The Moon

The Moon is a symbolism for the earthly personality, its experiences and functions. It represents the psyche, the soul, which is the storehouse of the memories of the experiences of all our lifetimes, including this one. The Moon’s sign and house position in our birthchart indicate how we appear to other people and how we experience them and take them into account. The Moon is a reflection of the deepest, innermost essence of our personality; it is the mask through which our soul communicates and relates to the world around us. Because the soul cannot express itself in words, it communicates with us through the cells of our body and reveals its presence through our intuitive interactions with those around us.

The Moon’s position can tell us a great deal about the behaviour patterns we developed during other lifetimes, which during this one decisively influence our instinctual reactions. The Moon shows how we subconsciously react to our environment. It is also the symbol for the rich world of our innermost feelings, of sensitivity and unconscious motivations. It can be a pointer to how we make use of our imagination. I share the belief that the Moon can give us clues to which cycles of experiences we went through, during our most recent lifetime on Earth.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Astro Files – Technical Aspects’.
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