The Gift Of Individuality

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Each one of us is a special and unique being.
There isn’t another one like it in the whole of Creation.
This is because we have been blessed with individuality.
It’s for a wise higher reason that we are different from everyone else
And that’s how the Great Father/Mother of all life wants us to be.
But alas, for as long as we fail to understand this,
We frequently find that our perceptions and opinions differ
From those of the people around us
And we seem to be unable to see eye to eye with them.

Being aware of the purpose of our individuality,
Whenever there is the danger of angry words being spoken
And when tempers are starting to fly,
Let’s remind ourselves of everyone’s uniqueness
And make an effort to step into the other one’s shoes.
This makes it easier to see their point of view
And to reconcile ourselves with the differences that arise,
So that at the end of such discussions
We can shake hands, agree to disagree with each other
And remain friends.

Only through striving to get along with others
And in friendly co-operation working our way
Through the disputes and conflicts that are bound to arise,
Wherever human beings rub shoulders with each other,
Can we hope to create the kind of friendships
That are indestructible and will last
Beyond all earthly boundaries and limitations
And forever accompany us onto the higher
And eventually highest levels of life.

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