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Never forget that as My children you are young Gods in the making. Created in My image, each one of you in their own right is a very special, precious and unique being, who has been granted the gift of another lifetime to enable you to do your share of bringing a new Earth into being and of launching the religion of the Aquarian Age. For this purpose you have been equipped with an earthly mind and, My super-conscious faculties. Although to this day the latter exists only in seed form in many of you, it is there nonetheless. To become helpful to you instead of a hindrance, you need to take possession of every part of your being. Your masculine and feminine nature, as well as the mind of your lower and higher nature, which is part of My super-consciousness, are all in need of being trained and mastered by you. It is your task to teach them to work together as peacefully and harmoniously as they do in Me.

All human souls are created so that in the fullness of time they will evolve into shining lights, each one a Star and a Sun, a Christed one in their own right who has a high and holy destiny to fulfil on the higher and eventually highest levels of life. In My ever growing and evolving Creation new worlds and Universes will eventually be waiting to be brought into being – by none other than you. Don’t let the prospect of this frighten you and do not worry that you may not know how to go about such a formidable task. You will always be walking hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of you and Me, the same as you are doing now. You will forever be guided, protected and utterly safe. The only difference between your present state and that of the future will be that you are going be more consciously aware of our presence.
Taking part in Earth life is necessary and therefore compulsory for the education of all human spirits and souls. To help you become aware that you are individual beings, every lifetime in physicality provides you with a new physical body of your own. Each one of them provides you with another step forward on the journey of discovering the self and individuality. With the passing of time this has created an illusion that you are separate and detached from each other and from the rest of life. Nothing could be further from the truth, as on the inner level of life you have always remained one with each other and also with Me. When you come to realise that the impression of separateness exists on the Earth plane only, yet another one of your false convictions can be discarded.

For all of you there eventually comes the moment when your small earthly self is ready to surrender itself unto Me, your Highest or Christ Self. Let no-one run away with the idea that this means sinking into a vast ocean of spirit and dissolving into nothingness. If anything, quite the opposite is true. Your individuality will never be absorbed into anything. Yet, before it can freely and willingly be submitted to Me, it has to expand sufficiently and grow. This continues until finally, instead of merely being a small earthly creature, you have become like Me, namely someone who is consciously aware once again of their oneness with all life and Me.

You will always be you and you will never fade into nothingness, as on the evolutionary spiral of life you are relentlessly moving upwards and onwards in keeping with the cycles you are involved in, until you finally reach and have grown into one with the awareness and consciousness of the Great Whole, known to you as God – Me. Your spirit is pure consciousness, a spark of Me who will forever be one with Me. In your earthly existence you remain unconscious of this for a long time, but eventually you re-awaken into the awareness of your true nature and oneness with Me and all life.

The illusion of separateness has been an essential part of your development of becoming aware of your individuality and of the fact that each one of you is a being in its own right. Every time you leave Earth life, with the shedding of your physical body this misapprehension goes from you. But even in the world of light, your true home, you are still clothed in your astral body. It is yet another vestment your spirit wears until you have matured sufficiently to leave that one behind, too.

The mystical teachings of all ages set out a code of conduct that you, as aspiring healers and lightworkers, follow intuitively. For you it is no longer a question of I have to be good and I have to love others. In the process of finding illumination you begin to spontaneously express your true nature and show love, kindness and gentleness, not only to other people but to the whole of Creation. You are aware that for evolutionary purposes it was necessary that in their early stages the religions of your world had to follow many different paths. As you know and respect that every human soul has its own predestined pathway to walk and discoveries to make, you refuse to force your way of thinking and mode of travelling upon anyone else.

Although you are aware that in truth there is only one religion, you appreciate that many of your siblings on the Earth plane are still ignorant of this fact. Yet, as a true child of Mine you respect everybody’s freedom of thought and the right to make their own decisions about what they can and cannot believe. Meanwhile rest safely in the knowledge that in the end every one of your siblings in the human family of life is destined to reconnect with Me. When the time is right, they too will discover that the only true, lasting and eternal religion is the one of the heart, and that this is the kind of faith that re-unites all human souls with Me, your Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and through Me with the whole of Creation.

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