Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - EnlightenmentThere is much talk about enlightenment. But what does it mean? Spiritually, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. Each time we learn something we did not know before, a ray of light enters the darkness of our ignorance and disperses another bit of it. This applies in particular to spiritual knowledge and what we are finding does not have to be something as profound and far reaching as when the knowledge of the Law of Karma first reached our world. God and Angels bestowed this gift upon our world through the legend of the Lord Buddha. Truly enlightened beings are all those who not only are aware of God’s true nature and their own, but who are acting upon their knowledge in every one of their daily encounters. This reveals that their relationship with our Creator * is in the process of healing.

As mentioned earlier, we are all in this life to evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. Yet, the truth has as many facets as there are souls in the whole of Creation and that on many different levels. Each one of us can only see and understand things from their own perspective and perception of life, which was formed by everyone’s own evolutionary pathway that has been covered thus far. Our approach to life is also coloured by the Sun sign we were born into this time round. Cancerians work their way through life with the help of their feelings, unlike the Air signs who do it by thinking. The keyword for each of the four elements is a different one. Water says: ‘I feel’. Earth: ‘I serve’. Fire: ‘I create’ and Air: ‘I think’.

Those are the reasons why every human being’s truth varies slightly from all others and there is every likelihood that yours is quite unlike mine. I would like to illustrate this with one of the finest examples of this and that is the life of the French philosopher René Descartes, born 31 March 1596. His quote: ‘Cogito, ergo sum,’ ‘I think, therefore I am,’ to me sounds typical of someone in whose birthchart the Air signs are strongly represented, in spite of the fact that Descartes during that particular lifetime was a Sun Aries. With a stellium of six planets in this sign, it is not surprising that he was a pioneer and forward thinking man.

Descartes’ time of birth is unknown, so there is no way of telling where his Ascendant was. Never mind, his date of birth numerologically reveals a great deal about the man, his approach to life and his predestined pathway through it. The first vital clue is that he was born on the 31st March. That is always an indication that someone is strongly under the influence of Aquarius, an Air sign, and its ruler Uranus, i.e. 3 Jupiter + 1 the Sun = 4 Uranus. This also applies to those born on the 31st day of any month.

Let’s see what happens when one adds up the numbers of his date of birth: 3+1+3+1+5+9+6 = 28, which consists of 2 = the Moon and Cancer and 8 = Saturn and Capricorn. 2+8 = 1, the Sun and Leo, and that shows us his destiny number. As you can see, the components of the total are as important as the resulting sum itself. Small wonder that Descartes developed into a forward looking thinker and philosopher, a leader of people with a big ego as well as a teacher with a strong desire to let his light shine and who had much to say and give to us and our world!

‘That’s all very well,’ I hear you say, ‘but what about telling a truth from a lie or a fake?’ I believe that the only way we earthlings can do this reliably is through paying attention to our inner guidance, the living God within, and that this is the true meaning of the Old Testament’s Proverbs 3:5-6: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and rely not on your own wisdom. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.’

May the White Eagle group of spirit guides have the last word with a teaching that reached me as a Monday Thought from the White Eagle Lodge 29.05.2017. The following is its essence: ‘God is love and your heart contains a spark of it that dwells in the centre of your heart. The more you practise loving in every daily encounter, the more the quality of your soul consciousness improves. The main purpose of your earthly existence is for you to become aware of your Divine nature and learning how to love God’s way. And that means not only loving other human beings, but your whole world in the beauty and wonder that is contained in everything, even the weather * – independent of what it may bring. Each time you think that every drop of rain is a cleansing and benediction for Mother Earth and all her children, then that’s what really happens. Because your thoughts have the power of constantly re-creating your reality, everything is blessed and that includes you.

‘You will find that knowing that all events ultimately serve a wise higher purpose makes it easier to show kindness and understanding for everything and everybody, loving them and forgetting about hating altogether. Just think, each time you say: ‘I love’ beneficially influences your whole being, your glands and bloodstream, but most of all it raises your soul consciousness. Take it from us, that is the truth!’

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