Astrological Myths And False Perceptions

If you have taken the time to study all my interpretations of the Sun signs, would you agree with me that there is no such thing as an easy one? As we have seen, each one has its own trials and tribulations to provide and its own rewards that can be reaped. Provided by the great wisdom of our Divine Father/Mother, they are evenly and fairly distributed throughout. This ensures sufficient soul growth and expansion of consciousness for each of Its children in the course of many lifetimes.  When lived consciously and conscientiously or – to put it another way – to become a wise one, all signs are equally difficult and demand that we bring forth from within ourselves the very best. It is worth our while to do this, for if we succeed, the potential rewards of every sign can be great when measured by the amount of spiritual progress that can be made on our evolutionary pathway in every lifetime.

In various Astro Files we briefly touched on the subject of the many astrological myths that seem to abound in our world. Let us spin this thread a bit further. I have studied this issue over a very long time and the evidence I have been gathering to this day confirms that such tales are not based on facts and what astrology truly is about. To give you just two examples, Virgos are supposed to be neat and tidy people, whilst Librans are thought of as being well balanced. Yet, some of the most untidy people I have ever met were Virgos and some of the most wildly out of balance ones I know are Librans.  Such myths always did puzzle me. The explanation for them clearly lies in the fact that it is true for these two signs, the same as for all the others, that the gifts each sign can bestow upon those born into them will never fall into their laps. Rather they have to be developed and worked with, so that in the course of a whole lifetime they may be built into our character.

Every human soul is guided and protected by wise ones who take care of all its needs. More than anything else we seem to require the shelter they provide against our own foolhardiness. Angels and guides help the soul to choose a lifetime in the sign whose qualities it is most in need of developing. Either it does not yet have brought forth these qualities at all or if it did so insufficiently, another opportunity will be offered this time round.  For example, in Virgo the soul first becomes aware for the need of working tidily and meticulously. It gathers many experiences that help it to appreciate the idea of conducting one’s whole life in this manner. A soul who has not yet integrated this lesson may be advised to be born through someone who already is extremely neat and tidy. If you are the parent of a very untidy child, maybe even a Sun Virgo, be patient and do not allow your child’s behaviour to either drive you round the bend or the two of you apart.  As the child’s life progresses and through watching those around it, it is likely that it will eventually recognise the benefits of more orderly ways, so that in the fullness of time it may wish to emulate them.

Another good example was a Capricorn lady who told me that she had never thought of herself as a typical one. She says she hates hard work, has no ambitions at all, is not goal oriented and terrible with money. On top of all that she apparently is the biggest procrastinator imaginable. As she feels that those around her perceive her to be as serious and quite conservative, she admits that she is probably more of a Capricorn than she thought she was. The description she gives of herself confirm to me that my belief that the gifts of any of the Sun signs do not automatically drop into anyone’s lap is justified. They are available but they have to be worked on very seriously before they can be integrated into anyone’s character. As long as a soul still lacks certain qualities, next time round it will choose to be born into the sign that carries the promise that they can be acquired there.

But if that soul misses the opportunities that are sure to come its way then, if it steadfastly refuses to learn, it is in danger of wasting the potential progress that could be made in that lifetime. Life on Earth being a school, just like in any other place of learning, those who do not pay attention to their lessons, maybe because they are frittering their time away in pursuit of pleasure, have to repeat the class, if need be time and again, until its object has been achieved. Only then will the soul be allowed to move on. Nothing in God’s creation is ever wasted; even the missing of a class or classes presents human souls with a valuable experience. When they review their progress, upon their return into the world of spirit, they will discover to their chagrin that none to speak of was made. However, the memory of this will be stored in the souls, to accompany them into their next lifetime and to provide them with the driving force for doing better. Clearly, evolutionary progress can be speeded up considerably, as soon as the soul becomes aware of what is at stake. The Universe has endless patience and knows that every soul gets there in the end, no how much each one may dally on its way.

A study of the energies of the peace and harmony loving planet Venus provides with some of the finest evidence. One of the most common false beliefs held by non-astrologers appears to be the one that souls born into Taurus and Libra, the signs ruled by Venus, are naturally very patient. Let no-one try to convince you of this myth either. The opposition of the energetic fighting spirit of Mars, the Roman God of war, in both signs reflects that the truth is far from it! Because of the influence of the gentle Venusian energies on their nature, Taureans and Librans may come across to the onlooker as patient. This false impression is created because neither Librans nor Taureans are particularly good at standing up for and defending their own needs and rights. All too frequently, they are reluctant to set up firm boundaries for themselves, which those around them are not allowed to overstep. At least initially, they may fail completely to do so. Thus, it comes about that these usually kind, obliging and – only seemingly – far too patient souls eventually blow their tops. Sometimes this happens with a vehemence that can be reminiscent of the violent eruption of a long-smouldering volcano. When it does, the likelihood is that they and the world around them may well fail to understand what has hit them!

This finds itself a different way of expression in each sign, but the result is the same. Librans will try endlessly and go to great pains to mend their relationships, going back time and again trying to make peace, but frequently coming away with a bloody nose – if only metaphorically speaking. Yet, when they have finally had enough and decide to move on, they are likely to cut the offender from their lives completely. That’s why the wise ones around them take care not to disturb the peacemaker’s delicate inner equilibrium too much and for too long. Those who do may live to regret it, unless they want to lose Libra’s friendship for good in any case. In Taurus case, the home-builder of the zodiac, the transgressions of those around them disturb the harmonious and peaceful home-life, which they are so fond of and work hard to achieve for themselves and their loved ones. One Taurean friend of mine, although she is only small, smashed a hole into the door of her son’s room with her bare fist, when her anger erupted on one occasion about his rude behaviour towards her and she had finally had enough.

Yet another reason why souls born into Taurus and Libra frequently endure the wrongdoings of others towards them for far too long, is that when the inevitable point of explosion has eventually been reached, no-one could be more surprised and upset than they themselves. They are usually far more disturbed by their outbreak than those at whom their wrath was directed, especially when this occurs for the first time. Having grown wise from their experiences though and having found a measure of self-knowledge through them, enables them to take precautionary measures by establishing firm boundaries for themselves, to which they make themselves stick – difficult though that is.

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