Ignorance – The Cause Of All Evil

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp on The Healing Journey - Ignorance - The Root Of All Evil‘Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil,’ said Plato, one of the philosophers of ancient Greece who lived 428/427 or 424/423 – 348/347 BC. I believe that not knowing who we truly are, where we come from and where we are going to is the cause of all evil and suffering of our world. Behind this, the same as with everything, lays a wise higher purpose. From the beginning of human life on the Earth, the evolutionary plan for humankind provided that each one of us should enter into physical life with the firm belief that we are nothing but earthlings and that life is a one-off thing. These false assumptions completely cut us off from our spiritual roots for a long time.

For this purpose initially the atoms and molecules of our physical body are lined up in such close proximity to each other that the vibration of the matter, of which the body consists, is so slow that it acts like a black box in which our spirit and soul are imprisoned. It is a jailhouse that cannot be penetrated by the rays of spiritual wisdom and truth. During the early stages of our earthly development the emotion of fear protects us against and keeps us away from experiences for which we are as yet unready. Later, when we have grown strong and wise enough to be able to cope with more advanced lessons, we first have to overcome the fears that have become part of our soul memories tucked away in our subconscious. From there they rise into our conscious awareness.

This can prove particularly troublesome when it comes to re-establishing our inner connection with the source of our being. The memory of this state, known as Paradise, is every soul’s oldest and deepest memory. But, to keep us from attempting to turn back home into this blessed state, straight away and also later when the going in earthly life gets too rough, our oldest memory has a twin and that is the fear of God. The loss of oneness with God and all life is the deepest pain as well as the greatest yearning of humankind’s individual and collective soul. It is these feelings that at the end of our evolutionary journey guide us home.

All the while, although we for a long time we are unaware of their presence, the Universal laws affect us and our lives the same as everything else in the whole of Creation. This law takes care that any kind of suffering we inflict upon those around us during our stage of ignorance does return to us in full measure. The suffering we then have to endure helps our soul to grow and the learning we gain expands our consciousness. Small chinks in our protective armour are thus created through which rays of spiritual light shine, to help us begin to grow in wisdom and understanding.

With this understanding it is no longer hard to imagine that all the evil, suffering and pain we and our world had to cope with throughout the ages really were caused by us. Ignorance is the cause of fear and that to my mind is as great an evil as ignorance itself. Our individual and collective souls have been through immense amounts of suffering. As a result, the fear of changes, of anything new and of life in general seems to have become an inevitable part of everybody’s character make-up.

Yet, we are only afraid of something for as long as we are unfamiliar with it. The greatest danger of all is that humankind’s fears are by now so deeply ingrained in our soul memories that they are threatening to hold all of us back from the spiritual growth and evolutionary progress that is now possible. If we allow our fears to stop us from trying new venues, all we can hope for is remaining stuck in outdated beliefs and prejudices that are adding to instead of reducing the amount of ignorance in our world and therefore breeding still more fear. That’s a vicious circle, if ever there was one.

But, it’s never too late for learning something new. Spiritual knowledge these days is flowing ever more forcefully into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. This is the instrument the Universe is laying into everybody’s hands for ridding ourselves and our world of every last one of our fears. And that means eradicating more and more evil. It is up to each one of us to do their share of breaking down the false perceptions of life that to this day abound in our world. To enable us to do this we need to change our own deeply ingrained thinking and behaviour patterns, which we brought with us from previous lifetimes.

Everybody’s potential for being healed and through this become a healer in their own right is great. And because on the inner level of life we are all one, when one of us heals everybody else and also our whole world heals with us. To apply for the position of healer the only qualification required is that we are one of the Great Father/Mother’s children of the Earth. To help our Christ nature to become fully awake, all we have to do is be a genuinely good, kind and loving person who uses the gifts and talents that have taken many lifetimes to develop, to the best of their ability and unselfishly for the good of all.

Wise ones willingly follow the instructions of their inner guidance, willingly and humbly and lovingly serving as channels through with the healing forces of the Highest can flow without hindrance. And whenever healing miracles come to pass, these people refuse to take credit for the work the Universe is doing with their help. They never shout: ‘Look at me, the greatest healer of all times!’ Like the Master before them they humbly go down on their knees and affirm: ‘On my own I can do nothing. The Father is doing all the work and I rejoice and let Him.’ That is the only way the Universal Forces can work the much needed healing miracles for us and our world, similar to those depicted in the Jesus legend.

Through sharing the knowledge we are finding with as many as possible who are ready to receive it, all of us can make a valuable contribution to dispersing the clouds of darkness and ignorance that to this day surround us and our world.

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