Suicide Is Not The Answer

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Suicide Is Not The AnswerLet’s now take a look at what happens on the inner plane of life, when one of us earthlings has chosen to die by their own hands. God, our Divine Father/Mother, some prefer to call this the ultimate authority of Creation the Universe, is as much part of us as we are part of It. The Great Mother is the wisdom and love aspect of the Divine, whose symbol is the yellow rose.  It is with everybody and knows the way of all things, including our hearts and souls. It knows them better than we ourselves do. God is aware of everyone’s past, present and future, and appreciates when one of us has suffered long and hard enough, has taken in a sufficient amount of their present earthly lessons and simply cannot take any more.

Apart from being omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God is merciful. Whenever a soul has truly reached the end of the line, the Angel of Death takes it back into the world of spirit, its true home, where it is tenderly ministered to. Here it rests and receives healing, until it is ready to be confronted with itself and the way it has coped with the lessons of all its lifetimes thus far.

As briefly touched upon earlier, there is no such thing as Judgement Day. Because the Universe loves us, it never judges anyone. Instead, we are required to evaluate ourselves. Only when the purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled is the human soul called back home. It makes no difference at what earthly age this takes place and in what manner we depart from this plane. To talk about anyone’s earthly demise as ‘untimely’, to my mind, means to doubt the great wisdom and love of our Creator. The Great Spirit is the Father/Mother of all life. This is the highest authority over everything in the whole of Creation and the only one who has any true power; nothing is beyond or outside Its will. Therefore, no soul’s departure from the Earth plane ever takes place without Its consent and that applies to any kind of death, including suicide.

No matter how low a soul may have fallen or how depraved it has become, in the course of this lifetime or any other, none of us will ever be beyond the love, the mercy and the forgiveness of God. This is the only authority in the whole of Creation who can truly appreciate when any soul’s mental, physical and/or spiritual struggle has been going on for long enough. When the suffering of any particular soul threatens to be more than the amount that is good and reasonable for its growth to endure, the Angel of Death draws close and releases us.

I do believe that the manner and the moment of our death are predestined and that suicides are no exception to this. After all, it is but one of many ways of returning to the world of light. Nothing in God’s Creation can ever be truly lost and every experience is valuable somehow. And the great transformation from one state of life into the other is always intended to provide valuable lessons for all involved, on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit.

Whenever the going gets too tough for our liking, what is it that stops us from trying to escape this life wholesale and leaping off its edge like lemmings into the sea? The wisdom of our Creator has stored in the deepest innermost recesses of every soul’s memories the sacred knowledge of our own true nature and home, and that is the place our soul yearns for and wishes to be released to when life becomes too hard to endure. But, the laws of the Universe decree that every soul must evolve and grow. The Highest Self and the Guardian Angel know this; they are guiding and protecting the small earthly self and taking it through the whole of its education, at all times standing by in total and unconditional love. Although they are ready to catch us when we fall, they will not interfere with any soul’s learning; if help is wanted it has to be asked for.

 However, once we have learnt the lesson of killing ourselves, the memories of this event – before, during and after – are converted into one of the most valuable properties any soul can have. They are stored and referred to in coming lifetimes when particularly harrowing experiences have to be undergone. Such recollections are what stops large parts of our race from committing mass suicide, for example during times of wars and famines. Undoubtedly, this too is a gift from the Universe because it stops us from wasting precious lifetimes and delaying our evolutionary progress by unnecessarily repeating painful and traumatic occurrences like taking our own lives.

Every soul’s final destiny is constantly winking at all of us from afar and that is our loving reunion with our Source; the state that some religions describe as Paradise. To reach it, our soul has to cleanse and purify itself of all earthly desires and concerns; this process continues until the human energies are compatible again with those of God. Only then can a full merger take place. Now, who in their right senses would want to get away from that?

This highlights the urgency of seriously getting to work on the development of our character. Besides, the closer one comes to the light of the knowledge of humankind’s true being, the more one realises that when on the surface of life things at times seem too difficult to handle, taking one’s own life never has been or will be an escape route at all. But, the same as all lessons of life in physicality, the one of suicide can only be learnt through first hand experiences. That is why every soul has to end its earthly existence in this manner at least once.

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