In Deepest Sympathy

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Berieved - In Deepest Sympathy - Letter To A Friend

 The Random Jottings Of A Stargazer

Volume XI

Comfort for the Bereaved

 A New Perspective On The Mystery Of Life And Death

 Part 1

In Deepest Sympathy

Letter To A Friend

Six pointed Star


The death of loved ones first of all reminds us of our own mortality. They sufficiently disrupt the rut of our daily lives that so easily sets in, to make us stop in our trucks and start thinking about the purpose and meaning of humankind’s existence in earthly life. These events are meant to stop us from feeling too much at home here, so that eventually we realise that this is not where we truly belong.

During periods of great sorrow and sadness, especially bereavements, even the most closed off human hearts begin to open up. Small cracks appear in the emotional coat of armour we normally wear and through them God’s light, in the form of wisdom and understanding, begin to penetrate our consciousness, for it is a time when God and the Angels are drawing very close to us. And to those who are ready to receive them, they bring a better comprehension of life and its processes, in particular death. This is what all my writings are about and some of them I am sharing with you in this part of my jottings. God and the Angels are writing them and bringing them to you – through me.

Six pointed Star

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort for the Bereaved - Letter To A Bereaved Friend

Dearest Friend,

It is only natural that, when we are witnessing the departure of a loved one from this plane of life, the more thoughtful ones in our midst begin to ask themselves questions like: ‘What is the sense and purpose of all our coming and going in and out of this life? Where do we come from and where are we going to? What is the point of all our striving to achieve when everything is wiped out and lost at the end? Or could there be some kind of meaning behind it? If so, what?’

This is how during periods of great sorrow and sadness, especially bereavements, even the most closed off human hearts begin to open up. Small cracks appear in the emotional coat of armour we normally wear and through them God’s light, wisdom and understanding, begin to penetrate our consciousness, for it is a time when God and the Angels are drawing very close to us. And to those who are ready to receive them, they bring an increased understanding of life and its processes, in particular death. This is what all my writings are about and some of them I am sharing with you here. God and the Angels are writing them and bringing them to you – through me.

My deepest sympathies, loving thoughts and good wishes are with you at this sad time of saying goodbye, loss and transformation. For the healing of the deep inner soul wounds this has left behind in you, I would like to hold your hand for a while to help you understand that this kind of farewell is but a temporary one and by no means forever, as to this day many believe is the case. I am reaching out to you in the hope that through what you are finding here you may gain a fresh perspective of what is currently moving through your life.

Whenever I hear about someone’s passing on, especially in the case of a young person or when it happens under tragic circumstances, I feel a strong urge to do something that will help them in some way. My daily walk takes me past our local cemetery and I am always deeply moved by the sight of freshly dug graves, ready to take someone’s mortal remains, or a newly appeared mound of Earth with masses of flowers piled on top.

These days, even when I hear about particularly tragic circumstances in which someone died, does no longer upset me the way such events once used to do. This is because I now know in the deepest innermost recesses of my being that the spirit and soul of the one who has passed on – no matter how their departure came about – rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels. But my heart and loving thoughts continue to reach out to those who are weeping and mourning. Whenever necessary, I stop for a moment to lift them into the light of the Highest Star and call to the Angels to draw close to them to bring healing and peace to their souls through a better understanding of the processes of life and its spiritual background.

Even when I know the mourners personally, sending someone my deepest sympathies at a time like this seems hopelessly inadequate. I long to do more, something that really eases their pain. This letter is the result – in the course of many years it has grown from small the smallest beginning to its present size. By the time it reaches you, you may have completed the first raw and most painful stage of your grieving process, so that your inner wounds are already beginning to heal.

In that case you may be ready to take stock of the changes the loss of your loved one has brought into your life. That you have been guided to this site and are taking the time to read this, to me, are an indication that by now you are likely to be ready for what is now before you. If you feel that you are, I suggest that you take a printout of this letter and make yourself comfortable with it somewhere where you will be undisturbed, to read about the spiritual value of some of the lessons that all bereavements contain for those left behind who are willing to pay attention. What follows is what the living spirit within me – my inner guide and teacher – moves me to tell you.

