The Sun In Aries

Aries - the pioneering and wayfinding sign

Aries Glyph

The Pioneering And Wayfinding Sign

Soul Food For Arians

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you
And may true be your heart
And that of those who love you.

Many happy returns of the day, dear Aries.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

 Six pointed Star

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Aries but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the first house, the natural house of Aries.
•    Your Moon is in Aries or the first house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Aries.
•    You were born on the 9th, 18th or 27th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Aries.

The Sun’s entry into Aries marks the Spring equinox and especially after a long and hard winter like the ones we get from time to time, the arrival of spring is welcomed with open hearts. The Spring equinox heralds a time of change and for all life brings a renewed openness for it.  As it begins to stir in Nature and gardeners get to work, the promptings received from our inner guidance remind us of our own potential for change and growth.  

The arrival of new spiritual knowledge broadens our horizons and through opening our inner eyes restores our faith in the goodness of life. The realisation that no matter what may ever befall us and our world on the outer plane of life, as long as we willingly accept the unknown aspects of our nature that wish to enter our consciousness keeps us open to the signals the Universe is transmitting, individually and collectively. Our trust in the future makes it easier for the good things of life and pleasant surprises to come our way.

Six pointed Star


We shall first consider this aspect, because the mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of the human soul in general terms, as well as some of the character traces that are typical for the souls that are born into them.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. According to legend, he was the son of Juno and either of Jupiter or of a magical flower. As the word Mars has no Indo-European derivation, it is most likely the Latin version of the agricultural Etruscan God Maris. Mars was initially the Roman God of fertility and vegetation, as well as being the protector of cattle, fields and boundaries. Only later did he become identified with the Greek God Ares, the one of wars and battles. Mars was also found in the role of teaching God of Rome; and he is believed to be the legendary father of the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, whose mother was the Vestal Virgin Rhea Silvia.  

Mars was more widely worshipped by the Romans than any other of their Gods. His Greek counterpart Ares was less popular by far than Mars and one cannot help wondering whether this reflects that the ancient Greeks were not as belligerent as the Romans. In some of the legends the Romans took over from Greek mythology, Venus was the consort of Mars. Considering that Mars is also the co-ruler of Scorpio, it is interesting to note that in his capacity as agricultural God, Mars presided over springtime as well as crops. The Romans offered Mars in his role as God of war sacrifices before they went into combat. He was of such great significance in their lives that they celebrated various festivals in his honour, throughout the whole year.

The Sun’s entry into Aries marks the official beginning of spring and we celebrate the spring equinox, when – for a brief moment – day and night have the same length and our world is in perfect balance. The seasons of the year in our calendar are outer reflections and manifestations of the different stages in the development of the human soul on the inner levels of life. In the days of yore, the equinoxes were still thought of as symbols and gateways for the human soul. In Aries, it signified the soul’s entry into earthly life and its pleasures; and in Libra into the greater freedom and happiness of life in the world of spirit, its real home.

In Aries the Sun is what is known astrologically as in its exaltation. This signifies that at this time of the year the Sun’s energies find particularly forceful expressions and are more strongly felt by all life than at any other time of the year. The only exception is when the Sun moves through Leo, its own sign. As the Sun travels through each sign, it activates their energies and all life on our planet is affected by them and responds to them. And when it moves into Aries, the creative fire of the spirit of the life-force itself is reborn and coming newly alive. A great Cosmic event is taking place in which we, on the Earth plane, take part in our very own fashion and celebrate the resurrection of all life. In the Christian tradition this has evolved into what is now known as the Easter celebrations.

