The Sound Of God

Teach me to listen to the sound of the wind in the trees - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Healing & Comfort

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
You are in me and I am in You, we are one.
There never has been any separation between us.
The idea of separateness was created by a false belief
That You are a force or being somewhere ‘out there’,
When in truth everything in the whole of Creation is
A manifestation of You and Your infinite power,
Wisdom and love.

I hear and see You,
I smell and taste You in everything that is.
Your voice speaks to me
When the wind whispers in the trees
And I listen to the sound of falling of rain,
The song of birds and the raucous calling of seagulls.
I hear your voice calling in the foghorn in the bay,
The crashing of ocean waves hitting the shore
And the surf’s roaring,
But also in the rumble of distant traffic.
They are part of the great symphony of life
You are tirelessly re-composing for us and our world.

In the wailing cry of each newborn child
I hear Your cry of joy for all human souls
Who have been released from their unconscious existence
In the womb of time into Earth life,
Where for a time they will no longer be aware
Of their true nature and origin.
Each newly born you grant the gift of another lifetime,
So it can move that bit closer
To the radiance of Your consciousness
That eventually brings a renewed understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of our existence
To each one of us.

In the last sighs of my companions,
Who are released from earthly life,
I listen to the joy of their returning to their true home
And the awareness of their Divinity and eternal reality.
At the same time I hear Your relief about another of us,
Who has fulfilled the purpose of their present lifetime and who,
Hand in hand with the Angel of Death
Safely walks into the world of spirit and light,
Its true home.

I hear You in the voices of my brothers and sisters,
In their talking, laughing and singing,
As much as in their sobbing and weeping.
I listen to You in the murmurings of
My own small still voice of conscience,
Who dwells in my heart and speaks to me
Your words of wisdom, truth and love,
And who, whenever I feel frightened, lost and lonely,
Reassures me and tells me what to do.

I hear Your voice
In the barking of dogs and mewing of cats,
The blow of  a workman’s hammer,
And the whining of aircraft engines in the sky above me.
In them I recognise You looking with pride onto us,
Your beloved children of the Earth,
How we, with the help of Your ideas
Are creating the technological wonders of our world.
Thanks and praise be to You
For the assistance You are constantly giving us,
To slowly but surely make our world
Into a more beautiful and peaceful place.

Teach us how to use the gifts and talents
You are so generously bestowing upon us,
Unselfishly and only for the highest good
And the greatest joy of all life that shares
Mother Earth, the precious jewel, with us.
May Your Divine wisdom and truth
Help us to overcome the destructive urges of
Humankind’s lower nature and shed our fears,
So that ever more of us rest securely
In the knowledge that the reigns for us and our world
Have always rested safely in Your loving hands
And will forever continue to do so.


* * *

The above is part of ‘Words & Prayers For Healing Friendships’
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