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At the end of their earthly education every human spirit/soul is destined to have evolved into a healer and bringer of light, in the form of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. As this is a healing journey of a thousand miles and the road of self-discovery that leads to self-mastery, the buck for everything that ever happened to me stops with me. Having discovered that I am responsible for all my thoughts, words and actions, I accept the accountability for everything that ever was and will be in the past, present and future of my life. I accept my responsibility for our world’s present state. Having done my share of bringing it about – otherwise I would not have to take part in it –, I do all I can to make good where I once sinned.

As soon as the last one of my karmic debts has been redeemed, the balance of my spiritual bank account has been restored and only that which I am these days sending into our world can return to me. That’s why I keep on sending good and kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to our world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers. And so I shoulder the cross of responsibility for my earthly personality with all its shortcomings and flaws as well as its good qualities. The comprehension and acceptance that every part of it was created by me in previous lifetimes and earlier during this one, is proof of my constant growth in wisdom and understanding. And that enables me to concentrate my energies on working for a brighter and more peaceful future for myself, the whole of humankind and our world.

Never again will I blame loved ones and friends, bosses and/or colleagues for anything that happens to me. I no longer allow my education or the lack of it, my genetics and/or the circumstantial ebb and flow of my daily existence to influence my present and future in negative ways. I accept that my thinking and behaviour patterns of the past have brought about everything that’s in my life now. This does away with the need for blaming uncontrollable forces for any lack of success and protects me against being caught in snares of the past. These days I regard my present and future with love and hope, faith and trust in God and the Angels, the Highest Forces. They are not only in charge of me and my life, but are also guiding and protecting me. That’s why they have provided me, the same as everybody else, with my own built-in lie-detector that works like a filter. Everything I hear, see or read passes through it and the way my inner self, the wise one or living God within, reacts shows me straight away whether something is true of false.

I no longer allow past events to control my destiny. That’s because I know that right thoughts, words and actions help me to constantly move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, my own, the whole of humankind and our world. I accept responsibility for my successes as well as failures. I am what and where I am at this very moment mentally and physically, spiritually and emotionally, as well as financially because of my thinking and behaviour patterns of the past. I herewith change all negative and destructive ones into positive and constructive ones.

These days, my inner guidance shows me intuitively solutions for any obstacles that occur on my pathway through life. There’s no need to dwell on past mistakes. I learn from them and let them go. I love connecting with like-minded people who, like me, are changing their approach to life in positive ways and are doing all they can to make our world into a better and more peaceful place. I share the best that is within me with anyone who is ready to understand it. Running with the herd is not for me. Neither is being led like sheep by their noses to the slaughter, or these days vaccinations that are not really necessary, because I believe that everything I hear, see or read anywhere is true.

When it comes to decision making, I pay attention to my inner guidance and follow its advice without hesitation. I accept that the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, does not want me to always come up with the right decision straight away, as this would stop me from learning and growing through making mistakes. That’s no doubt why I was given me the ability to recognise the error of my ways, learning from them and then trying again, if need be time and again, until things are right. This helps me to control my thoughts and emotions. I refuse to allow the rising and falling of emotional tide waves to distract me from my chosen course. I walk my talk and whenever I make a decision, I stand behind it and follow it through without wasting precious energy on second thoughts.

My life is no longer an apology. It has become a positive statement of success. This is because I recognise that challenges are gifts and opportunities from the Highest that help us to learn and grow. Encountering problems and solving them is the common thread that runs through the lives of very successful people. With the help of my inner guidance times of adversity are no longer the problem they used to be. Thankful that I have been granted the gift of freedom of choice, I turn to my inner guidance to show me intuitively how to go about things and make wise choices. That’s why my thinking is clear now and making wrong choices is no longer for me.

Yet, being aware that difficulties are necessary preparations for achieving great things, I accept any obstacles that get in my way. I refuse to say: ‘Why me?’ and instead react with: ‘Why not me?’ Then I get on with whatever my inner guidance advises is the best way of dealing with any situation. And because the buck for everything in my life now stops with me, I am ready for great things to flow my way. I am giving of my best, safe in the knowledge that nothing but more of the same can return to me, as soon as my karmic debts are paid and the balance of my spiritual bankbook has been restored.

I accept that everything in the whole of God’s Creation life consists of cycles within cycles and is constantly moving in circles. My inner guidance tells me that this is the truth and that it also applies to my own earthly existence, the same as everybody else’s. I am happy that, within this flow of Universal energies, I have always been and forever will be responsible for everything that ever was in my life, successes as well as failures. That’s why I have no difficulties accepting the responsibility for my past, present and future and am taking charge of every one of my thoughts, words and actions. I keep my emotional world under my control and no longer allow it to control me and my behaviour.

I accept that, during my many earthly lifetimes of taking part in that school’s lessons, I must have been involved in mental/physical/sexual assaults. To ensure the best possible all-round education, for every experience this sometimes has to be on the giving end and in other lifetimes on the receiving one. Life on the earthly plane is a hard school, but considering that all of us are young God’s in the making, I accept that every one of our earthly lessons is an essential and inevitable part of the apprenticeship that prepares us for this high office. It makes sense to me to accept the responsibility for everything that ever happens in our lives, in this lifetime and all previous ones. Walking the pathway of forgiveness makes this easier for me. This part of our healing journey through life starts with forgiving ourselves for once setting the wheels of fate in motion. And that’s followed by forgiving anyone who ever sinned against us.

I am happy that on the spiritual pathway simple answers, quick solutions and shortcuts are non existent. Everything is for real in our world’s counterpart, the spirit realm. Honesty and truth are its supreme rulers and there is no faking or pretending. To paraphrase Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s words: ‘The mills of God work slowly, but they are grinding exceeding small. With patience the Highest Forces of life stand waiting and with the greatest of exactness grinds all.’ No-one ever gets away in the spirit world with ‘If I fake sincerity, I have got it cracked’. Wise ones in our world also know that no spiritual progress would ever be possible with that attitude. And the wise ones in charge of us and our world smile with love and compassion at such things and do all they can to help us to do better.

Update June 2021

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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