Fire is pure creative energy and that is why at this time of year an urge to bring something new into being is strongly felt by all that is. Everything is taking part in this upward rushing fountain of life that brings us and our world rebirth and regeneration. Contrary to popular belief, Mother Nature never dies; her growth rate merely slows down considerably during the autumn and winter months. And then along comes Aries! All nature rejoices – and gladness comes to the human heart for being fortunate enough to be allowed to experience yet another spring and to be alive – on this side of the veil of consciousness.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is the planet of desire, and when the Sun moves through this sign everybody’s desire nature is more strongly felt. The same applies to souls born into Aries for the whole of their present lifetime. Eager for experiences and hungry for life, they go after what they want – never mind the consequences! Well, at this time of year there is a touch of recklessness to us all, and the sexual drive is strong – after all, it’s the mating season! New life is stirring and urging to surge forth, throughout nature, and also within us. Not for nothing are some of the Aries keywords push, drive and taking the initiative. When the Sun moves through this sign, it is wonderful time for action and for launching new projects and enterprises.

As these energies presently are affecting all life, the Universe is providing everybody with natural help for getting things started and moving them forward. Sun in Aries is an excellent time for moving project from the idea phase of their development onto the material plane of life. There could be no better time of the year for getting new ventures going. And if you wait until the New Moon in Aries – this year on 6th April – that would be just perfect! Probably the best example of this is the launch of the first Rays of Wisdom website on April 1, 2006, three days after a New Moon had taken place. The old and new sites have been going from strength to strength, ever since. Thanks be to God and the Angels for this and to each one of you for your loving support.

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Six pointed Star

General Observations

Understanding the planetary energies is the first step towards mastering and bringing forth the best of our Sun sign. How can one sensibly be expected to do that with anything for as long as one does not how something works? To master Aries, take a closer look at the nature of Mars, the sign’s ruling planet. In its most basic expression on the Earth plane it is a force and a drive that makes young and inexperienced souls feel and shout loudly: ‘I want, want, want – and I want it NOW! If anything gets in the way of the Martian desire force, when someone refuses to do what this soul wants, the voice of the other one is suppressed, shouted down, bullied and, if need be, in some other way manipulated into submission. At worst Mars walks over dead bodies to get what it wants. It may go to war and unthinkingly destroy everything that does not surrender itself to its will. Arians are quite capable of doing this with anything they desire.

This is how the Mars energy moves us as newly created Divine sparks learning to move around in earthly life assists us with building ourselves an earthly personality. Because each one of us dwells in their own physical body we begin to recognise and experience ourselves as an individual being, apart from everybody else and our Creator. With the help of our developing earthly personality we find ourselves a place in our new environment, which we maintain by bursting forth with all our youthful vigour and vim and the enthusiasm for the enjoyment of life that is typical for the Fire element and the signs it rules.

Mars is a force that in young soul expresses itself like a wild mustang that has to be caught, tamed and harnessed before it can be ridden wisely. To master this energy, the same as all others, we have to spend sufficient lifetimes on the Earth plane until we have conquered our earthly desire nature. This continues until this part of our nature is no longer in charge of us and the desires of our Highest Self have taken over. Freely and willingly we then follow the guidance of our inner teacher, the living God within, the only one who for each one of us knows the way back home into the oneness with God.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries and, together with Pluto, he is also the co-ruler of Scorpio. In Aries Mars represents the human soul’s will and instinct to live, its desire to be and to grow through many and varied experiences. In Scorpio the Mars energies express themselves as survival instinct and demonstrate the ability of the human spirit to survive under all circumstances. The combination of Mars and Pluto brings to humankind the gift of the ability to completely regenerate and restore ourselves and our lives. These energies are meant to be developed to their highest potential during the lifetimes the soul spends in Scorpio.

The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Sun’s entry into each one of these signs, in the sky above us and also in our birthchart, heralds the beginning of a new cycle, within the wheel of life. On the outer level of life Aries and Libra mark the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, and Cancer and Capricorn the summer and winter solstices. Each one is a turning point in the year and also within the human soul on its evolutionary pathway. In some of the ancient traditions of our world, the vernal equinox symbolised the human soul’s birth into the outer world of matter, to seek its happiness here; and the autumnal equinox was a symbol for its re-entry into the greater freedom and happiness of its true home, the world of spirit.

The basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. Because of the passive nature of the feminine Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it is unusual for souls born into them to be found among the shakers, movers and initiators of our world. Look towards the Fire and Air signs for this quality.

When it comes to the fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, the views and opinions of those born into them, as well as their perception and general vision of life, our world and their place in it can be astonishingly fixed and rigid. In contrast to this the mutability of Gemini and Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces often manifests itself as a wonderful chameleon-like ability of souls born into these signs for adjusting themselves to those around them and their needs, at times with almost too much ease.

Six pointed Star


The symbol of Aries is the ram who, with the force of its strong head and formidable horns, is only too happy to run head first into anything that gets into the way of what it is after. Mars is creative energy in its purest form that relentlessly and all too frequently without due forethought or consideration for endangering of the self or others causes the soul to push forward on its evolutionary pathway. The Mars energy is responsible for the fact that souls born into both the signs it rules do not suffer fools gladly. Learning to control their anger is a must for them, if they wish to make the spiritual progress that is possible – though by potential only – for the soul in every sign.

Sun in Aries represents the overflowing and upwards rushing fountain of life.  As briefly touched upon earlier, in this sign the Sun is in its exaltation. A planet is said to be strong or in the old terms ‘dignified’ when it is either in the sign it rules or in the sign in which it is exalted. This is when the essential and most positive qualities of the energies of the planet involved can unfold to its best and developed to its highest potential.

As a result, the life force in Aries flows particularly forcefully through those born into this sign, whose definition is: ‘I am!’ Impatient to get on with things, the soul in this sign tackles all its enterprises with great vigour and enthusiasm. This is because unconsciously it is filled with a strong desire of wanting to leave its mark on the world and to become someone of importance. Not all that many succeed in this, as Arians frequently lack the staying power to bring their dreams down into the realities of earthly life. On top of that they have an extremely low boredom threshold and all too soon get tired of things, people and situations and are then only too willing to drop whatever is in pursuit of new adventures and excitement. To help them along, they almost seem to have a never ending supply of energy at their disposal. Always full of beans and bounce, what they love most of all is rushing around and doing things.

Fire is creative/sexual/spiritual energy in its purest form. Each of the three fire signs expresses it in its own unique way. In Aries it is the creative fire of the head; the idea, the initial spark of energy without which the creative process cannot start. The ideas of the Universe are constantly pouring into everything that is in the whole of the created world and, therefore, also into us. Arians are particularly well tuned into this energy and it is not for nothing that they are known as the original ideas people. As they are always bursting forth to impart the creative ideas of the Universe to those around them, they are the ideal partners and team members for brain-storming sessions. If you ever get involved in one of those, try to watch out and observe through whom the most brilliant ideas are flowing.

Six pointed Star

Aries – The Sexy One

Arians are impulsive, passionate and enthusiastic souls whose sexual drive is particularly strong. Don’t believe the myth that Scorpios are the sexiest people in the zodiac. In my view, this title belongs to Aries. Souls born into this sign – probably more than in any other one – are in need of learning to control the untamed fire of impulse. That is easier said than done though! Fire flares up; it goes ‘whoosh!’ and before you know it, the excitement is over and the fire has died down again. Restlessly they then go looking out for new adventures and greener pastures! Being the fire of the head, Arians are headstrong and they know exactly what they want – or rather they think they know. And they do go after it! The trouble is that when they get the object of their desire, they usually find out all too quickly that it is not what they wanted, after all. Should it have been you they fancied and you were taken in by their charms – and make no mistake about it, they know how to turn on the charm; remember, their opposite sign is Libra – it is quite within the realms of possibility that very soon after you will be dumped again and dropped like a hot potato.

