The Sun In Scorpio

Scorpio - the sign of birth, death and regeneration

Scorpio - Glyph

The Sign Of Transformation And Regeneration

Many happy returns of the day to each one of you, dear Scorpio friends, when your birthday comes round.

Soul Food For Scorpios

Count your garden by the flowers,
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your joys by golden hours,
Never when life’s worries call.

Count your days by smiles, not tears,
And when birthdays come around,
Count your age by friends, not years,
And the gifts of love you have found.


Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or one of your friends, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – together with my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a surprise with a difference?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

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Please, note that everything mentioned in this file does not only apply when your Sun is in Scorpio but also if:  

•    Your Sun is in the eighth house, the natural house of  Scorpio.
•    Your Moon is in  Scorpio or the eighth house.
•    Your Ascendant is in  Scorpio.
•    You were born on the 11th and 29th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Scorpio. In that case I also recommend the study of:

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•    ‘Two Studies In Mastership’
•    ‘Master Number Eleven’
•    ‘Master Number Twenty-Two’
•    ‘How To Become A Master Builder’

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The mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of human souls in general terms, as well as some of the character traits that are typical for souls born into any given sign. That’s why we are considering this aspect first. Like some of the other signs, Scorpio is co-ruled by two planets. On the one hand there is Mars, the God of war of the ancients, and on the other Pluto, who in those days was worshipped as the God of the underworld. Pluto is now regarded as a symbolism for the subconscious.  The Romans venerated Mars more widely than any other God. His Greek counterpart was Ares, who seems to have been much less popular than Mars. Could this is an indication that the ancient Greeks were not quite as belligerent as their Roman counterparts?

Many of the Roman legends have their origin in Greek mythology and in some of these Venus was the consort of Mars, who appeared in many different roles. For example, he was the agricultural God who presided over springtime and crops. Astrologically, Mars rules two signs, Aries and Scorpio. When the Sun moves into Aries at the spring equinox, springtime has come in the Western hemisphere. The month of March took its name from Mars. In his function as God of war the Romans offered sacrifices to Mars before going into combat. He was of such great significance in Roman life that throughout the year various festivals were celebrated in his honour.

Interestingly, to the ancients Pluto was the brother of Jupiter and Neptune; they are the two planets that co-rule Pisces and the house that has been allocated to this sign, the twelfth. The way I understand the Water signs Scorpio and Pisces they have in common that they cannot be understood from a purely worldly point of view; the reason for this is that Scorpio is of the spirit and Pisces of the soul. The signs and their natural houses can only begin to make sense when one approaches them from the understanding that human beings are much more than just the bodies they walk around in. Each one is an eternal spirit that has its own soul. During their lifetimes on the Earth plane they are only temporarily encased in matter.

The planet Pluto was named after the God of the underworld of Roman mythology, known as Hades to the Greeks. According to one legend Pluto carried Persephone, daughter of Zeus, the chief God, and of Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture, into his own world to make her his consort. Demeter, the mother, was also the Goddess of grain. The departure of her daughter caused her so much pain that the Earth became barren. Life came to a standstill as the devastated Demeter, Goddess of the Earth, searched everywhere for her lost daughter. Helios, the Sun, who was believed to sees everything, eventually told Demeter what had happened.

When people and animals were starving, Zeus, pressured by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who also heard their anguish, was no longer willing to put up with the dying Earth. He forced Hades to return Persephone, but before she was released to Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, Hades tricked her into eating some pomegranate seeds. Their magic powers forced her to return to the underworld for a season each year. When Demeter and her daughter were re-united, the Earth flourished again with vegetation and colour, but for four months each year Persephone has to return to the underworld and the Earth once again becomes a barren realm.

A long time ago, with the help of this tale the Universe explained to its children of the Earth, during the infant stages of its evolution, how the seasons came into being. It needs bearing in mind that there must be a strong possibility that you and I were part of it. Persephone is a thinly disguised variation on the theme of Mars and the renewal of all life in spring. When the Sun moves into Aries, the other sign ruled by Mars, the Sun’s pure creative energy combines itself with that of Mars. On the Earth plane the Mars energy expresses itself in all living things in the sexuality that is necessary to make procreation possible. When the combination of these potent energies pours into all lifeforms on the Earth a new growing season begins in the Northern hemisphere.

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Six pointed Star

There Is No Death

During the time of the Sun’s transit through Scorpio it becomes quite visible in the world around us that life is one continuous flow and that in truth there is no death, only regeneration which in due course is inevitably followed by rebirth. How wonderful and wise you are, Mother Earth and Father Sun. See the chestnut tree with its old leaves being pushed off the branches by fat brown shiny new buds? Following behind, they look as if they were ready to burst forth any moment. The old leaves drop to the ground and as they decay they provide the nourishment for the next crop of leaves, flowers and fruit.

Forget about the old myth that Nature dies in autumn and winter. It’s just not true! Just like us when we move on into the world of spirit, she does not even go to sleep. She merely rests for a little while and active growth slows down, but she remains very much alive. As you and I know, nature is an outer manifestation of what is happening inside us. Our environment at all times reflects our own inner state back to us. Don’t take my word for it but go out into Nature and see for yourself that there is no death. You don’t have to go all that far. Already the daffodils in my garden are eagerly pushing their shoots through the earth. What a joy! The first messengers of spring. Aren’t they living proof enough that Nature never goes to sleep and most certainly does not die?

Oh, how I love these misty November days when the Sun has moved in Scorpio! They are filled with the magic and mystery of this sign whose true meaning for a very long time remains hidden from those born into it. It may take a soul many times round the zodiac, until it has evolved sufficiently that the mysteries begin to reveal themselves. And it takes even longer until the same soul is ready to be taught by its Highest Self how to access and use them wisely for the highest good of all.

The atmosphere of those days can sometimes be filled with feelings of imminent departure and transformation that are tinged with a deep sadness. But there is also a sweetness and melancholy that has nothing to do with depression, because it seeps into the soul and comforts it. It whispers of regeneration and rebirth, of coming things and life-states that are good and filled with joy. A distant sense of excitement and anticipation can also be felt that is more than just heralding the coming of Sagittarius with its bonhomie and goodwill to all people. It is the birthright of every soul to eventually reach the higher and highest levels of being, but this is impossible without the struggles every soul has to tackle in Scorpio. The Sun’s transit through this sign is a time when we and our world may be presented with many opportunities for finding a better understanding of some of the things that could have been deeply puzzling us, up to now.

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Scorpio is a fixed Water sign co-ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. It is the eighth sign in the zodiac and the eighth house is its natural domain. This house represents possessions of or from others,  legacies, shared feelings, the life-force as expresses itself in sex, birth, death and in the afterlife, as well as the will and the power to survive. In the physical body the generative organs are under the rulership of Scorpio.

The Water signs are the emotional ones of the zodiac and the chief purpose of a lifetime spent in one of them serves the further development of our emotional nature. In Scorpio the emotions run deep and are felt with passionate intensity. Much can be achieved when a soul has become sufficiently evolved that instead of pursuing the pleasures of the Earth, it rises above the drives and urges of its lower instinctive nature and devotes all its strength to following the inner guidance of its Highest Self to serve the good of all humankind by alleviating its suffering, rather than adding to it.

Scorpio is known as the mystery sign of the zodiac and more than anything else those born into it enjoy probing into the depth of life and its processes. Unlike in any other sign, in this one it is possible to look for and find an ever increasing and deepening comprehension of what lies behind and beyond life. In days gone by, this sign had an unsavoury reputation for being solely connected with death. Fortunately, by now we realise that this only applies in the widest possible sense. When one recognises that before anything new can ever be born, something old must die and that any death – physical or otherwise – is inevitably followed by a rebirth, the exceptionally high creative potential of this sign reveals itself.

For anyone wishing to come to terms with their own nature by making better use of the energies at their disposal, to my mind, nothing could be more helpful than familiarising themselves with the effects of the energies of their Sun sign. The fiery masculine planet Mars is a symbolism for the pure sexual energy, the earthly expression of the Divine Fire of Creation. Can you see why Aries and Scorpio people get their reputation for being the sexiest people in the Zodiac? Mars in masculine Aries represents the up-rushing fountain of life. Active and outgoing, it reaches into the world. However, in feminine and passive Scorpio, it takes us into the depths of our own being, the unconscious and also into the collective consciousness, where the regenerative effect of its energies is just as necessary.

It is not hard to see that the fiery energy of Mars cannot operate too happily in a feminine Water sign, where it can and does frequently whip up the emotions to such a pitch that violent outbursts of rage sometimes may take almost superhuman inner strength to control. As their lives progress and through the occasional glimpses they gain into their behaviour and reactions to those around them, they get to know the depths they are capable of stooping down to. They may have to find out, usually quite early in life, that when they allow themselves to express their feelings, they can be frighteningly intense, violent, and painful. As a result, later in life some of them hold onto their feelings too tightly for their own good. This, however, is a dangerous thing because in the long run suppressing one’s feelings may lead to deep depressions and other dis-eases of mind and body. Creating opportunities for regularly releasing one’s feelings safely and harmlessly, to ourselves and others, is of vital importance for every soul’s emotional well-being. Creating a safe environment where this can be done without hurting or harming ourselves or anyone is advisable for everybody; for Scorpios it is a must.

