Love Versus Duty

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A house remains nothing but a house until love walks through its door. It intuitively knows how to add the special extras that transform a house into a home for some very special people who are going to live in it. It’s true that money can build a charming house, but only the addition of love can transform it into a home.

Duty can prepare an adequate packed lunch, but love decides to add a touch of kindness to it by including a small treat.

Money can provide a television set, but love needs to take charge of it and every so often say: ‘No!’ when this is required and is willing to take the flack that it invites.

Obligation sends children to bed on time, but it’s love who tucks the covers around them and with a hug and a kiss says: ‘Good night and God bless,’ even when the children have grown up and come visiting.

Obligation can cook a meal, but love at least occasionally likes to embellish its presentation with a vase of flowers and the light of a candle.

Obligation can pour a drink, but it’s love who thinks of adding a touch of sweetness to it.

Duty may write many letters, but love adds some refreshment in the form of a joke or  a picture and closes off with a kind and loving greeting.

Compulsion keeps a house clean and tidy, but love together with the blessings of the Highest stand a better chance of producing a healthy home for a family in which every member enjoys all-round wellbeing in mind, body, spirit and soul.

Duty is offended if its endeavours are not appreciated. Love smiles and laughs about this and then makes an extra special effort, because it knows that in truth it’s always working to serve the Highest and the joy of bringing its own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth, for all to share.

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Edited by Aquarius

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