Although usually cheerful, buoyant and optimistic, Arians are by no means always on top of the world – no-one can be that. Yet, when they are down in the dumps, on the whole they soon recover. Fighters and warriors at heart, they enjoy a good tussle and are always ready to tackle anyone for an argument and can be too aggressive and confrontational for their own good. Forthright and direct, they hand out their opinions frankly and in no uncertain terms to anyone who is willing to lend an ear. Others may fall out with them over this, yet they themselves never seem to bear grudges against anyone. To them, life is simply too short for that, for there is within them a great hunger for life. Eager and keen for new experiences and learning, they feel they never have any time to waste. Instead of persevering with something, they would rather move on and get on with a new project.

Six pointed Star

Aries – Point Of All Beginnings

Aries is the point of all beginnings in the zodiac and souls born into this sign are on a whole new cycle of experiences. This, however, does not necessarily mean that they are young, i.e. inexperienced souls. Working on building themselves an earthly personality is Aries’ main task for this lifetime. Because of this all their energies are typically centred on the self and directed by the self. The fierce and fiery energies of Mars take some handling, as the storming and urging nature of Aries clearly demonstrates. They are enthusiastic, courageous, bold and audacious, often to the point of foolhardiness. Theirs is a great sense of purpose and objective, and their urge for ruling the roost and their lust for power is exceptionally strong.

Aries is the pioneering sign of the zodiac. Wanting to make the progress that is potentially possible in all signs, therefore also in this one, wise ones resist the temptation of being too aggressive towards others, of trying  to push people around and bullying them into things they are not interested in. They know that browbeating those around them into accepting their views no longer works in an age when ever more are encouraged to do their own thinking and find their own beliefs. Under such conditions, instead of listening people will turn away, even if one’s arguments are good; if the approach is not right no-one will want to know and instead of followers one gathers enemies.

Yet, even that cannot stop Aries. Constantly on the look-out for fresh opportunities and greener pastures, they are the pioneers and wayfinders of the zodiac. They are good at finding new and better ways of living and being, and of showing others by their example how to do the same for themselves. Never afraid of charging ahead and trampling a path where no-one has been before which more timid and cautions souls may wish to follow. They are the eager beavers of the zodiac, never lacking energy and enthusiasm for new enterprises and are always willing to take the initiative and lend a helping hand to anyone. Excellent executives and wonderful at getting new projects started, because of their restless nature they may encounter great difficulties when it comes to following through and grounding their many ideas. Unless they can find the assistance of someone born into one of the Earth signs, they are unlikely to ever reap the rewards and find the success that is potentially theirs.

Take heart, dear Arians, everybody has the tendency to first act out the negative aspects of their Sun sign, before the positive ones can be taken possession of. They can only be developed from getting the feedback of that which we ourselves once sent out into the world. Life itself is the teacher in this school of Earth life. Through the reactions to any of our own negative actions, from earlier during this lifetime or previous ones, it is constantly trying to teach each one of us to give of their best and to reach for the best and highest qualities of our Sun sign.

Six pointed Star

Aries Children

In their childhood Aries are active and noisy, always on the go and wanting to do something. They can be a bit of a pain in the neck all round and quite capable of driving those in charge of them round the bend. Being sporty souls, they enjoy games and sport. To understand all Fire signs better, look at the nature of their element. Its action and reactions are swift, and speed and moving fast is the true element of all souls born into the fire signs, no matter what activities they may be involved in. As adults, Arians are nowhere happier than behind the wheel of a fast car. Headstrong as they are, they are quite happy to run head first into any kind of obstacle that chances to get into their way, whenever the need arises. Like all fire signs, but even more so than Leo and Sagittarius, Arians have a tendency of rushing head-first into things. They do not suffer fools gladly and have a knack of instantly jumping to conclusions, shooting first and then asking the questions. Like the proverbial fool they rush in where Angels fear to tread. Having lots of physical energy at their disposal, they may leave all around them frequently gasping for breath.

When it comes to assessing the compatibility between two signs, do not forget to consider the strength of their energy supply. There often is a strong attraction between people born into opposite signs. This is particularly marked in Aries/Libra; yet, a partnership between them may well be doomed from the word go. The Sun in Aries being in its exaltation, those born into it are blessed with an abundance of energy. However, in Libra the Sun is in its fall and as here the energy levels are low, it is an important task for those born into this sign to learn to take good care of their energy supply. Having a partner with so much energy to keep up with – as kind and obliging Librans dearly like to do – could easily spell problems for this relationship later on.