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Mars rules sharp instruments, like knives and the surgeon’s scalpel that cuts away the diseased parts of the physical body, so that healing can take place – more about this later. Pluto is the instrument for the development of the spiritual will, which the soul encounters through the trials and tests on the spiritual path. Pluto, the God of the underworld, is the facilitator of the many deaths and transformations which the soul must undergo during each lifetime it spends in this sign. The Ancient Wisdom teachings tell us of the two different types of death every soul must face. The first is the one in Scorpio; here the earthly personality with its longings, desires, ambitions and pride must die; they have to be sacrificed and nailed to the cross of Earth. This sets the spirit and soul free to rise above the Earth plane and serve its Highest or God Self. The second death is the one each soul must eventually encounter in Pisces. By letting go of all earthly attachments the soul liberates itself and is ready to serve its Creator on a Universal scale.

Alice A. Bailey wrote in ‘Esoteric Astrology’: ‘The Ancient One – known as the personality, the Dweller – dies by drowning…The waters envelop him and there is no escape. The fires of passion are then quenched. The life of desire ceases to appeal and the dweller descends to the bottom of the lake. Later, s/he re-ascends to Earth and enters into another lifetime, where the white horse – a symbol of the power of the Great White Spirit – awaits it, so that it may integrate the lessons of the sign Sagittarius. By mounting the horse and partaking in this learning the dweller moves another step forward towards the second death in Pisces. When the dweller arrives there, it is no longer seen. It sinks to the depths of the ocean of life and descends into hell, but the gates of hell cannot hold it. The new and living one, the initiated soul, leaves below that which has held it down throughout the ages and rises from the depths unto the heights and is drawn ever closer to the throne of God.’

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Pluto is one of the outermost planets in our solar system; it is normally the farthest one away from the Sun. As the outer planets take a very long time to move through the whole zodiac, apart from affecting us individually they also influence whole generations in a similar manner. That’s why they are known as the generation planets. Pluto’s energies have a powerful cleansing and purging effect on the individual psyche and that of our world. Slow and extremely potent undercurrents run through any part of our lives and that of the collective consciousness that are affected by them at any given time. Pluto’s influence is cathartic and if there is anything within us and our world that is in need of changing and should by rights be brought to the surface so it can be looked at and got rid of, at the right moment Pluto comes to our help.

Under the influence of this planet’s forceful energies we and our world are likely to have to work our way through some difficult experiences. When they come it needs bearing in mind that life without its fair share of trials and tribulations does not exist, and that no evolutionary progress can be made without it. Each soul must shoulder its own cross, i.e. its earthly existence, and learn to walk with it. Whenever I have to work my way through some particularly difficult experiences, I find it helpful to remind myself that they are not coming to me as some kind of punishment. In truth, they are gifts from the Universe to help us grow in understanding, develop some inner strength and bring forth from within the highest, noblest and best.

Whilst editing and re-writing this part of the Sun in Scorpio in the year 2008, history has been made in the USA. On the 5th November of that year for the first time a black man became the country’s president! My hopes and prayers, my love and best wishes, together with those of the rest of the world are with him in the difficult tasks that lie ahead of him. Let us hope that by the time Pluto leaves Capricorn, the purging influence of this planet energies will have cleansed the consciousness of our world sufficiently so that all together we can find ever more satisfactory ways of sharing our beautiful planet with all its life forms, because by that time we and our world will have become much more re-connected with the Source of our being.

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The Influence Of Scorpio And Pluto

Souls can be strongly affected by Scorpio and its ruler Pluto in different ways. If both are prominently configured in our birthchart, this applies to the whole of our present lifetime. But there are also times for those who are not normally unduly affected by Pluto’s energies when it moves through vital areas of their lives, for example by transit and/or by progression. No matter what happens, the purpose of these energies is always the same. At all times, the Universe is trying to move us into a spiritual awakening and a growing inner knowingness of other realities and inner dimensions; it is just that at certain times the intensity of the energies influencing us increases. It is likely that our interest in these objectives then increases. Those who follow the Universe’s call may at such times be given great gifts of deeper inner understanding. The more willingly we follow the guidance of our Highest Self, the better it can work for and with us, to help us gain – instead of mere head knowledge – a deep inner understanding that

•    The concerns of the spirit are of far greater importance than those of the flesh housing it.
•    The spirit eventually must take charge of and become the master of the form it inhabits.
•    The dimensions of the spirit are more real than the outer form. They will never fade away because they are of the spirit and its world and therefore eternal.
•    Although it has to take place on the earthly plane, the only true and lasting healing takes place on the inner level, where hand in hand with God and the Angels it can and indeed has to be sought. 
•    On our own we can do nothing, but with their help and will all things are possible and all conditions can be healed.

As the influence of Pluto’s energies in our lives increases, our soul sends us messages that there is a greater need than usual for shedding old beliefs, relationships and things that are no longer in our best interest and serve our highest good. This process is a kind of psychic surgery that is meant to take us through a thorough cleansing of our soul that is life affirming, regenerating and renewing, if we can get ourselves to work with it instead of struggling against it. If we resist and neglect to follow our inner guidance and fail to respond to the call of our soul to respond to the energies that at any given time are flowing through our lives, we do so to our detriment and are likely to create big problems for ourselves. It makes no difference whether this is done consciously or simply because we have no idea what is operating in our lives.

 There is no point in trying to suppress Pluto’s demands, though many attempt it, if only because the issues in question usually seem to be too painful to be looked at. But when Pluto’s powerful energies are suppressed for too long, they have a tendency of finally releasing themselves in volcanic type eruptions. Yet, even when they happen and the dust eventually has settled again, one becomes aware of the beneficial influence this cleansing experience has had in one’s life. This will always be noticeable, in spite of the fact that the events are usually highly traumatic, especially since unpleasant outbursts of violence and/or aggression in some form or other may also be involved when Pluto is involved.
The one thing we can be sure of is that this planet’s influence is always a profoundly transforming one and that on everything it touches; life on the Earth on all its levels is affected by it. As individuals for example, when Pluto transits certain parts of our birthchart, we can suddenly become totally absorbed, sometimes to the point of obsession, in something that previously may not have interested us at all. Scorpio rules the processes of creation, of degeneration and regeneration, of death that is invariably followed by rebirth onto a different level of life. Such events and other major transformations have to be reckoned with under the influence of transiting Pluto; the effects of its transforming energies are likely to stay with us permanently.

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More About The Planet Mars

Understanding the planetary energies is the first step towards mastering them. But how can one sensibly be expected to do so with anything without possessing a thorough grasp of the matter? That’s why we are now going to take a closer look at the nature of Mars. As we are required to take charge of and master all our energies, it is helpful to familiarise ourselves with the field of their working and effects.

Mars is the planet of desire and Scorpio’s keyword is: ‘I desire!’ In its most basic expression on the Earth plane Mars is a force, a drive that causes young souls constantly feel and then shout into their environment: ‘I want, want, want – and I want it NOW! Wiser and more experienced souls do so quietly to themselves. The effect is the same. Should anything get in the way of the young ones who are still under the unadulterated influence of the force of the Martian desires, trouble inevitably ensues – in extreme cases warfare is the result. If the world refuses to do what such souls want, those unwilling to oblige are suppressed, shouted down, bullied and, if need be, manipulated into submission. At worst Mars is willing to walk over dead bodies to get what it wants. It goes to war and unthinkingly destroys everything that does not surrender willingly, if need be even the objects of its desires.

The Mars energy moves the newly created Divine spark onto the Earth plane where it needs to build itself an earthly personality. By each soul dwelling in its own physical body it begins to recognise and experience itself as an individual. With the help of its developing earthly personality the soul finds itself a place in its new environment. It maintains this place by bursting forth with all its youthful vigour and vim and the enthusiasm for the enjoyment of life that is typical of the Fire element and the signs it rules. Mars is a force that in young soul expresses itself like a wild mustang that has to be caught, tamed and harnessed before it can be ridden wisely. To master this energy, the same as all others, every human soul must spend sufficient lifetimes on the Earth plane. Instead of the earthly desire nature riding us, it needs to be conquered, so that eventually we can ride on the desires of our Highest Self, i.e. following the directions of our inner teacher, back home into the oneness with God.

