The Resolution

All of us, without exception, are spiritual beings. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, each one of us is on their own individual spiritual pathway by which I mean the way back home into the conscious awareness of our true nature. At our entry into the Aquarian Age, the long promised spiritual rebirth of our race and world is in full swing. Because of this the evolutionary tempo is speeding up and the vibrations of the Earth are becoming higher and faster. All these influences are helping ever more of us to wake up and start working on gaining access to the spiritual wisdom and truth that comes directly from the Source that has always been every soul’s birthright.

Every soul has the same way to walk, no matter how anyone’s way of life and outlook on it may still vary from that of others. As each human being contains a spark of the Divine, each one of us is a child of God or the Universe, as some prefer to call the Universal intelligence of the Highest mind. The Divine spark has been dormant for a very long time; it is now trying ever more forcefully to come fully alive in every heart. Our Highest Self is calling its earthly counterpart; it is waiting for its surrender, so that its soul and spirit may be reborn and take charge. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult because in most of us the inner connection with God has been buried underneath a great many layers of unexpressed and suppressed feelings, especially those of our deepest and innermost fears. They are waiting to be faced and released, and there is no way of running away from ourselves.

Before God our small earthly self stands alone and each has to tackle the arduous and heroic task of working their own way through all our fears. The fear of God and of life, of the unknown and going forward under all circumstances, and the fear of death – each one must be faced head on by us. This is the most demanding and final test each soul must pass on its way home into the full realisation of its true nature. As that would be far too hard for the soul to do on its own, help is at hand. Yet, it will not come to anyone unless it is asked for. At all times, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to rescue each one of us. The love and devotion with which we meet them are the only solvent that can set us free from our inner prison.

Meanwhile, on the Earth plane, the latest research reveals that antidepressants may not be as effective as the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession had once promised and hoped for. As I never believed that they had any solutions to offer, this does not surprise me. I see this revelation as a very positive one, as it forces those who suffer from depression and those to whom they turn for help to look for alternative ways of bringing relief and, hopefully, healing. Putting an end to depression and suicidal thoughts reliably and permanently never was possible by pumping our bodies full of chemicals.

As a crutch they may be helpful and even necessary, to mask and suppress the most unpleasant symptoms for a while. But our energies change and with them the experiences we are drawing into our lives. Eventually, the time comes when one feels strong enough to let go of one’s medication again, which needs to be done slowly, in stages and over a prolonged period. But it is time now to go in search of alternative ways for getting to the underlying emotional/spiritual soul issues that are at the roots of all our problems.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’
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