Never attempt to tell Aries anything, especially not how to run their lives; there just isn’t any point. You would be wasting your time, because they are the only ones who know how to do that. Although on the surface this frequently comes across as stubborn and pigheaded, it is all part of the soul’s character for wise evolutionary reasons. It knows that it must learn from its own first hand experiences and that is why it simply refuses to listen when someone tries to give them some good advice. Other people’s learning is of no use to them; their predestined pathway is to find out everything for themselves. The Aries soul insists upon doing whatever it wants to do and when it wishes to do so; any attempts at interference from others is likely to bring wrath upon the offender. Especially in its younger years, this can be the cause of a great deal of friction at home and at school. In spite of the fact that it is thus creating many problems for itself, unerringly it goes its own sweet way – without listening to anyone.

Arians are the self-starters of the zodiac; the original get-up-and-go people. Alas, they soon lose interest when the pace slackens or things become too complicated for their taste. Their greatest difficulties arise because they tend to function too much from their head, instead of allowing their heart to have its say, too. Make no mistake about it though, in spite of all that a warm, loving and romantic heart beats in them. As already mentioned, their desire nature is strong and they go after whatever they want. Having got hold of it, after a while they all too often come to the conclusion that it is not really right for them, after all. They may then drop whatever that applies to without any further ado and chase after something else. This is particularly troublesome when it comes to choosing a partner.

Six pointed Star

The Negative Aspects

The polar opposites Aries and Libra are romantics at heart, who find it difficult to be without someone to love. Souls born into both signs are always on the lookout for the ideal person to come into their lives. Yet, even when that special person has finally appeared, Arians are unlikely to keep them in their lives for very long, unless they learn to master their urge to dominate others. This is probably the most negative aspect of this sign; some of the others are:

• Arrogance and egotism;
• Ruthlessness;
• Creating problems for themselves through hastiness;
• Wishing to impose their views on others;
• Trying to dominate those around them;
• Being too opinionated, positive and pushy;
• Insist on being right, no matter what.

Above all things it is worth Aries while to work on mastering the following three things beginning with c: co-ordination; conservation of energy; completion of new projects. Without this they are constantly setting traps and creating difficulties for themselves. Wise ones pay attention to the negative aspects of their small earthly self and seriously work on overcoming them. For souls of both genders born into the masculine signs, Fire and Air, it is important not to neglect their feminine and passive side. If Aries wants to make the progress that by potential can be made in their sign, they will benefit greatly from making regular times available for being quiet, receptive and willing to listen.

Because of their restless nature and their natural inclination to scatter their energies and resources, Arians are unlikely to ever achieve anything that is truly worthwhile, unless they make a genuine effort at controlling the negative aspects of their sign. Tuning into their opposite sign, Libra, can be most helpful here, especially when it comes to building a good dose of the much needed tact and diplomacy into their character. Libra is ruled by Venus. Mars and Venus can benefit greatly from the contact with each other. Left to its own devices Mars energy can be too aggressive and destructive, while undiluted Venus energy can be too laid back and hedonistic. In truth, they need each other. There is harmony between the opposing forces in the zodiac, and the point of balance between expressions of their extremes lies always halfway between them. The influence of Mars can energise Venus and add some get up and go; Venus in return can bring a softening and civilising sway on Mars. 