To make this possible the soul has to learn the wise handling of the Martian Fire; it initially burns in the earthly self as unbridled passion and in that form it can turn into something destructive and evil. It takes time until the soul wakes up to the realisation that its own sexual energies are part of God’s creative/spiritual energies of the purest kind. Each soul must eventually learn how to them with great caution and reverence. It is worth noting that in God’s creation nothing is inherently evil or bad; the intention behind any action alone decides whether its outcome is going to be good or evil. The Mars energy is a good one, but when used selfishly and for the domination of one part of the population, on an individual, national and international level, it all too easily gets out of control. Ever escalating conflicts and wars are the result, as the state of our planet clearly demonstrates. If we and our world ever wish to find peace, the control and mastery of the Mars energy is the most vital lesson that is facing us and our world. Bear in mind that this energy is usually the underlying cause of all manner of warfare, especially in human relationships.

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Scorpio’s Deadly Weapon: The Tongue

As established, Mars rules sharp instruments. Under the influence of this planet’s energies the human tongue can easily be deteriorate into a deadly weapon. In less experienced Scorpios this reveals itself in the way they enjoy wielding the weapon of their razor-sharp tongues to hurt and sting anyone who causes them pain. Like any tool, this one when used in the wrong place can wreak havoc. Alas, for as long as souls remain unaware that all life is subject to Universal laws and the law of Karma in particular, they are constantly in danger of happily giving back in kind, unaware that one fine day the same must inevitably return to them, if not during this lifetime, then in another.

To understand why this is so, we shall take a closer look at the nature of the Fire element. Think of how fire behaves when someone carelessly drops a spark of it in the wrong place and the whole shebang goes up in smoke! In situations like that Fire is capable of destroying any kind of structure, including relationships that may have taken many years to build up. Take for example young and inexperienced souls, during one of their lifetimes in Aries, may still express themselves by impulsively and thoughtlessly blurting out their cutting and hurtful remarks of the first thing that comes into their minds, so far blissfully unaware that every action causes a reaction, and that whatever they send out into the world must eventually come back to them. By the time the same souls reach Scorpio, their speech faculty may have deteriorated into one that enjoys inflicting pain upon others. With its high psychic sensitivity Scorpio easily senses the Achilles heels of any opponent and is thus capable of ensuring that almost each time its carefully aimed poisonous arrows score a bull’s eye, leaving the other one deeply wounded. We shall return to the inevitable consequences of such actions later.

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Learning To Trust

Because Scorpios know their own feelings and motivations all too well, and the way they are capable of acting and re-acting towards those around them, they do not trust themselves and therefore find it very hard to trust anyone. Highly suspicious in all their social contacts, they are only willing to reveal their true feelings under very exceptional circumstances. They are likely to do so only when they have known someone for long enough to trust and feel safe with, and that is rarely the case. Until the soul in Scorpio has reached at least a certain evolutionary level it can be proud, arrogant, snobbish and standoffish, as if somehow it was a cut above the rest. When unevolved Scorpios discover their ability to sting, they may consider it as some kind of a special gift that miraculously someone has put at its disposal, to be used with pride and for best effect is used to gain advantages over others, subduing them through bullying.

Do not let the seemingly tough outer shell fool anyone though, for there is an extremely soft and sensitive side to Scorpios, which they guard most carefully. With their great emotional sensitivity they are in constant danger of being hurt by someone, which makes them feel highly vulnerable. Because of this they constantly feel on the defence and are ever ready to attack and protect themselves, and they may choose attack as their first line of defence. When they suspect that someone is about to hurt them, their lower survival instincts get the upper hand and they sting indiscriminately. Their most important lesson consists of finding out that human behaviour is chosen and they do not have to sting when the lust for doing so threatens to overwhelm them, and that they are not bad through and through for feeling that way. No-one is truly either especially good or bad, maybe even all good or all bad. We all have everything within and because of this everybody is capable of every kind of behaviour. The very reason for any soul’s stay on the Earth plane is that it should become aware of its true nature again and learn how take charge of and control its lower earthly nature.

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The Darker Aspects Of Life

One of the most difficult parts of a lifetime in Scorpio is that the soul has to experience more encounters with the darker and darkest aspects of life than in any of the other signs and therefore feels drawn to them. Like everything that is in our lives, these things happen for wise, that is educational reasons. Remember the mirror effect and the way life itself reflects back to us everything that is part of our own character make-up – and everybody else’s I hasten to add – that is in need of attention? When the less pleasant characteristics, theirs and ours are visible and if we already are sufficiently evolved, this happens because they are waiting to be looked at, worked with and overcome. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether a soul still gives in and succumbs to the drives and urges of their lower earthly nature – or strives to rise above them – depends on its present level of spiritual maturity. As this alone determines every soul’s subsequent life lessons, it is most unwise to ever sit in judgement over anyone. It’s impossible to know another’s Karma and which lessons they have come to imbibe this time round. 

Scorpios are the strong, silent types. Excellent at presenting a cool, calm, and well controlled mask to the world, comparing them to a swan is not too far fetched. Seemingly serene and unruffled on top, underneath they are all too frequently peddling like mad against the currents of their strong emotions. Yet, hidden underneath that usually well controlled exterior is the kindest, softest, most sensitive and vulnerable soul imaginable. Given the right circumstances, they are sensuous and loving, and just as needful of giving and receiving love as everybody else. Some insist on going through life hiding their vulnerability so carefully that they rarely allow their protective visor against the world to come down. If this goes on for too long, the earthly self is in danger of building a protective inner wall around itself which, in due course, becomes a veritable prison of one’s own making. It can turn out to be surprisingly difficult to demolish again, when one decides the time for doing so has come.

Scorpios enjoy surrounding themselves with an aura of secrecy and mystery, but do not be taken in by that. It may take them a very long time until they find a better understanding of themselves and of special purpose and meaning of their present lifetime. Some never find this turning point during their present lifetime. What a pity!  Such souls are missing many valuable opportunities that are on offer by the Universe to them, now. They may have to wait a very long time before more of them come round for them, to develop the Scorpio energies to their highest potential. Every soul must walk the Scorpio pathway eventually and those who refuse to get on with it now have to repeat the experience in some of their next lifetimes. If dallying souls knew that the transformation that is required from them is then likely to be even more difficult to cope with, they would no longer want to remain on the surface of life but willingly go off in exploration of the deep.

That is where Pluto, the God of the underworld, invites us to go. Its energies are of a transforming nature and for souls who follow its invitation willingly, there is every possibility that to their own greatest amazement they will re-discover gifts and talents that may have taken many lifetimes to acquire. This process quite naturally reconnects the soul with the latent healing, restoring and regenerating power we all carry within; they are particularly strong in Scorpios. It will be allowed glimpses into the deepest, innermost parts of life and also of its own being.

Six pointed Star

Critical And Sarcastic Scorpio

Scorpios can be super-critical and sarcastic and if allowed to run freely their tongues can be deadly. The younger and less experienced souls among them may expect to be respected by those around them, as if it was some kind of a God-given right that had been created especially for them. They would dearly love to command respect and are astonished when, because of their lack of good behaviour, the world around them refuses to oblige. It comes as a surprise to them to discover that nobody has a birthright to be respected and that it is something that has to be earned, through one’s daily actions and reactions to people and situations. Scorpios are notorious for their difficulties in all their relationships, because they are over-fond of getting their own way. When this is denied, the strength of inexperienced souls can turn all too easily into vindictiveness and resentment, especially in the family circle.

During lifetimes in Scorpio there rages a constant battle between the desires of the soul’s earthly personality and those of its Highest Self. For a very long time, it may seem that both are simultaneously trying to gain the upper hand. However, our Highest Self, the living God within, that which is best and highest in every soul, is always trying to move us forward into the future and to encourage us to lift ourselves above the clouds of the material existence. To show it that we are on the right track we are allowed occasional glimpses of our highest potential, but then we are firmly placed down on the Earth again, to face and deal with the demands of our present existence. For a better understanding of how the earthly part struggles against its Heavenly twin read follow the links below.

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Six pointed Star

Willpower – Thy Name Is Scorpio

Every spirit and soul eventually reaches the stage when its earthly personality has to be nailed to the cross of consciousness of the Earth by willingly surrendering itself to the guidance and protection of its Highest or God Self. This is by no means something that can only be encountered in Scorpio. The birthchart reveals that everybody has Scorpio somewhere and it is in this part where the earthly self has to be sacrificed, so the spirit self can come alive, until it eventually takes over completely. If you are having difficulties with this rebirth and transformation, don’t be disheartened. Even the most highly evolved and spiritually aware Sun Scorpios are likely to be required to fight some arduous battles to overcome the drives and urges of their lower nature. One of the most famous examples of this is the life of the Indian teacher of the Aquarian Age, Sai Baba, born 23rd November 1926. Read more about this in ‘Introduction For A Better Understanding Of The Birth Signs’.

