Footprints In Our Hearts

Footprints in our Hearts - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers for Healing Friendships

People are constantly walking into and out of our lives.
Yet, only friends leave their footprints in our hearts.

To handle ourselves we need to use our heads,
but for handling others it’s better to do so from our hearts.

Have you noticed that
anger is only one letter shorter than danger?

If someone betrays us once, that’s their fault.
If they betray us twice, it’s our fault,
because we didn’t learn from the first experience.

Great minds discuss ideas,
average ones reflect on events,
while small ones talk about people.

God provides all birds with their food,
but doesn’t throw it into their nests.

Those who lose money sometimes lose much.
Those who lose friends lose more
and those who lose faith lose everything.

Learn from the mistakes of others.
Earth life isn’t long enough to make each one ourselves.

The tongue weighs practically nothing.
Isn’t it sad that so few people know how to hold theirs?

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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