to its source and that therefore nothing in the whole of Creation can ever get truly lost. It is this law that constantly draws and guides every one of God’s children of the Earth back towards their true home and the awareness of our real nature. In the process of learning to distinguish between good and evil it is this law and the guidance of our Highest Self who in the long course of our evolution helps every soul to find its own way out of the holes we once dug for ourselves. To avoid digging more of them from this moment onwards, all we have to do is familiarise ourselves with how the law of Karma expresses itself throughout the whole of Creation, including our own life and that of our whole world.

The last day of the law will have arrived as soon as the last one of us has learnt to send nothing but good in thought, word and deed into our world. This will not literally be the last day of the law but of the times when the law could do nothing but return our own evildoings from previous lifetimes and present them to us in this one, whilst offering us opportunities for doing better. When we give of the best and holiest that is in us, the only things that can return to us is more of the same. And this it will do in such rich measure that we shall have enough to share with all who are in need of it. That is how the last day of the law is going to bring an end to all suffering and pain on the Earth plane. And that can only come about through everybody’s own efforts at acting on the spiritual knowledge that is increasingly flowing into our world, not merely reading and then forgetting about it.

The more each one of us makes a conscious effort to give of their best and create nothing but good Karma for us and our world, the more the Cosmic laws will reward us by returning the same to us, until finally nothing but good can come back to us and our whole world. And that, my beloved friends, will be the natural end of the expressions of the law the way we once knew it. No longer will there be any need for our individual souls and the soul of our world to grow through pain and suffering, the way it did in the past. Everyone’s soul energies and those of our world will expand through joy and love instead.

Saturn is the planet of Karma and the stern schoolmaster of the zodiac. Saturn is a symbolism of the aspect of the Divine who, when the end of their earthly education comes into sight, demands strict self-discipline and self-mastery from all Its human children of the Earth. Saturn together with Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius, the sign of the Age that is now with us. To assist us with learning how to tap into and develop our inner strengths and capabilities, Saturn’s lessons present us with many tests and trials, delays and frustrations. We need to deal with them in the appropriate manner and patiently endure what the law of Karma is returning to us from previous lifetimes into the present one. When we attend to our lessons by drawing the learning from each one of our experiences, which they are meant to bring us, Saturn’s role with the passing of time changes from the Universal teacher into that of the rewarder. Saturn’s lessons too are part of the Great Mother’s wisdom.

Love is the law of life and the Mother is the feminine love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity. We come from love and to it we eventually return. The sacred spark in us is the beginning of everyone’s own Christ nature, the Christ Spirit whose love fills the whole of Creation with Its presence. We are Its child and our true nature is like Him/Her nothing but love. When we are loving this way and we are listening to the small still voice in our heart that tells us what is right and wrong at any given time, no-one needs to preach to us about the ten commandments of the Abrahamic religions.

The love in our heart alone and its expressions in the world around us can release us from the chains and shackles of earthly life and the duty of further earthly lifetimes. At last we are free to consciously take part in and explore the higher and eventually highest realms of existence that are waiting for us when our earthly curriculum has been dealt with to the entire satisfaction of the wise ones in charge of us.

Love and thought are the two most powerful forces in the whole of Creation. It stands to reason that kind and loving thoughts double the power of one of these powers on its own. Just think, they once brought each one of us into being and therefore have always remained part of us. And when the Christ love awakens and comes alive in us, love no longer remains a mere lip service. It is a deep inner urge, a need and conviction to give of our talents to the whole of life from the love and compassion that fills our whole being. We have no appetite for seeking fame or fortune but are content and happy to humbly serve as a channel through which the blessing and healing power of the Christ Light can flow. That which then pours forth from us is pure Christ love. It recognises the dignity of everything that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation, the heavenly as much as the human world with all its kingdoms on the physical and spiritual plane of life.

I believe that all suffering in our world to this day is caused by the dark clouds of ignorance that for so long have been surrounding it, and that through dissolving these clouds the suffering will eventually end. On our pathway from aspiring healer and lightbringer into becoming an enlightened or Christed being in our own right we gradually enter into the Christ or cosmic consciousness of hearing, tasting, smelling and touching God in everything. Bringing forth our own Christ nature from deep within the core of our being is the medium that takes us along this road of reunion with God. In that sense alone can Christ ever be humankind’s saviour and redeemer. This is how the legend of the Master Jesus, in yet another variation on the theme of the Universal Christ of all ages presenting Him/Herself in many different guises as the archetypal God-person, is bringing us and our world the long promised salvation and redemption, after all.

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