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Let us now take a closer look at how the stars influence us and our lives in more general terms. As mentioned earlier, it is a commonly held view that the planets are responsible for the things that are in our lives and especially for everything that may ever go amiss with them. To this day, many seriously believe that the stars control us and our behaviour in some way and that as a matter of fact we are ruled by the stars. The position of the planets in the Heavens above us at the moment of our birth merely reflect what we already and bringing with us into our new earthly lifetime from all previous ones. The stars did not make us that way, we ourselves did.

The most striking evidence that anyone could hope for to verify the truth of this was given to me by the Universe with the help of my own birth details. Ever since becoming seriously interested in what I like to call ‘real’ astrology, I had thought I was born at a certain time in the morning. It had been given to me by someone from my immediate family circle and there was no reason to suspect the information was incorrect. In 1998 an opportunity arose for me to visit the Register Office of my hometown. To my astonishment I found out that my time of birth is quite a different one. Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight it was easy to see why, from the moment of erecting my first birthchart the details it revealed had somehow never felt quite right.

Can you imagine what an extraordinary moment it was to sit in front of a very old book and seeing the registrar’s hand-written entry of the time of my birth? At first, I could not believe my eyes and thought I was looking at someone else’s details. But no, they were mine all right and I had not been born in the morning, as I had originally been told, but shortly after noon. What a difference that made and because my time of birth has been corrected, my birthchart now feels right. My life and I fit into it like a hand slips into a glove. This showed me that a different date of birth or any other kind of wrong birth information – whichever way it may come to us – does not and cannot basically change the one we are.

Each time we re-enter this world we bring with us enormous potential for spiritual growth and learning. Sadly only a fraction of it is ever fulfilled by any one of us in the course of each lifetime. Astrology shows the predestined pathway our soul has chosen for the advancement of our personal evolution for this lifetime. It can give us pointers where the soul is coming from and where it is going to. God and the Angels in charge of us alone know how much of our highest potential has been developed by us in previous lives. Being able to see the whole picture, they know what kind of emotional/spiritual luggage we have brought with us this time round, and how many outstanding issues are still waiting to be resolved by us.

The Sun in our birthchart by sign and house position reveals in broad outlines the lifepath in which the development of our spirit is moving. The Sun represents the future and the direction in which the spirit of our Highest or God Self is directing and guiding us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. In contrast to this, the Moon represents the pull of past. By sign and house position it indicates where we are coming from. It gives us clues about the earthly personality and the characteristics we had developed up to the end of our most recent earthly lifetime. We have brought them with us this one and because they are now working from the subconscious level, the old and usually deeply ingrained behaviour and thinking patterns frequently try to keep us stuck in the past.

Recognising our weaknesses is easier when we take a good look at ourselves with utter honesty and then study the positive as well as the negative qualities of our Sun sign and its house position. The positive ones are good pointers of how to transform them into strengths. The negative aspects of our nature are encountered and practised on the downwards winding spiral of life and the positive ones when we are at last moving in a forwards and upwards direction. It takes a long time until we recognise that we are actually allowed to choose in which direction we wish to move.

When we have grown into a wise one, we recognise that the knowledge of such things can provide us with the key for unlocking all the suffering and miseries of Earth life and for turning our present existence into a joyous journey of exploration and discoveries. By that time we have learnt to apply the spiritual knowledge we are finding along the way to our  advantage, namely for the healing of ourselves and those around us. And that in the larger picture of life means for the benefit of all, for when we are healing and making good progress, all life and lifeforms are doing the same and moving with us.

When placed into the right hands, a birthchart can be helpful in many different ways. For example, I believe that some kind of special task is waiting to be fulfilled by each one of us. Read more about this by following the link ‘You Are Special’ at the end of this chapter. Furthermore our chart can provide us with pointers for finding out what ours is. It can also show us in which part of our life karmic debts are waiting to be paid and credits have been accumulated in other lifetimes. It can assist us with finding a better understanding of the nature of the polarities and dualities that are in God and therefore in us.

Wise ones bear in mind that in God all energies are neutral and in perfect balance – there is no good or bad. The quality of the energies in each one of us is the same, at least potentially. Whether we are as yet aware of them, they are there and constantly at our disposal. The decision whether we apply them to good or bad purposes, at any given moment reveals the degree of our spiritual maturity.

The final destination of every human spirit and soul is the conscious reunion with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. The road to this goal is considerably eased as well as shortened as soon as we take charge of our selves and our character. Changing our weaknesses into strengths requires much self-discipline and self-mastery, Saturn’s domain. Overcoming and leaving behind the desires and urges of our lower earthly nature means doing our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. It is our way of bringing our own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth, for ourselves and those around us. Taking charge of our character puts us firmly into the driving seat of our fate on the voyage back home into the oneness with our Creator and all life.

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