Six pointed Star

Aries – Ever Young At Heart

Arians are ever young at heart and their outlook on life never grows old, even when their physical body does. There’s something about them that is hard to define and that is that no matter how old they may be, they will always remain enthusiastic about life, which is accompanied by a freshness and a kind of innocent and childlike quality. At best this can be most endearing, but at worst their behaviour can be downright childish and infuriating. Wise ones, who are in touch with their feelings, are aware that deep down they frequently feel like insecure and vulnerable children, inadequate and unworthy. They avoid covering such feelings up with a top show of blustery self-confidence, as the less evolved souls among them like to do. Instead they set to work on replacing any feelings of lowliness with a genuine sense of self-worth and appreciation of the uniqueness of their own being – bearing in mind that this also applies to everybody else. Upon such wise ones the Universe really does smile; it values their efforts and grants them the success they have always dreamed of and which they now deserve.

Six pointed Star

From The Ram To The Lamb Of God

In the sign of the ram the Universe endows us with an immensely strong will that it is capable of storming forth with all its strength against any obstacles that get in its way. As it first emerges from the heartmind of God, this is necessary to carry the Divine spark forth into its human experiences, so it can there begin to build itself an earthly character and carve out a niche of its own. That’s why at the moment of its release onto the Earth plane, it is given the forceful ways of the ram to help it survive in its new environment, where we all must gather wisdom through learning from our own experiences. Lifetime after lifetime, we thus slowly work our way, time and again, round the whole zodiac. All the needs any soul will ever have in the long course of its evolution are constantly met, to help us deal successfully with the tests and trials that inevitably come our way.

Tenderly cared for and protected by its Divine parents, guides, helpers and God’s messengers, the Angels are provided and no soul is ever abandoned or left to its own devices. Before the infant spirit descends into physicality it knows these things, but as it descends ever deeper into physicality something like a veil comes between it and its other world, its true home. To be capable of existing in earthly life each spirit must develop an earthly personality. And it takes along time until that self finally wakes up again from its spiritual slumbers and realises the truth of its own nature and the existence of its unseen companions. But, all along, seen or unseen, they are really there and watching every step, making sure that things come right again in the end, when damage has been done and wounds are healed, when the child gets hurt.

The infant spirit still knew all that and thus it first ventured forth, with total trust and confidence that its Divine parents will always provide for all its needs, as boldly and audaciously precocious as any small earthly child. In its new environment it could only learn from its own experiences that running headfirst into walls hurts. There never was and there never will be any other way of it finding out! And that is precisely what happens to every human soul during each lifetime spent in Aries. No matter how often it begins a new cycle of them on the Earth, the same central principle applies that the soul can only learn from its own experiences; this is as valid for the Sun in Aries as it is for all others. And each new round has to begin with a lifetime in Aries, then Taurus and so forth. It is just that the lessons get to be ever more sophisticated and the tests and trials harder, the more highly evolved a soul becomes.

Each soul is given ever more opportunities for learning from its mistakes and for making good any Karma that has been accrued in previous lifetimes and also earlier during this one. Programmed into each soul’s memories is the knowledge that its final goal is perfection. This is a word for wholeness and means that we all need to slowly grow into a perfect miniature replica of our Divine Father/Mother. That is why, lifetime after lifetime the soul strives with all its might, safe in the knowledge that one day it will have reached this goal. Every lifetime presents the soul with different lessons, offering many opportunities for slowly integrating ever more of the Divine qualities into its own character.

Six pointed Star

Wholeness Is Holiness

When complete wholeness has been achieved, the soul has been healed and become holy in its own right.  Not holier than thou, but as blessed and righteous as its true parents. At the end of each lifetime, in the world of spirit, there comes a time for each soul for assessing the progress it has made up to that point. No matter what has happened or what might ‘seemingly’ have gone wrong in its most recent lifetime, and all others, it receives reassurance and learns that all is well. No soul is ever past redemption and no matter how dire anyone’s circumstances on the Earth plane may sometimes appear to be, sufficient chances for making good and doing better next time round will always be offered.

Thus when the time comes for venturing forth into yet another lifetime, the soul does so bravely and without hesitation. The end and completion of each cycle always comes in Pisces; in this sign the soul surrenders all its learning and wisdom to God. For as long as this is necessary, after yet another period of rest and recuperation in the world of spirit, undeterred by anything it tackles yet another new cycle. In its next lifetime in Aries it plays once again the role of the ram with all its strength, enthusiasm and love for life. Reaching for experiences on ever higher levels of life, it thus constantly moves onwards and upwards.

