The Negative Aspects Of The Sun Signs

Probably the most negative aspects of Cancer, Angela’s Sun sign, are over-indulgence with themselves and wallowing in self-pity. Much progress will be possible for Angela when she becomes aware of these traits and begins to consciously counteract them. This will make room in her life for bringing forth the best and most positive aspects of both her signs. She will benefit most when she endeavours to combine Gemini’s communicating and teaching skills with Cancer’s caring, nurturing and mothering instincts. Lavishing them onto others, instead of oneself means that one is taking possession of one’s Divine inheritance and finds true fulfilment. Angela’s Virgo ascendant reflects excellent potential for developing her teaching and healing abilities to the full, during her present lifetime.

The negative characteristics of all the Sun signs are nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. After all, each one of us is in the same boat – attending the same magnificent and magical school of life. It is for good reason that we all initially tend to experience more of the negative aspects of our Sun sign. Without this we would never be able to recognise them for what they are and begin to work on overcoming them. To my mind, recognising them is one of the most positive and constructive uses of astrology, and is what attracted me to it in the first place, many years ago. To this day, I find it the best application for this valuable tool that God’s great wisdom has put into the hands of Its Earth children, so that we may a find greater understanding of ourselves and this life, thus facilitating our pathway through our earthly existence.

As already mentioned, our character determines our destiny. And if we so wish, we can use our astrological knowledge for finally releasing ourselves from being ruled by the stars. This is done by refusing to act out their negative expressions and endeavouring to develop only their highest and the best qualities. As young Gods in the making, we thus take charge and become masters of ourselves. It is true that for a long time we stumble around in the darkness of the ignorance of our true nature. But when the light of consciousness has been switched on and we focus on that which is in need of improvement, we can seriously get to work.

I do not know Angela personally and so have no idea whether she indulges in any of the above described negative aspects of her two Sun signs. They have merely been mentioned here to show what serious obstacles they can represent for evolving souls, when they are allowed to obstruct the spiritual progress that could otherwise be theirs. We ourselves alone can tell where changes are necessary when we take a close look at our behaviour and thinking patterns. Scrupulous honesty and utter frankness with ourselves are of the essence here, if we want to progress. As there is no need to tell anyone about any of the conclusions we come to, this is not as difficult as it may seem superficially.

Saturn is strong in Angela’s chart. Not only is her Sun in the tenth house, allocated to Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn; the planet is also exactly conjunct her ascendant, just within the first house. This Saturn position could be an indication that her soul has chosen to come into this lifetime to struggle with – and hopefully come to terms with and overcome, as she is doing now – some kind of physical affliction. Saturn either in Aries or in the first house is usually the hallmark of an old, i.e. experienced soul. And so, it is hardly surprising to find that there are several other parts that increase the influence of Saturn, for example the already mentioned conjunction of Moon and Venus in hard aspect to Saturn.

With her Sun in the tenth house, there is a possibility that at some stage in her life Angela could somehow come to the attention of the general public. However, true and lasting fulfilment may only come to her during this lifetime when she begins to aim for activities that reach beyond and above her purely selfish wishes and desires. Her drive for significance is strong, but this can only truly be gratified through her seeking to serve the good of the public in some way. In the long run, only by making a valid contribution to society as a whole will she find the security she is seeking; it is unlikely to come to her any other way.

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