I believe that whenever the moment of someone’s leaving the Earth plane has come, no matter under what circumstances, it is always at the right moment. Naturally, this includes us and our loves ones. Only when the purpose of our lifetime has been fulfilled are we called back home. It makes no difference at what age and in what manner this event takes place. To talk about anyone’s earthly death as ‘untimely’, to my mind is unseemly because it means doubting the infinite wisdom and love of our Creator.

The Great Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life, is the ultimate authority over everything in the whole of Creation and the only one who has any true power – nothing is beyond or outside of Its will. Therefore, no soul’s departure from earthly life ever takes place without the consent of the Highest. This applies to any kind of death, including suicide. You can read more about this in ‘Overcoming Depression & Suicidal Tendencies Through Understanding’.

How aware are you that those who are shedding their outer shell and vehicle for this lifetime, their physical bodies, are not really dying? In truth, they are merely moving into another dimension and onto a different level of life. They are now in another mansion, if you like. Not for nothing has it been said that our Father’s house – the great house of all life – has many mansions that consist of many layers and levels of life.

Whenever one of our loved ones has returned into the spirit world, there is no need to think of it as a place somewhere ‘out there’, because this world is an integral, though invisible part of the world we presently inhabit. That is why, by rights, there is no need ever to talk of those who have returned to it, as if they had gone away; they most certainly have not. This earthly life is our temporary home; it is a school and we are all here together to learn and grow from our own experiences. Everything that ever happens in anybody’s life, invariably can teach us something. More of this theme later.

As music always gives me a great deal of comfort, especially when it is accompanied by words that really speak to my heart, I would like to share the following with you in the hope that it may do the same for you.

Going Home

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Going Home

Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s how everybody goes home
Into the spirit world.

It’s not far, just close by,
Through an open door.
Work all done, cares laid by,
Pain and fear no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us,
Father’s waiting too.
Angels and helpers gathered
With the friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way,
Earth-bound sorrows done.
Shadows gone, break of day,
Real life’s just begun.

There’s no break, there’s no end ,
Just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile,
Going on and on.

I’m just going home!
And although I’ve gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for following me has come.
God and the Angels are always with us
And wherever our road may still have to take us,
We shall be safe, for they never leave us.
Life in all Eternity rests in the loving embrace
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

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Six pointed Star

Earth Life – A Journey

Rays of Wisdom - Wisdom From the Tree of Life -The Long and winding road

It’s the heart
Afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.
It’s the dream
Afraid of waking that never takes a chance.
It’s the one
Who won’t be taken that cannot seem to give.
And the soul
Afraid of dying that never learns to live.

From ‘The Rose’
By Amanda McBroom

In my view, this lifetime for all of us – whether we are aware of this as yet or not – is not a destination but a journey of discovery that is meant to help us find healing for the wound our separation from God once created and left its mark in the deepest innermost soul memories that are hidden in our subconscious at the core of our being. And each new lifetime is on the Earth is meant to take us a bit higher on the winding road that takes us up the spiritual mountain into the reunion with our the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life.

During all explorations of our past lifetimes it needs bearing in mind that because each one of us can only learn through their own experiences to differentiate between good and evil. That’s why in some of them we have to find ourselves at the giving end and in others at the receiving end of good and evil. This has always equally applied to every individual as to groups like families and organisations, nations and even our whole world.

I agree with Colette, 1873-1954, who wrote: ‘Look for a long time at what pleases you and longer still at what pains you.’ To find inner and outer peace and through this healing, it is essential that we  first inspect carefully that which pains or frightens us in this life and then set about looking for suitable remedies. Two of everybody’s most basic fears are the one of life and the one of death. I believe that the best and probably only way of overcoming both is going in search of a better understanding of the processes involved. We shall only be afraid of life and death for as long as we still lack a reasonable grasp of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence and what lies behind it.

The song of the rose speaks to us about the soul who is afraid of dying and therefore never truly learns to live. My life has taught me that this is true. Trying to help you overcome your fear of death is the purpose of this article, because only through making it our business to learn all we can about life and its processes, can we ever hope to finally shed all our fears. As that is one of the main reasons why this lifetime has been given to us, come and join me on my journey of exploration.