The single most helpful factor in these struggles is Scorpio’s outstanding strength of willpower, which matches that of its desire nature. Yet, with the soul’s spiritual awakening there comes the comfort of the knowledge that with the help and will of God all things are possible, all conditions can be healed and even the lowest desires of its earthly nature overcome. By that time the soul has found out that whatever we truly wish for will appear in our lives; therefore, it considers very carefully which ones of its desires, when it becomes aware of them, are worth following up and which ones are best ignored. As its awareness of what is at stake increases, it helps to know that its God Self can at all times be called upon for Its advice and strength to rise above the promptings it gets from its lower nature. Thus it slowly proceeds along its predestined path, until the temptations of its lower nature have ceased altogether.

Complete and utter trust in the goodness of life can only be found through living our life and learning from our own experiences. That is the only way human souls, during their lifetimes in Scorpio can discover that they have within them the capability of gaining access to God’s power. That’s why the wise ones amongst them have no qualms when it comes to moving away from their old self and way of life with its outdated thinking, beliefs and behaviour patterns. They know that this is the only way they will eventually be able to rise above the rubble of their previous way of life into the oneness with their Highest of God Self, like the legendary Phoenix once did from the smouldering ashes of its own funeral pyre.

Before God we all stand alone. Accompanied by its guides and Masters, every soul on its own must learn how to, quite literally, walk hand in hand with God and the Angels again, the way we all once did. Small hand in big hand, the frightened earthly self will then be taught by its Highest self how to do its share of comforting, blessing and healing. During this process the Divine spark in human hearts grows first into a small still flame. As we aligns ourselves in our meditations and prayers with the power, love and wisdom of God’s great fire, the flame in our heart shines ever brighter and clearer. As over time this burns away all remnants of the dross of darkness and fear from our soul, God and the Angels can work through us ever more to bless and heal everything we come in contact with.

Six pointed Star

Probing Into The Mysteries Of Life

The presence of the Mars energies in their sign explains Scorpios keen interest in the great mysteries of Earth life, like birth, death and especially sex. Pluto’s energies awaken the soul’s curiosity for searching beneath and beyond their present earthly existence. This is likely to manifests itself at an astonishingly early age. I share the view that there is no death and that there are only transformations into different life-states that take all human souls back into the world of spirit, our true home on a different level of life. It has been said that Scorpios are unafraid of death. Take it from me, that is another one of those astrological myths that is not based on fact; read more about them in the chapter ‘Conclusions’ at the end of these files. Initially Scorpios may well fear death. I know quite a few who are as terrified of it as anybody else. But the potential for overcoming this fear is much greater in this sign than in the others, but only for those who are willing to open their inner eyes and get on with their spiritual development.

It’s anyone’s guess for how many lifetimes the earthly self has been dreading death. In the final analysis, to overcome this fully death too must be experienced first hand; I hope that for many of us this time – maybe for the first time ever – it will be possible to remain in a fully conscious state of awareness. Surely that is the only way we can truly find out that the death of our physical body really is nothing to be afraid of. Throughout each lifetime every soul must undergo many types of death. Something is constantly dying inside us and we all have to develop our own way of dealing with these deaths. Something like a veil has been separating our earthly existence from the world of spirit, for a very long time. At last we are ready to find out that all physical death is but one aspect of the illusion that had to be created, but for time only, to help us become aware of our individuality. Now that this has served its purpose, the veil is dissolving.

The death of someone around us always presents all those who are witnessing it with valuable learning opportunities. Choices have to be made at such times; it is up to us whether we use such events as occasions for renewal and regeneration or whether we allow ourselves and lives to degenerate. Wise ones recognise every death as an opportunity for regenerating and re-birthing themselves, when Scorpios can tap into and bring forth their incredible inner strength. Every soul eventually reaches the evolutionary phase when its earthly personality must be transformed. Unless we mail it to the cross of consciousness of the Earth and allow it to die, our spirit and soul cannot gain access to higher levels of consciousness.

Six pointed Star

Scorpio’s Three Levels Of Consciousness

During lifetimes in Scorpio it is potentially possible for every soul to reach three different levels of consciousness. Each one carries its own symbolism. First in line is the scorpion, the insect with the deadly sting in its tail. It does not take the human version long to discover that it has a tongue that can sting others and hit them where it really hurts. This gives them a feeling as if they had some kind of power over others. Ah yes, the power to hurt and destroy. This is the Universe’s way of teaching us the destructive power of Mars. Every soul born into Scorpio is presented with many opportunities for learning from its own experiences of how, when obstacles get in the way of its over-strong will, it is capable of lashing out and angrily destroying in seconds, through a word or a gesture – careless hurled at someone or carefully planned – what may have taken many lifetimes to build. This goes for personal relationships as much as for national and international ones.

That is how, as life progresses, the soul in Scorpio may enjoy hurting and stinging so much that it ever more frequently indulges in it for the sheer pleasure of it. Unbeknown to the earthly self, the ideas for its most successful stinging actions have their origin on the subconscious level, from where the Highest Self is prompting its small earthly counterpart to bring this early evolutionary phase to its natural conclusion. Only when the scorpion has destroyed itself is the earthly self allowed to move on to its next lessons, the exploration of the second level. And so the human scorpion eventually stings itself to death and its Highest Self takes it through the transformation onto the second level.

The symbol of this level is the Eagle. It represents the Spirit Self; the human soul’s Earth-bound spirit needs to learn to rise above that plane on the eagle’s mighty wings. It may take a long time until the earthly self eventually lifts itself above the concerns of the Earth and, like the eagle, flies higher and nearer to the Eternal spiritual Sun, than any other creature on Earth. For another very extensive period, the human eagle is likely to behave like the lower form of the eagle, a bird of prey with an exceedingly cruel beak and claws to match. When the human eagle has gathered sufficient experiences of using them to serve its own selfish purposes, it crash lands. The eagle must die and transform itself into a dove, the Dove of Peace. This is the sign’s third and final evolutionary phase which is crucial for the soul on its pathway to perfection. At last, the Scorpio spirit rises triumphantly from the smouldering ashes of what once was its life, to willingly and unselfishly, meekly and mildly serve as a channel of blessing and healing between God and all life.
The stinging to death happens frequently through relationships that inevitably go wrong because of Scorpio’s stubborn insistence to have their own way. Maddened by the heat of the battle in which the partners have become embroiled, embittered and enraged to the utmost, yet unable to perceive that they themselves are the cause of their struggle, Scorpio recognises in the end that all is lost. That’s the moment when they decide to use their most deadly weapon, their tongue to hurt the other one so deeply – most unwisely in karmic terms – that even the mildest and most loving soul can do nothing but turn its back on Scorpio. With the end of every relationship that touches us deeply, we leave some part of us behind and dies. And so, enraged to the point of wanting to kill someone or something to punish them for the pain they are causing, Scorpio punishes itself by stinging itself to death.

For inexperienced soul, who are as yet unaware that they are responsible for themselves and the consequences of their actions, each one of these encounters forms an essential part of their basic learning process. Unpleasant though it is for everybody around, in itself is nothing to worry about. Every soul can only learn and mature through the re-actions to its own actions by the people they enter into relationships with. Without the growth we gain through every single one of experiences and especially the most traumatic ones, no soul would ever be able ascend to the higher realms of human existence. It is true for each one of us that we can only learn through our own experiences how to lift ourselves, when our turn for doing so has come, on the Eagle’s wings of our indwelling Highest and Spirit Self. To become the Dove of Peace, all stages have to be experienced first hand and gone through. As the downward pull of the earthly self is great, and it steadfastly tries to cling to the Earth and its desires, it takes all of Scorpio’s inner resources and strength to counteract and overcome them.

Probably the most famous documented Scorpio ever was Saint Francis of Assisi 1182-1226. Although the church has appointed 4th October as his feast day, he is believed to have been a Sun Scorpio in his most recent lifetime. A study of his birthchart confirms this. To me, the Saint’s life is one of the best demonstrations of the transforming powers every soul carries within and has the birthright to tap into it, which is highlighted during a lifetime in Scorpio. The early part of St. Francis’ life shows the strength, determination, willpower, resource, and stamina Scorpios can call upon. The later part shows the courage to humbly expose to the public its soft and gentle side, the Dove of peace.

As pointed out earlier, we all have Scorpio somewhere in our birthcharts. Whatever aspect of life is affected by this, transformation of the earthly self and resurrection of its Highest or God Self has to take place. No-one can do this for us, but those who are willing to do the work this requires can give expression to the highest form of creativity, namely re-birthing themselves onto a new and higher level of consciousness. For example, if our Ascendant is in Scorpio we can do this by transforming our personality. If our Moon is in this sign letting go of the past and its memories of hurtful happenings will be difficult. But whenever something from the past comes to haunt us, recognising and accepting it into our consciousness as old learning experiences, helps us to transform the energies of even the most traumatic events from destructive and painful ones into positive and constructive ones.

