Moving On

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Moving On

As every flower fades and youth must give way to old age,
So all wisdom and each virtue may be valid only in its day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling we have to say farewell
And be ready for a new beginning.
Bravely and without sadness we need to
Enter into ever new learning,
Resting safely in the knowledge that
In the background of all life dwells the power of the Unseen,
Who guides and protects us and helps us to live,
Wherever our destiny may one day take us.

We are meant to move happily through space and time,
Without making our home on the Earth plane,
Because our true home lies elsewhere.
The Divine Spirit of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Never aims to tie and restrict any of Its children.
Quite the opposite is true.
Step by step the Universe constantly tries to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our present understanding.
Whenever we are in danger of staying
With one particular way of living for too long,
Our spirit and soul stagnates and starts to yearn for
Fresh learning through new adventures and explorations.

As soon as we awaken to the awareness that there is no death,
That life is eternal and has neither beginning nor end,
We give in more readily to life’s demands,
When our time for moving on has come.
It eases the hour of our departure from the physical plane of life
And we can consciously enjoy our rebirth
In the world of light on another level of existence
And learning of a different kind.

The realisation that life’s call
For all human souls will never end
 Fills our heart and soul with good cheer.
It enables us to say good-bye willingly and happily,
Whenever the need for it arises.
Peacefully we go forward because at last
We have found rest and healing
In the conscious awareness of
Our oneness with God.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Freely translated by Aquarius

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