When the soul finally has grown into spiritual adulthood and mature sufficiently that no further lifetimes in physicality are deemed necessary, it surrenders its whole being to God. Through its reunion with its Source, by willingly becoming the Lamb of God, the soul is cleansed and all remnants of Karma are washed away. This principle applies to each individual soul and also to that of groups of people, nations, our world and the whole of Creation. Evolution is the law of life; it is its very purpose which no soul can escape; and no soul can ever truly be lost. Those who get caught up too much in the negative stream of life and sink too low into it, during their lessons of learning to differentiate between good and evil, in the end destroy themselves. However, the spirit, the Divine spark that is in very soul is indestructible. After a period of rest it eventually goes forth again. It is reborn and given another chance of building itself a soul, but must start once more from point zero.

During their present lifetime Aries souls are offered many opportunities for developing true leadership qualities. Yet, wise ones appreciate that the right for leading people, projects and enterprises is theirs by potential only. They also know that their most important requirement for this lifetime is putting their minds into gear before speaking. As the fiery temperament of Mars has a tendency of all too easily running away with Arians, this applies particularly to their tongues. Mars rules sharp instruments like knives, swords and surgeon’s scalpels, and under the influence of its energies the human tongue is in danger of developing into a deadly weapon. For a better understanding of why this is so, let’s take a closer look at the nature of the Fire element. Think of how fire behaves when someone carelessly drops a spark of it in the wrong place and something goes up in flames and smoke. On the outer level of life it is quite capable of destroying whole structures, like buildings and forests; on the inner level it can do the same to relationships that may have taken many years to build up.

For a long time every young and inexperienced soul, not only during its lifetime in Aries, remains blissfully unaware of the laws of the Universe, especially that of Karma and the fact that every action causes a reaction which unerringly has to find its way back to its sender. It may consider its ability of expressing itself impulsively and thoughtlessly, blurting out to all and sundry its cutting and hurtful remarks of the first thing that comes to its mind as a sign of its own greatness. If that is the case, by the time that same soul has reached Scorpio its speech faculty may have deteriorated into one that now knows how to very carefully inflict pain upon others. With its high psychic sensitivity Scorpio easily senses the Achilles heels of its opponents and is thus capable of ensuring that almost each time its carefully aimed poisonous arrows score a bull’s eye, leaving the other one deeply wounded; more of this later.

Six pointed Star

The Mars Energies

To find a better understanding of why this is so taking a closer look at the fiery nature of Mars is helpful. Its energy is the first spark of creation that brings each new spirit into this life, so that it may grow itself a feminine, soft and sensitive feeling part, a soul. As Mars represents sexual/creative/spiritual energy in its purest form, by rights it deserves some extremely careful and respectful handling. After all, it is the energy that in God’s hands can bring whole new worlds into being and destroy them again, at will. The whole of God’s creation consists of energies and none of them are inherently evil or bad; it is always the intention behind any action that decides whether its outcome is going to be good or evil. When used constructively and in the right place, Mars energies are wonderful. Yet, when applied selfishly and for the domination of one part of the population over another, it very easily gets out of control. Whenever this happens on an individual, national and international level, ever escalating conflicts and wars are the result, as the sad state of our world demonstrates all too clearly. This recognition in itself is the most vital part of the lesson we and our world most urgently need, and a first major step towards peace.

Yet another reason why wise ones are sure to benefit greatly from learning to control their tongues is that their speech may otherwise come across to others as too forceful and forthright for their own good. And because they know first hand that in truth nobody can tell an Arian anything, they leave the less experienced ones to happily dish out heartaches and pain to those around them, quite unaware that the same must one day return to them. They too will find out in due course that through their negative actions they are creating problems for themselves that with a bit of caution could so easily be avoided. When, in accordance with the laws of the Universe, their words and actions come back to them like boomerangs – maybe in another lifetime, more than likely they will feel mystified why anything of that nature should be happening to them.