Learning to live without fear is one of the key factors of the healing journey of our present lifetime for each one of us. Sharon Maas writes in ‘Of Marriageable Age’: ‘You cannot hide from death [no-one can]; you can only reach down inside yourself to find the strength to help you face it.’ How very true! But when we reach within, we are on our own with God. And that hurls us immediately into another, equally important and frightening fear, the one of God. This is a vicious circle, if there ever was one. Because we do not understand God, we are afraid of letting go at the moment of death, when the Angel calls for us, to take us home – to God. The way I see it, if we wish to overcome our fear of death, we owe it to ourselves to first investigate the nature of God, then our own and our relationship humankind with our Creator. Please follow the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The next vital step is to become aware that the fear of God and of death is so deeply routed in our consciousness, because in previous lifetimes – maybe also in this one – we were taught to be afraid of God. That is why this fear is a particularly hard one to shake off. Quite literally, the Heavens, i.e. the highest levels of life, alone know how many lifetimes of indoctrination we have behind us, probably a great many more than we imagine. In past lifetimes these fears too were necessary, but now the time has come for shedding them, once and for all.

The great wisdom of our Divine parents provided that our fears should protect us against experiences we were unready for. Unfortunately, the fears continue even when we are ready. In spite of not having been raised on a steady diet of Christianity and its beliefs, the fear of death has always been exceedingly strong in me. As a matter of fact, overcoming every one of our fears is what all my writings have always been about.

I believe that the fear of death mostly consists of the feelings that gripped us during past lifetimes when the moment of yet again parting company with our physical body drew ever closer. As many different cultures contain a notion that we have to go to some kind of hell or purgatory when we leave our earthly existence, we are all likely to have passed through such an experience in quite a few of our lifetimes during the course of our evolutionary journey up to the present.

Through this the fear of death by now has so deeply embedded itself in our soul memories that it is one of the most difficult ones to let go of. But now the time is right for finding out that heaven and hell are not places that anyone goes to,  that they are states of consciousness that human beings are so good at creating for themselves and those around them. And because humankind has been given the precious gift of freedom of choice, it is up to each one of us individually to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth, right here and living them in every one of our daily encounters.

A great deal of spiritual wisdom and knowledge is presently coming to our world. It is worth our while to study what we find carefully, for it alone can help us to cleanse humankind’s individual and collective consciousness of many of the outdated beliefs and prejudices that still abound.

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Six pointed Star

Judgement Day

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Letter To A Friend - Judgement DayAnother one of our most potent fears is being afraid of judgement and judgement day. There is no such thing as a judgement day in the traditional sense and nothing happens perchance or is a coincidence, although it may often seem that way. Every experience means to teach us something and if it is not immediately clear what, we have to go within and consult with our Highest Self. God has created us in His/Her image and perfect. We are loved totally and unconditionally, and accepted the way we are. No-one ever judges us; it is just that after each lifetime has been completed, together with the wise ones in charge of us, we take stock and assess our performance, not only during our most recent lifetime, but throughout all of them.

There is a record somewhere of every word ever spoken, every thought ever thought, and every action that has ever been taken, not just by us but by everyone. We are responsible for them all and shall be confronted with them, so that we can clearly see for ourselves where our weaknesses and strengths lie, where we have done well and not so well. This assessment helps us to recognise which lessons we most urgently require, during our next lifetime. When everything has been stripped from us and we are once again that which we always have been, spirit and soul, we shall stand before the mirror of ourselves. What a wonderfully sobering and comforting thought that no-one will judge us!

I met a man the other day, who was dressed up as a woman and who told me throughout his life he had always wanted to be a woman rather than a man. His lifelong struggle with a conflict of such severity is sure to have brought him a great deal of suffering – and therefore, soul growth. When he told me his story, he concluded with: ‘What will God think of me?’ He was visibly relieved when I replied: You need to become aware that you yourself are God and that when you return to the world of spirit there will be no judgement day, at the end of this lifetime or ever. However, you will be confronted with yourself – you will stand before yourself and see yourself as in a mirror. No-one judges us – God does not; we judge ourselves.

