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Aries – cardinal fire – creative ideas, wants to lead and be first in everything.
Fire – spiritual/sexual/creative energy – energy, work, inspiration.
Cancer – cardinal water – emotional leader.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Libra – cardinal air – intellectual leader.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Capricorn – cardinal earth – leader on the material plane of life.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation,
always ready to dig in and take charge to get things done.

The pathway of the cardinal signs is to lead others to ensure constant evolutionary progress. They can be demanding, but are always ready to take charge in order to get things done and get stuck to carry out the necessary work. Cardinality is the characteristic of something on which other things hinge or depend. The basic approach to life of the cardinal signs is an outgoing quality, notwithstanding the fact that Cancer is a Water sign and Capricorn an Earth sign, therefore both are feminine and receptive. Each one of the cardinal signs in its own special way is capable of taking the lead to get things going and meticulously working to achieve some specific end. Because of their strong urge to constantly create something new and bringing it into being in earthly life, people born into the cardinal signs are extremely restless.

Leo – fixed fire – is a spiritual protector.
Fire – spiritual – energy, work, inspiration.
Scorpio – fixed water – emotional protector.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Aquarius – fixed air – intellectual protector.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Taurus – fixed earth – material protector.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation.

The pathway of the fixed signs is to conserve and protect what they have. They can be stubborn and unyielding, but they also help others by providing them with a sense of continuity and security.

Sagittarius – mutable fire – serves life spiritually.
Fire – spiritual – energy, work, inspiration.
Pisces – mutable water – serves life emotionally.
Water – emotional – feelings, imagination, nurturing.
Gemini – mutable air – serves life intellectually.
Air – intellectual – ideas, thoughts, communication.
Virgo – mutable earth serves the material plane of life.
Earth – material – practicality, protection, conservation.

The pathway of the mutable signs is to assist and help others. They can be changeable to the point of coming across as indecisive. On the upside they are capable people who willingly bend before the wind of change and adjust themselves to meeting the needs of those around them and lending a helping hand.

* * *

Cardinal energy is active, dynamic, enterprising and outgoing. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the cardinal sign. People with many planets in cardinal signs are active and dynamic who love keeping busy. In action they are fast, objective, direct and to the point, but they can also sometimes be too impulsive and impatient. Planets in cardinal signs are an indication of a love of activity and speed, as well as of executive abilities that are supported by good energy levels and ambition. These people are the go-getters of the zodiac and their temperament is well equipped for making immediate decision. The cardinal signs may have a tendency of shooting first and then asking the questions. Their keyword is creativity because they are part of the Universe’s outgoing, driving force in whom its power to create expresses and manifests itself. The cardinal signs are good in crisis situations and are generally interested in activity and finding out what is going on in general.

Cardinality = Activity.

Positive expression: constructive use of initiative.
Negative expression: busybodies who thoughtlessly rush into action.

* * *

Fixed energy is latent and stable, intense and steadfast, resistant to change. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the fixed signs. Blessed with strong willpower, they represent the ‘will’, i.e. the will to do and bring into manifestation that which they began to create in previous lifetimes spent in the cardinal signs. The fixed signs are the most persistent and consistent of all signs. They are reticent and non-committal on first approach and can only achieve their results through willpower, persistence and determination. The fixed sign energy is a quiet organising one that shows itself in actions that are motivated by principles.

People born into the fixed signs are unswervingly stubborn and will never deviate from a chosen path, unless they themselves choose to do so. They are the planners, formula makers, builders and constructors of the zodiac who are capable of making cardinal ideas become a reality in earthly life. In contrast to them, it suits those born into the cardinal signs much to keep on moving from one of their bright ideas to the next. People born into the fixed signs are the most difficult ones to understand, as their motivations are seldom obvious and only unwillingly revealed. Interested in values and ideas, they are veritable reservoirs of energy and power that move with a definite pattern and resists all outside influences that try to change it.

Fixed = Will

Positive expression: constancy and reliability.
Negative expression: stubbornness and rigidity.

* * *

Mutable energy is harmonising, adaptable and constantly changing. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Their keyword is flexibility and that gives people born into these signs the ability to blend like chameleons into all circumstances and surroundings. Their pliability and adaptability makes them easy going, tolerant and free flowing, and their interests are mostly centred in direct and highly personal relationships with those around them. They love joining others and are interested in even the tiniest details of personal living.

The mutable signs happily allow others to enter their private Universes at all times. Most of all they are interested in people and relationships, the future and moving forwards in their nonstop search for new horizons and consciousness expanding experiences. People with many planets in these signs potentially are good communicators and excellent reporters, who are particularly good at meeting one deadline whilst happily facing another. They are fine imitators who are capable of giving things a new slant that may help those around them to view themselves and their world from a different angle.

Wise ones with several planets in mutable signs with the passing of time may become aware of an excess of mutability in their psychological make-up. This is life’s way of teaching them to watch out for people who wish to take them up some wrong alleyways. They guard themselves against scattering their precious energies and becoming a drifter and a rolling stone, who gathers no moss because of its love of change, sometimes simply for the sake of it. When they have become aware of their lack of persistence and willpower, wise ones resist the temptation of being too easily influenced by outside conditions. They focus on building stability into their character that helps them to assert their own personality, instead of imitating someone else’s.

Mutable = Wisdom.

Positive expression: resourceful.
Negative expression: the worriers of the zodiac afflicted by nervousness, neurosis and finding it difficult to live in the present.

* * *

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