Negative Thinking - Prime Cause Of Depression

The human intellect is an integral part of the great Universal intelligence. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. They are the thinking and communication signs of the zodiac that serve the individual and collective development of this aspect of our nature, which slowly but surely leads us and our world into ever higher levels of comprehension of that which is known to us as God’s Divine truth. Each lifetime spent in one of the Air signs presents the human soul with many opportunities for the further advancement of their earthly intellectual faculties of logic and rational thinking.

Bearing this in mind, it is hardly surprising that during the time of our entry into the Aquarian Age, there comes to us the realisation that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that our thoughts create, colour and influence the perception of our reality on the Earth plane. Suppressed emotions and negative thinking patterns, in my view, are the main cause of many ailments that befall us in this existence. Among them is the condition commonly known as depression, which is presently reaching epidemic proportion. But why should this be so?

The way I see it, having reached this very special evolutionary point, the time has come – by rights for everybody – to change their destructive thinking patterns into constructive ones. Next in line in need of special attention are old bottled up emotions, some of which are likely to be shadows from the past that hark back to experiences of lifetimes long gone. To enable us to release and get rid of them for good, with steadily increasing urgency they demand to be looked at, worked with and digested to establish their educational value, i.e. what lessons the experiences they once accompanied were meant to teach us.

My own life has taught me how negative thinking patterns can all too easily draw us into a downward spiral of negativity that takes us deeper and deeper into the vortex of depression, which in turn has its roots in false beliefs and prejudices, things we believe to be true about ourselves and our own worth – and everybody else’s. For example, in previous lifetimes and possibly also earlier during this one, we may have been programmed and brainwashed into believing that we are unworthy and miserable sinners. In truth, however, we are here to learn to appreciate ourselves and those around us as precious and unique children of God, who from time to time take part in Earth life so that they may grow in wisdom and understanding of their true home and origin.

My healing journey is living proof of the fact that all false beliefs can gradually be shed through a slowly increasing spiritual understanding of the true meaning of life and the value of our companions on the pathway through it. Each one of us is a many faceted jewel who is personally in charge of the ship of their own life and destiny. We are responsible not only for every thought, word and action, but also for the wellbeing of every part of our being, especially the vehicle that has been given to our spirit and soul for this lifetime, our physical bodies.

What an amazingly complicated and beautiful work of art it is and therefore surely deserves to be taken extra good care of by us. It most certainly does not warrant to be hurt or harmed wilfully by its occupier or simply left and discarded, when the going seems to be getting too tough for the soul’s earthly self. At such times our spirit and Highest Self wishes to take us into experiences that are sure to result in much soul growth and expansion of consciousness through gaining a greater understanding of certain life situations.

For me, the surest and safest way of avoiding the depression trap is becoming aware that we all have everything in us, the very best and the worst. Some good is therefore in everybody and to find it, all we have to do is look for it. This helps us to become more tolerant towards ourselves and others, because it enables us to make a conscious effort at focussing our full attention on the most positive aspects of all the people we meet.

The finest gift the Universe can bestow upon us any one of us surely is an open mind and a good dose of tolerance. Whenever people who possess this, disagree about something, they are likely to make peace instead of war through a mutual willingness to listen to each other’s point of view. And even if in the end they agree to disagree, so what? Both participants will benefit in any case, as their friendship in this process is sure to grow stronger, more reliable and mature.

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