Therefore, if any difficult decisions have to be made by you, listen into the world of your feelings how your inner guide and teacher reacts. It helps to try to imagine yourself standing before that mirror in the world of spirit and see how you would be judging your chosen course of action then? Will you think it was a good and positive one or was a destructive one? If the latter, did it teach you something? Did you learn from it? Because God loves us, all our desires are always fulfilled, so either way we should learn from the experiences it brings and grow. Maybe you need to do what you have in mind to find out whether it is really what you want and need. You may be surprised!

Before entering into yet another new lifetime, we ourselves together with the wise also choose where we are going to spend it. Learning the value of peace is by far the most important lesson for humankind. Those who have already learnt it the hard way, may well during their coming lifetimes want to work as a driving force, bringing in the Age of Aquarius, and with it peace to our world. To such souls will apply what the Bible tells us in Matthew 5:9 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’ However, not only these particular children are meant to do their share of bringing peace to our world; the same applies to everybody who is here now. Each can make a valuable contribution by living their life more peacefully. And that, my dear friends, is the only way that rest, peace and healing can finally come to our world and rule it, forever and ever.

Many by now have reached the evolutionary phase for reconciling and healing their inner opposing forces. We all finally need to learn to take charge of the drives and urges of our earthly self. As hand in hand with God and the Angels, its energies merge with and into those of our Highest Self, blessing and healing energy for all life is being generated. Upon our return into the world of spirit, when together with the wise ones in charge of us, we have reached the stage of reviewing the misdemeanours of all our previous lifetimes, there is not one amongst us – of that I am sure – who will not sincerely repent.

And only when our spirit and soul is good and ready and we have sufficiently recovered from the stresses of Earth life, another lifetime will be granted, so we can learn and grow some more. No soul is ever forced to return to this existence; we do come of our own free will. But every soul in that state of its existence knows that redemption can only be found on the Earth plane and through bravely picking up our cross. After all, it is the cross we ourselves have created for ourselves during previous lifetimes. Thus, each soul voluntarily walks with its cross – the personality it has developed, up to that point – through yet another lifetime in physicality. And into each new lifetime, our soul brings all its fears with it. Unless we learn to overcome and shed them, each time these fears are compounded some more and become ever stronger.

Bearing these things in mind, is it any wonder that they are so overpowering, now? The way I see it, there is nothing for it but to ask God and the Angels to help us work our way through them, so that they may be overcome. Our best friend and helper is going to be an ever increasing awareness of the true nature of God and our own, as well as a better understanding of the processes of life. Knowing that all of it was created by the combined wisdom, power and love of the masculine and feminine aspect of our Divine parents, God and Goddess, then sings our soul – even whilst still in this earthly existence, maybe for the first time with all sincerity: ‘All glory, all honour and all praise be to Thee, Great Spirit, Mother-Father, for the beauty, the miracle and the wonder of this life and all that is in it.

Six pointed Star

Slaying The Dragon Of Fear

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort for the Bereaved - Slaying The Dragon Of Fear

What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
Do you know why?
It is because when we become reunited
With our Highest or God Self,
We take possession of some great privileges.

First in line is God’s omnipotence,
Which in truth is also ours.
Although the only one who has any true power is God,
As soon as we have learnt to walk
Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
God’s power works through us and is therefore ours.

Each one of us is a young God in the making.
When God has become our guiding light in all things,
And we follow Its advice without hesitation,
We gain access to true power,
And all manner of miracles begin to happen.

When we rediscover our true immortal nature,
Death loses its sting, for there will be no more deaths for us,
Merely transformations into different states of being.
This knowledge is the kind of intoxication
That has no need for wine.

St. Francis of Assisi
Edited by Aquarius

The only way of slaying the dragon of fear is through making it our business to find out all we can about what scares us. We shall get no further, until we have fully explored and got to know what God is and who are we. Being told by the churches of our world that when we die, we go to God is not an end in itself; it is merely a starting point. The churches are telling us the truth, but to this day its vision can still be surprisingly narrow. However, it is in the nature of things that we all have a different perspective on life. Although it is the only one we have, our consciousness is always in search of expanding its knowledge of God and the processes of life; that is what we are all here for.