Six pointed Star

Moon In Its Fall In Scorpio

Why should this process transforming be more difficult for Moon and Ascendant Scorpios? The Moon is in its fall in this sign and if that’s where the Moon in your birthchart is, moving forwards in your life and evolutionary path could turn out to be extra difficult. Yet, when the world of feelings has been mastered, even this kind of experience can be turned into a most rewarding one. To me, this Moon position is an indication that a soul may have spent its previous lifetime as a Sun Scorpio. If this is the case for you, but you integrated sufficiently the lesson of giving in to the desires of your earthly self, as far too many are doing to this day, the awareness of what is at stake here, will help you to reach higher and move on. In that case, rejoice, dear Moon Scorpio soul. The struggle to overcome the negative manifestations of your sign will probably be even tougher this time round. But, this way you are sure to achieve a great deal more soul growth than would otherwise have been possible.

The Universe loves us and is infinitely kind, loving and patient. That is why it constantly presents every soul with fresh opportunities for learning exactly the right lessons. Those who eagerly grab them and work with them with all their might are sure to go far in their present lifetimes. Every soul has inner reserves of regenerative energy that are waiting to be tapped into. This is accentuated in Scorpio, so they are in a better position than any of the other signs to get on with the work in hand. Their inner resources enable them to bounce back from death’s door, literally and metaphorically speaking, whenever this is required. We shall return to this theme later.

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The Scorpio Personality

The Scorpio personality is a complex one. Much lies hidden beneath the surface, invisible even to those born into this sign and therefore hard to fathom out. That is where it has to remain, until an inner urge awakens in Scorpio souls to dig into their own depths, to get in touch with the solid gold of their innermost and Highest Self. As this is the most precious part of every soul, the required process of excavation cannot be avoided by anyone. Souls who have gained a degree of awareness and who go willingly in search of that which lies hidden deep within the core of their own being, thus re-establish their direct connection with God. The need for doing this is even greater during lifetimes in Scorpio.

Wise ones take extra care of how they express themselves and seriously work on overcoming any destructive behaviour patterns. The Universe is placing an extremely powerful tool into everybody’s hands and that is the knowledge of the law of Karma. Its awareness goes a long way towards saving Scorpios from the experience that can be so very typical of this sign, namely becoming so cynical and bitter that later in life they find it impossible to believe in anything. It does away with the need for creating inner protective walls, to hide behind against what is perceived as an unloving Universe and a hostile environment. But even for less advanced souls, who still believe that this is the case, let no-one be fooled by the ice-cold and often cynical exterior they may be showing to the world. Rest assured that well hidden from your view a great deal of suffering is going on inside them, because of their soft and sensitive Scorpio part that so easily gets hurt and wounded.

Scorpios are passionate people and they do not suffer fools gladly. Their egos are so strong that stepping onto them and thus upsetting and hurting the world of their feelings is sometimes almost inevitable. Every soul has psychic abilities and during lifetimes in the Water signs they move more into the foreground of our consciousness because they are awaiting further development. However, unless we protect ourselves against it, high psychic sensitivity leaves us wide open to absorbing the negative feelings of others. Scorpios in particular are highly tuned into the emotions not only of those around them, but also of the collective. Connected with this is the ability to assess the atmosphere in a room filled with people, as soon as they enter.

Scorpios love the truth and are good at searching for it. Constantly feeling the need to look behind and probe into the depths of things and people, psychology and related subjects are open invitations to them. Scorpio souls have a built-in lie detector; they can smell a rat a mile off and are therefore excellent in detective work. Other fields of employment they may feel drawn to are the mining industry, butcher, undertaker, coroner, pharmacist, psychologist, public analyst and sanitary inspector. To illustrate the diverse interests and occupations Scorpios may pursue, here is a list of famous ones.

Joan Sutherland – Opera Singer; Marie Curie – Scientist; Sarah Bernhardt – Actress; Katherine Hepburn – Actress; Goldie Hawn – Actress; Bo Derek – Sex Symbol; Sylvia Plath – Poet; Prince Charles; F. Dostoevsky – Writer; Dylan Thomas – Writer; Whoopi Goldberg – Comedienne; Hillary R. Clinton – Candidate for the US presidency; Grace Kelly – actress and later princess of Monaco; Alistair Cooke – Letter from America; Martin Luther – Father of the Reformation in Germany; Erwin Rommel, known as the Desert Fox during World War II; Goebbels – Nazi Politician; Sai Baba, Aquarian teacher. To my mind, the best example of the dangers of Scorpio’s downside is Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister and the evil genius behind the Nazi party.

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•    ‘Psychic Protection’

Six pointed Star

The Master Manipulator

Scorpios are the master manipulators of the Zodiac. Less experienced souls who are as yet unaware of the law of Karma, consciously and unconsciously, may think endlessly of subtle ways of influencing others to make them servants of Scorpio’s desires, instead of their own. Not knowing that this law inevitably brings back the same measure for measure, if not during this lifetime then in others, they may invent elaborate ploys to get their way. In their ignorance they may even rub their hands with glee – metaphorically speaking – when their efforts are crowned with success. The odd touch of emotional blackmail is by no means below such soul’s dignity.
In contrast to them, wise ones realise that the ability to manipulate and influence things and people is a gift which the Universe bestows on human souls for good purpose. This one, the same as all others, is in need of wise and careful handling and therefore never for achieving personal advantages over who are somehow in a weaker position, maybe younger, less experienced and shrewd. Everything that is in our world can either be abused, i.e. used for evil and destructive purposes and/or selfish gain, or it can be applied to serve good and higher purposes. The purpose of this particular exercise is to teach us and our world to differentiate between good and evil. The onus is upon every soul to think carefully before it uses anything that has been given into its care, including its physical body and especially its tongue.

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•    ‘Of Good And Evil’

Six pointed Star

Scorpio’s  Sword Of Truth

Mars’ rulership of sharp instruments may make some Scorpios into excellent surgeons, but in young souls it also provides the push and drive for using the deadly poison of their tongues. They are the most efficient tool for reaching and eventually leaving behind Scorpio’s first evolutionary landmark, the scorpion. Angered by something and over-heated in the desert of its existence the creature stings itself to death. Wise Scorpios turn the same weapon, their sting, into a veritable sword of truth that cuts through the debris of prejudices, false beliefs, superstitions and illusions of our world. This helps them to turn into channels of light through whom Divine wisdom and truth flow ever more powerfully directly from the Source into our world. St. Francis of Assisi is a fine example of this.

There is an urgend demand in our world for Scorpios to develop this sword, so it can be wielded to cleanse their own consciousness and that of those around them, to create the space into which God’s truth can freely pour itself. Every soul is in this life to make their contribution towards dispersing the clouds of ignorance that still surround our world by willingly acting as channels for the Divine. Any knowledge we find needs to be shared; when it is used in the right way it creates the ripple effect on the pond of human consciousness. First every soul has to apply the wisdom it finds to its own life, but then an effort must be made to bring its understanding to those whose souls are also in need of healing and peace. Through this the same happens to the soul of our whole world and all worlds.

Scorpios can be extremely stubborn and jealous. Again this reflects the fixed nature of their sign. The same applies to its polar opposite, earthy Taurus, ruled by Venus. The two signs in opposition to each other in the zodiac work on the conscious level of one sign and from the subconscious in the other. Hence, Taureans are consciously fond of the good things of life – wine, women/men and song, good food, nice clothes and beautiful things, if possible of the best and finest quality. They love to possess and be possessed and steadfastly hold onto their loved ones. Scorpio too are very clinging and possessive in their relationships, but with them this is more an unconscious reaction rather than a conscious one.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that Scorpios and Taureans between them are known to be the most clinging parents of the Zodiac. The reason for this kind of clutching onto people and things is caused by fear, the fear of loss. The knowledge that nothing on the Earth plane truly belongs to any of us saves wise ones much suffering because it allows them to let go whenever the moment for doing so has come.  With the help of their Highest Self they are learning to rise above and overcome all their fears, including this one. On the wings of its wisdom and the understanding it brings to human souls, who ask for it, enables them to lift themselves above the Earth plane. In that blessed state they begin to see an ever fuller picture of our world, instead of merely a tiny fraction, the way the earthly selves have to do for as long as they are still struggling on their own.

Six pointed Star

Scratch A Taurean And Find A Scorpio!

For getting in touch with our inner motivations there is nothing better than studying the polar opposite of our Sun sign. It is known as the sleeping partner, because it reveals that which is hidden away from our conscious knowledge and therefore difficult to access. You can easily try this for yourself. Scratch a Taurean and guess what you will find underneath? A Scorpio! Watch a Taurean when angry! See how the seething, smouldering, violent and difficult to control emotional cauldron of their Scorpionic subconscious breaks through and takes over. The upside of this is that Taureans, when they are at peace, can draw on the great devotional inner strength, resourcefulness, and stamina of Scorpio.

