Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

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Part One

Rays Of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - Transforming All Relationships Into Friendships

The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and siblinghood with all life and lifeforms. There is a growing awareness for the need of reaching out to each other in friendship and peace to all God’s children of the Earth and for healing every one of our relationships. We are all here to improve ours and make them work, so that in due course our whole race recognises the benefits of co-operating and co-existing in peace and harmony with all lifeforms. Furthermore, if we wish to be released from the experiences of earthly life and move forward on the evolutionary spiral into exploring the higher levels of life, it’s essential not to leave behind any unresolved relationship issues.

This requires that we transform every one of our relationships, and in particular the most difficult and traumatic ones, into bonds of siblinghood and friendship. To prepare us for this particular part of our healing journey, it is helpful to know that no two human pathways are ever alike and that every one of us is the Universe’s beloved child of the Earth and an integral part of God’s Creation. God’s true nature and our own is love and all of us are equally valuable and loved by our Divine parents. Each has a right to find a measure of happiness in earthly life by loving and being loved.

For as long as we still think of ourselves as nothing but an earthling, our spiritual nature is in need of awakening. But this can only happen when we have spiritually matured sufficiently, our energies are right and the moment has come when we begin to discover the higher purpose and meaning of our existence. When we grasp the Universal laws to which all life is subject, it becomes easier to understand why sad and difficult things from time to time have to come into our life, the same as into everybody else’s. To paraphrase Nietzsche: ‘Knowing why things are happening to us makes enduring them easier.’ By the way, ignorance of the Universal laws never protected anyone against their consequences.

In all their relationships, whenever a situation has been duly considered from every angle, wise ones agree to disagree with any opponent and then shake hands to re-seal the friendship. They are doing this because their inner guidance tells them that’s the right thing for them to do because of the different earthly lessons each one of us in their previous lifetimes has taken part in and those we are attending now. This is how it comes about that everything in earthly life is a matter of personal perception and that can vary considerably from one person to another. That no doubt is the origin of the folk wisdom ‘One person’s meat is another one’s poison’, i.e. some things that are liked and enjoyed by one person may be distasteful to another.

Being aware of these things, wise ones appreciate that it is possible for all participants in any argument to be right and wrong, at the same time, so that in truth there really is no point in quarrelling over anything. Therefore, instead of wasting their time and energy – humankind’s most precious resource on the Earth plane – on futile disputes, they prefer observing and listening to see whether anything useful can be gleaned from those who are arguing and biting each other’s heads off. They believe that with a bit of goodwill any disagreement can be settled peacefully, simply by accepting each other’s views, even though they differ. Whenever they are in danger of getting involved in any kind of dispute, they remind themselves of the fact that two people can look at exactly the same things and perceive them in totally different ways.

Our level of spiritual maturity reveals itself in nothing more clearly than in our ability and willingness – or otherwise – to agree or disagree with others in times of conflict. As Nietzsche put it: ‘You have your way and I have mine. As for the right, correct and only way, forget about it – there isn’t one.’ But in the final analysis there is only one right way for everybody and that is by following what our  inner guidance tells us is right, even though it may not be right for anyone else.

This kind of maturity has nothing to do with the age of our physical body. It depends on what types of experiences we have behind us and what we have learned from them. The degree of our maturity reveals itself in our understanding of others and the willingness to forgive them and seeking their forgiveness. It isn’t always enough to be forgiven by others. As we move along on our healing journey, it does not take long until we discover that there are many times when it is necessary to forgive ourselves and that is by no means as easy as it sounds. But, as the Buddha pointed out: ‘Conquering the desires of our own lower nature is better than winning a thousand battles. That victory is ours to keep in all Eternity and can never be taken from us, not by Angels or demons, Heaven or Hell.’

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