If only we knew earlier on that every hurtful word that anyone speaks leaves behind a wound and later a scar, and that not only in the heart of the recipient but also in the soul of the perpetrator. Any pain of any kind we cause another has to be made good again by us, if not in this lifetime then in another. The more one becomes aware of these things, the more one realises the importance of getting one’s mind into gear before opening one’s mouth. Alas, it takes every soul a long time before it becomes aware that if it wants to find a solution to any of its relationship problems it has to first look towards itself and its own behaviour. All human relationships are of Karmic origin and it is our own reactions to other people’s actions that at one stage set the Karmic wheels in motion. We ourselves created all the problems that are no in our life in the first place. That is why it is impossible to change other people and we must look inside and turn to ourselves. If we wish another’s behaviour towards us to be different, we must first look towards our own underlying subconscious motivations and attitudes towards at person. And to avoid human problem from recurring time and again it is necessary that we work on our own character and not on that of others.

Knowing that constant arguing and word battles can only drive those away whom they would dearly wish to attract, wise ones step back and refuse to get involved. Tuning into Libra, their opposite sign and sleeping partner, to build some tact and diplomacy into their character make-up, they catch two birds with one stone, as they are also becoming more whole and integrated in this process. With amazement they stand by and watch their less experienced Aries brothers and sisters quarrelling and fighting, willing to pursue their aims in life by ruthlessly trampling over dead bodies, if need be; and how in their eagerness to reach the top, their better judgement seems to leave entirely.

Arians need to learn to control and use their ability of charging forth to butt their heads against obstacles that get in their way in positive and life-affirming ways that serve the good of others, instead of the self. When this has been achieved, this qualities turns into a most wonderful tool. However, trouble invariably brews when young souls, impatient and unwilling to wait for events to mature, rush in where angels fear to tread, with total disregard for its own safety and well-being, never mind anybody else’s. While still unaware of the laws of the Universe and the law of Karma in particular, such souls may well go round lustily hurting and wounding self and others with all the weaponry the Universe so kindly seems to have put at its disposal. The same tool, when placed into experienced hands, can be developed into a veritable sword of truth that is capable of slicing through the debris of false beliefs and prejudices. The soul then becomes a channel through which the Divine can speak and write to reveal Its eternal truths to humankind.

As mentioned earlier, the law of life is evolution and the zodiac is the symbol of the great wheel of life. Time and again, every soul must go through all its experiences. Round and round it goes in a great many cycles; each sign and every house has to be experienced time and again, until all the most positive and highest aspects of each one have been integrated. When the soul has reached this point it soul has acquired sufficient understanding of life and its purpose to be able to recognise the loving wisdom behind God’s great plan of evolution. Through all the reactions it received at the hands of others to its own unwise actions of previous lifetimes which returned to their source, as the law decrees, at the end of each cycle through the zodiac, the soul reaches Pisces.

Such a soul may be battered and bruised by life, but through its many and varied experiences it grows ever stronger and wiser. Immensely rich in learning, in the end it thankfully kneels before its Creator and declares: ‘Thy will, not mine, my Lord.’ When during its next lifetime in Aries this same soul makes the change from the battering ram into that of the Lamb of God who meekly and willingly follows its inner guidance, at long last the true and highest potential of this sign begins to unfold. When the Aries soul has matured sufficiently to unselfishly serve the highest good of the whole and the power of God works through it, all things are possible. The strength of the willpower of the ram needs to willingly transform itself into a humble tool in the hands of the Divine that can be used to move mountains of faith on the Earth plane. The barriers that to this day stand in the way of true faith on the Earth plane are waiting to be demolished. They need to make room for a devotion that is based on the knowledge of God’s Divine wisdom that is now flowing ever more strongly into every heart and soul directly from the Source.

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