For the same reason it is unwise to try to push unevolved Scorpios into a corner! If you are lucky, you may merely rouse their stubborn Taurean streak into action. You will then see how they insist on having their way, no matter what the outcome. Beware; a lashing with their deadly tongue is not the worst thing that can happen, because that could lead them into one of those violent emotional outbursts so typical for Scorpio that makes them see red and lash out at their offender. However, evolved Scorpios make wonderful and devoted friends, while less experienced ones can become deadly enemies when you do not give in to their demands.

The polarity in all signs is always a two-way traffic that can and should be made to work for us, rather than against. To take advantage of this, we first need to remind ourselves that Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto and Taurus by Venus. When Scorpios feel threatened or angry, the negative aspect of their Taurean subconscious comes to the fore, which may make them over-possessive and jealous. But have a look at them when they are at peace and are drawing on the great strength of patient, earthy and placid Taurus, the Bull. To ground and get rid of anger, violence, and smouldering resentment in constructive and harmless ways, there is nothing finer for Scorpio than tapping into the loving energies of Venus in their Taurean part.

Mythology illustrates this beautifully, when it tells us that out of the loving union of Mars and Venus, there came forth a child by the name of Harmony. When Scorpios ground themselves in earthy pursuits and pastimes, such as setting up and looking after a home and family, or gardening and the enjoyment of Nature, their soul can find the peace they are so badly in need of. Such pastimes also help Scorpio to become ever more aware of how the Spirit is working behind and through all lifeforms; how it brings them into being, moves them along and finally takes them from this life again.

Accepting, working with and integrating the highest qualities of both our Sun sign and those of the opposite sign can help us greatly towards reaching our goal of wholeness and perfection. So, let us stay with Taurus for a moment longer? Having reached a certain evolutionary level, no further progress can be made until the soul in Scorpio has developed the ability to rise above the desires of its lower earthly nature, whose drag is extremely strong in everybody. A better understanding of the earthiness of their sleeping partner, as well as the knowledge that all form is inhabited by spirit and that it is the indwelling spirit that motivates all matter, including that of their own body and everybody else’s, can be used to conquer this. Without this awareness the pull of Scorpio’s Taurean subconscious can be so strong that growing spiritual wings to rise above them is almost impossible. Can you see how understanding is the key for unlocking just about anything?

Six pointed Star


Scorpios are very conscious of a sense of power. They have an exceedingly strong taste and desire for it and like to think of themselves as powerful. It may take young souls many times round the zodiac until they realise that no-one on the Earth plane has any real power. Scorpio’s polar opposite, Taurus, shares this liking for power but with them this operates from their unconscious. Four famous examples of this that come to mind are the present Queen of England, the country’s former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the two dictators and cause of much suffering, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. Having been born as a royal princess, the Queen chose her calling for this lifetime before entering it. The remaining three must have been karmically destined to go in search of power and partake in the resulting lessons, each in their own way, or they would not have found themselves in the positions they filled for a time.

Evolved or not, Scorpios think in terms of power and everything to them is an issue of power. Wherever there are unevolved Scorpios around power struggles are a certainty. Wise ones appreciate that there are only two types of true power anyone in this existence can ever have. The first one is over our earthly self, its desires and behaviour patterns; those of others are there responsibility, we have no power over them. The second kind of power is the right to make our own decisions and choices. It is important to become aware that human behaviour is not compulsory but chosen. When I am so angry about someone that I could kill that person, it is up to me whether I give in to this impulse or find healthier and non-destructive outlets for my anger, forgive the offender – without condoning their behaviour – and move on. We are responsible and we must choose how we react to those around is in any given situation. The Universe is constantly testing each one of through the events of our daily lives to see how well we handle the limited powers that is given into our hands.

Scorpios will try to take the lead in all their endeavours, but may well overlook that leadership is one of the many things that will never be granted to any soul as a God given right; earning it takes patience, stamina, hard work and application. Without at least a degree of awareness of what is at stake it is very difficult to wield our ‘powers’ with a modicum of success. Thus, it is hardly surprising that unevolved Scorpios experience more than their fair share of difficulties in all their relationships. This is how it comes about that, rather than subordinating themselves to anyone and being part of a pack, they not infrequently prefer to live as lone wolves.

Yet, marriages and partnerships of all kinds are as vital to Scorpio, as they are for anyone, because life’s lessons alone can teach us that relationships can only be successful when they are based on mutual tolerance, equality and humility – qualities that do not come naturally to Scorpio. That’s why the wise ones amongst them do not avoid partnerships but appreciate their value as the best teachers of all to human souls for becoming more co-operative, considerate, giving and outgoing towards others. On top of all that the associations with others provide the constant source of growth, regeneration, and transformation that is essential for all of us and for Scorpios in particular.

Scorpios have the proverbial memory of an elephant; it is incredibly long. No hurt or slight – imagined or real – anyone ever did to them is likely to be forgotten by them. Know that if you hurt them, unevolved Scorpios are likely to insist upon seeking revenge. To take it, they can be extremely patient and if need be can wait until sometimes decades after the event, when the other one has long forgotten it and moved on. Those who understand the workings of the Cosmic Laws know that all life is governed by them are the wise ones. Realising that the great wisdom of the Universe is taking care even of everything, it has created the law of Karma. And that ensures that we all get what we deserve and have rightfully earned – for better or for worse. What anyone sends out into the world must return to them, hence there never is any need for anyone to take revenge.

To my mind, making it our business to find out as much as we can about the Cosmic Laws and then conducting our lives in accordance with them is the greatest must for everybody. One of the many beneficial side effects a better understanding of them brings with it is finding forgiveness for those who trespassed against us is a natural progression, because these laws are extremely fair, just and strict. Everyone is responsible for themselves, their own thoughts, words and actions and no exceptions are ever made for anyone. Ignorance of the laws cannot protect us against the consequences of our actions. Knowing them puts the remedy against all that is amiss in us and our world into everybody’s own hands and we are all required to share the wisdom we find with those around us, so that too may come alive to their true reality and willingly shoulder their responsibilities.

Six pointed Star

Understanding Scorpio

Strange astrological stories seem to circulate about this sign. This does not surprise me because, as befits the mystery sign of the zodiac, only fairly recently has it started to reveal its true potential. To my mind, understanding Scorpio and fulfilling its purpose is just about impossible from the viewpoint of a purely material existence and the way it has been interpreted in the past. Scorpio is meant to guide human souls back into the re-discovery of their own true nature and that of all life. In this sign the veil of consciousness, mentioned earlier, that has been separating our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit, is thinner than in any other sign. That makes it easier for the soul to see for itself that all matter is permeated by and ruled by the spirit that dwells inside it.

During its lifetimes in Taurus the soul’s experiences are mostly centred on earthly matters. But, by the time it reaches the opposite sign, Scorpio, it should have developed sufficiently to gradually become aware again of the need for focusing on and attending to the concerns of the spirit, its own and the one of the people in its environment. There comes a time for every earthly self when it wakes up to the fact that it is an eternal being, spirit and soul, who cannot and will never die. To my mind, finding out that the true purpose of our being on the Earth plane is evolution is the only way of making some sense of the experiences we had to undergo earlier in this lifetime and all others.

The earthly self begins to understand that in truth everybody is on a spiritual pathway and it does not take long until if finds out that on the spiritual level of life everything is for real and there are no shortcuts. Not a great deal of progress is possible for any soul until at last its poor suffering earthly self wakes up to the fact that in truth it is the creator of its own misery; that what it sends out into the world must inevitably return to it, if not in this lifetime then in another. The law of Karma is the reason why actions always speak louder than words and why spiritually everything has to be for real, acted out, experienced and lived through, with all its consequences.

Six pointed Star

Scorpio Myths

As mentioned earlier, one of the myths that surround Scorpios is that they automatically do not fear death. My experience has shown that until inexperienced souls born into this sign have learnt from their own experiences that there is no death, they are likely to be as afraid of it as anyone else. However, the potential for shedding this fear once and for all is great for souls who willingly pay attention to Scorpio’s lessons. Only by living through its own traumatic experiences that result in ‘deaths’ of some kind, can the earthly self find out that death does not exist; and that all deaths are only ever transformations into different life-states. Becoming aware of this is the Universe’s way of offering every soul opportunities for working on and overcoming all its fears. Even the worst ones, the fear of death, of the future and of the unknown can be conquered, not just by Scorpio souls but everyone. Accepting that life on Earth is a school, where life itself is the teacher, every soul needs to bravely tackle the lessons its present Sun sign presents. This is the only way any soul can earn the gifts its Sun sign wants to bestow on it. The most precious one in all of them is increased wisdom and understanding.

Another one of those astrological myths that appears to be in circulation about Sun Scorpios is that they invariable possess depth. Not so! As pointed out many times in the other signs, none of the gifts that any of the Sun signs can potentially bestow will ever be handed to anyone on a silver-platter. If we wish them to become our possession, they have to be worked for jolly hard. It would therefore be more appropriate to say that a lifetime in Scorpio offers many opportunities for building some depth into the earthly self’s character make-up, if it so wishes. Many a Sun Scorpio is trying to do their utmost to remain on the surface of things, in spite of the promptings they receive from their inner self, who is trying to coax them into investigating the depths of their being. No-one would wish to deny that to do so can be very scary and painful. We would not be human, if we did not shy away from such experiences. Evolved Scorpios, however, have the ability to bring forth from within the courage and the strength to eventually successfully venture into the deep. The long overdue transformation more often than not comes about through some kind of an experience of a life-changing nature, like an illness or bereavement.

Six pointed Star


Three of Scorpio’s greatest strengths are intensity, courage and inquisitiveness. Fascinated by the mysteries of life, they love delving into them and feel drawn to the occult. No need to be alarmed by this because by definition the word means that which is hidden from common view and public knowledge. Equipped with Scorpio’s gifts, the soul in this sign pursues and eagerly explores its dearest concerns. These are its own and other people’s creative/sexual/spiritual energies and the creative processes of life that result in birth and end in death. In the early stages of our earthly education it may take us a long time before we become aware of the true meaning and value of our sexual energy and that it is the most essential aspect of our being, because it is part of the sexual/creative/spiritual energy of our Divine parents. Each one of us eventually reaches the evolutionary point when we become aware that our sexuality is something extremely valuable and precious, which demands and deserves to be handled wisely and with the greatest respect and care.

Wisdom and truths from the highest levels of life are now increasingly flowing into the individual and collective consciousness of humankind, and ever more of us are opening up to receive and understand them. Finding more spiritual approaches to just about every aspect of our lives helps us to build them on more solid foundations than ever before. This applies especially to the way we handle our sexuality and the energies involved. Every soul eventually reaches the evolutionary point when it becomes aware that its sexuality is pure creative/spiritual energy and part of God. This means that sexual activities of any kind make use of something that is extremely valuable and precious and therefore demands and deserves that we should learn to handle it correspondingly.

Lovemaking between any two highly evolved souls, not only those born into Scorpio, should ideally be an act of worshipful devotion to the creative forces of the Universe and each other, in which the partners offer themselves and a large part of their lives as a living sacrifice on the altar of the God of love. Every soul’s awareness eventually wakes up to the fact that through its inner connection with God and by blending its sexual energy with that of the Source, the earthly sexual drive and energy can and need to be transmuted into blessing and healing energy. This then needs to be shared unselfishly with everything that is in our world. God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon by every soul to act as midwives in our rebirth into the conscious awareness of our belonging to the higher and highest levels of life and of being an integral and important part of the soul of humankind, of Mother Earth and also of the whole of Creation. What could be a greater gift than this now that a  complete renewal of life’s forces is taking place for our whole world and everything that shares it with us. 

Six pointed Star

The Survival Instinct
It’s easy to cry that you’re beaten – and die;
It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight, when hope’s out of sight –
Why, that’s the best game of all!
And though you come out of each gruelling bout
All broken and beaten and scarred,
Just have one more try – it’s dead easy to die.
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.

From ‘The Quitter’
Robert W. Service

What a wonderful expression of Scorpio’s life lesson. Through the strength of its own will, together with the powers that be, the soul once brought itself into being.  Eager for growth through new experiences, it entered lifetime upon lifetime motivated by its own will and desires, which it developed. Mars is the planet of desire; it rules the will and the two signs Aries and Scorpio; in both the soul’s will is exceedingly strong.  Aries stands for new beginnings of all kinds that promote the development of the self; its motto is ‘I will!’ Scorpio contains that same strong will but by the time the soul has reached this sign it has learnt not to show its feelings so openly. Because of this, Scorpio souls react more passionately, secretively and penetratingly to their environment.

The early part of every soul’s evolutionary cycle is complete by the time it reaches Scorpio. As this sign represents the human survival instinct through the sheer strength of the soul’s power of its own will, during its present lifetime it draws towards itself experiences that support and strengthen its ability to stay among the living, no matter how high the cost may be. This same strength of the survival instincts is available to us for souls whose Moon and/or Ascendant are in Scorpio. To help the soul discover that it has the ability to courageously and tenaciously cling to life and its envisaged goals, from time to time it may find itself in situations where it must struggle for its existence. This is the only way the soul can get to know that under all circumstances it has the strength and determination to succeed. To achieve its dream position and maintain it, it has to learn to access its inner resources and bring them fully into play.

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Scorpio’s Negative Aspects

Everything about this sign has great strength, including its negative aspects. Wise ones pay attention to them and guard themselves carefully against:

•    Excessive passion
•    Too much intensity
•    Over-estimation of the self
•    Trying to achieve their goals through ruthlessness
•    Vindictiveness
•    Being too fearless and fanatical in their beliefs.
•    Creating unnecessary problems and obstacles for themselves and others, through faulty inner attitudes and perception of life and their role in it
•    Over-fondness of quarrelling
•    Stirring up unrest and making trouble for others

If you are not a Sun Scorpio yourself and are reading this, resist the temptation to rub your hands with glee, thinking: ‘Ah, those Scorpios! I knew it all along!’ Instead, remind yourself that everybody has everything within and that therefore Scorpios do not have a monopoly on the above characteristics. And don’t forget that the only reason for being able to recognise negative traits of any kind in others is that we have the same inside and that projection is rearing its head. It is merely that, although they are well hidden from public view, they are more likely to rise to the surface of the consciousness of souls in whose charts Scorpio is prominent.

Souls who wish to fulfil the highest potential of their sign recognise them as obstacles and work on overcoming them. Aware that it is unwise to suppress negative thoughts and feelings that rise from within, they face them and concentrate on working creatively with them. They focus on transmuting negative thoughts and feelings that rise from their subconscious into positive energies. They find affirmations helpful that reassure them that these things are but shadows and skeletons of past realities and, therefore, no longer worthy of them. Whenever some of their thoughts and feelings are too strong to be resolved on their own, they ask God and the Angels to help them uplift and transmute all our negative energies into blessing, healing and harmonious ones towards for all life.

Six pointed Star

Cleansing Of Human Consciousness

Such negative thoughts and feelings are a normal part of the healing process every soul has to experience on its way back home into the oneness with God. Cleansing our consciousness of them and clearing them out so that they will never return is the only reason why they come knocking at our inner door. Many excellent books have appeared by now to assist us in this more than somewhat daunting task. My booklist in the ‘Further Reading’ section on this site contains several of them. If you are looking for down-to-Earth practical advice about healing on all levels of your being, I warmly recommend Dr. Ingrid Bacci’s books. To me, they are the best self-help books on the healing journey that I have ever encountered.

•    ‘The Art of Effortless Living – Simple Techniques for healing, mind, body and spirit’. The goal of this book is to offer the reader a comprehensive, practical and pleasurable map of the journey into becoming more fully ourselves and of helping us to find the healing that we and our world so desperately need.
•    ‘Effortless Pain Relief – Especially from Chronic Pain’, a worthy companion to and extension of the previous book.
•    For further information on these books, as well as free articles about Dr. Bacci’s work, please go to

It may interest you that both Ingrid Bacci’s Moon and Ascendant are in Scorpio. She is living proof of the fact that everything that applies to the Sun in Scorpio does in equal measure to the Moon and the Ascendant in this sign. But there is more! The way the author describes her life in her books presents us with one of the finest case studies imaginable of the regenerative powers of Scorpio; its stamina, determination and sheer willpower to triumphantly rise above all obstacles. She and her life are a shining example to us all; they demonstrate how the human spirit is capable of lifting itself above the limitations of the Earth, as soon as it learns to listen to and follow its inner guidance.

Ingrid Bacci demonstrates by her example how, with the help of our God Self, it is possible for each one of us to readjust and regenerate our whole being and our life. Her courage and determination shows us how, if only we learn to go with the flow of the river of our lives, our earthly self can avoid a great deal of unnecessary effort, struggle and suffering. For the Aquarian Age the author presents us with a fresh version of ‘The way of the Tao’, which has been known to humankind for a very long time. Tao comes from the Chinese word ‘dao’ and means ‘the right way’. This is the way that is shown by our inner guidance who has always spoken to us through the small still voice of conscience.

The deep underlying purpose of every lifetime in Scorpio is to bring about the transformation of the self experienced and described by Ingrid Bacci in her writings. Only when Scorpios transmute their passion into compassion can their magnetic inner healing powers begin to develop. Dr. Bacci’s life shows how the earthly self first has to heal itself and its life, so that in the fullness of time this precious energy can also be used to bless and heal others. Through this process the earthly self gradually transforms itself and its life into a healing channel through which the Great power of the Universe flows through ever more strongly. In her tale the high and holy potential of this sign is revealed, but it can only be fulfilled when the small earthly self freely and willingly surrenders itself to its Highest Self. This conversion must be gone through by every soul; in the long run it cannot be avoided by anyone.

For as long as the earthly self struggles in the darkness of not even knowing why it is on the Earth, it can hardly help constantly feeling like one of life’s helpless victims. This it will remain until it becomes aware that the Universe is now laying into the hands of every soul the tools for taking an active part in their personal evolution and destiny, as well as that of the whole race. Our character determines our life and also our destiny. Both are every soul’s own responsibility and the onus is on each one of us to make the changes and do the work on ourselves which this awareness demands.

As you can see, knowledge can truly be powerful. This one empowers each one of us to take charge of the ship of our whole being. And it is helpful to know that we all contain the Scorpionic energies and that they are waiting to be tapped into by each one. Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, we are in this life to develop and learn how to use them for the highest good of all. Once and for all, we can set ourselves free from pursuing what is commonly known as ‘power’ for personal gains.

Six pointed Star

Mastering The Scorpio Energies

Scorpio is such a high and holy pathway that it is not only a greatly misunderstood sign, it is also very difficult to master. Yet, it has ever been true that masters do not fall from the Heavens. Whatever craft we turn to, we have to work our way upwards one tiny step by another. No Scorpio soul has chosen an easy lifetime, but this is at it should be because Scorpios constantly need to be presented with challenges they can rise to. When they have woken up to the true purpose of their existence and have chosen to willingly respond to the demands of the spiritual pathway, real progress is possible and the rewards can be great.

Bearing in mind the obstacles any soul has to encounter before it finally wakes from its spiritual slumber, it is hardly surprising that this transformation usually comes about fairly late in life, if at all during this lifetime; this is not only valid for Scorpios but for all of us. Whenever the going gets particularly tough, I find it useful to remind myself that I myself chose this life and that I did so, because my soul wanted and needed every single experience as one of its lessons – especially the hard ones!
The cross is the oldest symbol known to humankind of the Earth and our existence on this plane. It comforts me to know that no soul ever takes on a cross, i.e. another lifetime in physicality, which is too hard or heavy to carry. Alas, it takes difficult experiences for every soul to bring forth the best that is within them. Hence, the need for creating many opportunities of this nature. Rejoice, Scorpio, for that’s where you are in our element. Truly, deep down you enjoy danger and love rising to a challenge! You thrive on crises and knife-edge situations. If life is in danger of getting too dull for you, you do not hesitate to manufacture such situations for yourself and others. Your soul pushes you on because it knows that such experiences enable you to regenerate yourself and your life, time and again.

Alas, for as long as Scorpios remain unaware of their true nature, they can be so touchy, hyper-sensitive, devious, deceptive, manipulative, subversive and vindictive that they frequently behave like their own worst enemy. Whatever the outcome of their lifetime in Scorpio may be for any soul, it is sure to bring either the best or the worst out of them. One of Scorpio’s greatest assets is their ability to keep their cool, when everybody and everything around them is falling to pieces. As you can see, the upside and downside of this sign are equally strong, and the required golden middle-way is hard to find. Whenever you have had enough of the behaviour of unevolved Scorpios and wish to part company with them, mind your back very carefully and endeavour to do so on at least reasonably friendly terms.

Try not to sit in judgement and be too harsh on such Scorpios, just practise extra caution. If necessary, step back and leave them to their own devices. With hindsight you may later be able to recognise that this was a much better for them because such partings may aid the transformation the other one was so clearly in need of and therefore unconsciously seeking through their behaviour. The only way the higher Scorpio levels of consciousness can be reached is by undergoing one death and transformation after the other, until one level has been conquered and mastered, the next one cannot be entered.

The ending of a relationship that Scorpio really values, yet through their behaviour makes impossible for the other one to continue, may be just what they may need most of all, at that particular moment. We are all in this life to act as teachers and pupils to each other. You yourself may have chosen the role of demonstrating to your Scorpio friend/lover that they have no power over others. One of the most vital Scorpio lessons consists of recognising that, in the final analysis, none of us on the Earth plane has any true power. Without this knowledge Scorpio cannot turn into a loving servant to all humankind and who works with honesty, integrity, and above all humility as a channel through which God’s blessing and healing power and love can flow with ever greater strength.

The Impossible Dream
To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

Six pointed Star

The Mars Energy in Scorpio

The Mars energy expresses itself in Scorpios that they are soldiers and warriors at heart. To my mind, nothing demonstrates the motivating spirit of this sign better and more beautifully than the above song. The best use of Scorpio’s energies is when at last they can dedicate themselves and their lives to a holy and just cause they can stand up for, give of their best and fight. Having been shown by their Highest Self how to first heal themselves and subsequently, with its help, learn how to use their energies blessing and healing our whole world, they are capable of turning into potent crusaders, saviours, redeemers and healers of all humankind.

More than anything else Scorpio souls require an ideal and a quest to live for and to which they can give their all. Once they are acting from the depths of their soft and vulnerable soul self, they are likely to willingly dedicate all their energies and resources to their chosen course. They are then ready to fight for it, and – should the need arise – lay their earthly lives down for it. For a Scorpio that is not as difficult as it may sound to many, because reached the higher and highest level of consciousness they will be able to confirm from first hand experience that there is no death.

Whenever the human soul reaches above and beyond itself and endeavours to bring forth the best from within, it is not only fulfilling its own highest potential but that of our whole race; could there be any worthier course for any of us than that? As a wise one once said: ‘The impossible is something that nobody can do, until someone does it!’ Because with the help and the will of God all things are possible, why not give it a try? Only for those who have walked through their personal inner hell is it possible to one find and establish God’s Kingdom on the Earth. Every soul must know for itself that Heaven and Hell are not places anyone goes to somewhere ‘out there’, but inner states of consciousness which every heart and soul must at times experience.

To me, the star mentioned in the song represents the Highest Star, the Christ Star, of whom each one of us a tiny spark. This Star is no longer unreachable; it can and is meant to be found and brought to life in every heart. The time has come for opening our hearts and lifting our souls and spirits to this Star, so that it may lead each one of us to our own salvation and that of our world. This we do from the safety of our inner sanctuary and guided by the deep inner recognition of who and what we truly always have been, eternal and immortal beings whom nothing and nobody can destroy. It is good and right for every soul to dream of peace and goodwill for all on Earth, and throughout the whole of Creation. Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, this vision is no longer an impossible one but about to come true.  Guided and protected by God and the Angels, the star is their symbol, we need to firmly hold onto our vision and set about doing our share of helping to make it a reality on the Earth. Our guides and Masters are also with us, ready to help us lift ourselves, each other and our world into the light of the Star. What is before you is part of my contribution.

Six pointed Star

Scorpio’s Most Difficult Lesson: Humility

The same as for everybody, things for Sun Scorpios occasionally take a bad turn. Should this happen to you, as surely it will from time to time, get to work. First take stock of the situation and then remind yourself that from within the very core of your own being you have the ability and strength to completely restore and regenerate yourself and your entire life, whenever you wish. Never forget that the only purpose of difficult experiences is so that through them we should gain a better understanding of our inner powers. So, take charge of them, learn to master and respect them as the power to control your own character and through it your destiny. At the same time don’t overlook that everybody else has the same inside; that true power belongs to God alone and that the only ‘power’ any soul on the Earth plane ever truly has is the one to make its own decisions. More than anything else this knowledge will help you master Scorpio’s most difficult lessons: humility.

When the Sun moves through Scorpio, the veil between our two worlds is so thin that it is possible to draw much closer to the world of spirit than at any other time of the solar year. This explains why during a lifetime spent in this sign, the Universe is constantly trying to offer Scorpios opportunities not only for looking behind the veil, but also for penetrating it. You do not have to take my word for it; only through experiencing or feeling something for oneself is it possible to verify whether what someone says is true or not. So, next time the Sun transits Scorpio, you may like to find out for yourself how much easier it is to meditate and tap into the healing and regenerative forces of the Highest Star than usual. If you have been trying for a long time to solve a long standing problem but it seemed to be impossible – whatever this may apply to, but especially with your healing efforts – at that time of the year there is a very real chance for getting through to the very core of things and especially of your own being.

We ourselves need to play the role of the skilled surgeon who wields the sword of Divine truth to cut away the diseased parts of our consciousness that are filled with much of the rubbish and debris of false beliefs and prejudices that were accumulated in the course of many previous lifetimes. It is every soul’s birthright to learn how to tap into the wisdom of the Great Mother, the Mother of all life, the Goddess. When we finally get to the bottom of all our beliefs, we find the truth about God, our own being and all life. To our great surprise we then discover that there is nothing inside us except love, as this is our true nature. From love each one of us has come and to it we are presently returning.

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