Our relationship with God is the most intimate one we shall ever have with anyone. God is the part we seek in other people, especially in our loved ones. Even if we are still searching in vain in some of them for the qualities of faithfulness, goodness, kindness, truth, loyalty and honesty, this happens for good and wise reason. The characteristics we are looking for in others are those of the Divine; we all have them in seed form. Each new lifetime we enter offers renewed opportunities for bringing them forth and developing them, so that they can be integrated into our consciousness, and this is true for everybody.

Until we start looking for the higher and highest virtues, as well as the missing part of ourselves, in the right place, i.e. within and bring them forth from there ourselves, it will remain impossible to find them in others. And if those around us look in the same place, if they but turn towards their inner lover to guide and protect them, they too will find that there is no part of them missing; that you are not that part and that you cannot make them whole. You cannot, because each one of us already is whole and complete within themselves. The people in the world around us are but outer manifestations, reflections and a kind of mirror of what is within.

It is essential that we have human beings around us and with us on our pathway, because it is through our human relationships that we grow and develop. But we do not need other people to make us whole. They are not the missing part of ourselves that we have been seeking, ever since – for wise evolutionary purposes – we left behind the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life. No matter how close our relationship with anyone will ever be, we can never become fully one with them, because we are not meant to be. The only way of being one with them is on the inner levels of life, where we and all life always have remained one.

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Six pointed Star

A Change Of Perspective

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort for the Bereaved - Letter of Condolence to a Friend

For some time by now, we and our world have been in the process of entering into a whole new evolutionary phase and a new age. That is why great changes have been taking place and still are doing so everywhere. Slowly and almost imperceptibly on the surface of life, we are progressing ever deeper into the Age of Aquarius. This is an age in which wisdom and truth directly from the Source of our being will flow ever more powerfully into all human hearts and souls.

To my mind, the best news the new age has brought us from the highest levels of life is that, quite literally, there is no death. There is absolute continuity in life which eternally continues without disruptions. Whenever one door closes for one of us, at physical death, another one instantly opens and we re-enter our true home, the world of spirit.  Another, to my mind equally important truth we are re-discovering is that although we love the people that accompany us on our way through life, some more than others, everybody’s truly beloved dwells within. This part is our God or Highest Self. For a very long time now it has been waiting to be called upon by us directly, so that it can guide and protect us and keep us safe in all Eternity – and that quite literally.

In ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ Anne Bronté describes the way she perceives the process of death as follows: ‘To regret the exchange of earthly pleasures for the joys of heaven [the world of spirit] is as if the grovelling caterpillar should lament that it must quit the nibbled leaf, to soar aloft and flutter through the air, roving at will from flower to flower, sipping sweet nectar from their cups, or basking in their sunny petals. If these little creatures knew how great a change awaited them, no doubt they would regret it, but would not all such sorrow be misplaced?’

How right she is! The same undoubtedly applies to each one of us, therefore to our loved ones. Yet, there no longer is any need to take anyone else’s word as the final one, when it comes to finding out spiritual truths. It is everybody’s own responsibility to search for their own truth. If that sounds too scary for your liking, it is worth your while to get hold of your fear. The only way it can be overcome is through finding out for yourself.

Take heart from knowing that none of us is ever alone in this life. No matter what bothers us, God and the Angels are always with us and waiting to be called upon. For all of us the time has come for learning to follow the guidance we constantly receive from the living God within, who dwells in the very core of everybody’s own being. We are in this life to re-learn to walk hand in hand with God and the Angels, the way we once did, and for asking ourselves some searching questions, like: ‘What happened to you, my loved one and where have you gone to? And where shall I be going, when I come to the end of the road that you have walked before me? Who am I? Who and what are we all? Is there a God? If so, who and what is God? What is the nature of our special relationship with God?’

Let us start at the beginning and look at the way we perceive this life and then ask: ‘Who am I and what is God?’ Go into a meditative and reflective mood, ask your God or Highest Self and the Angels to grant you the gift of a better understanding, and then continue pondering on something like this: ‘I am a beloved child of God; I am spirit and soul; I am a spark of the Divine, of light, of the Great Light that fills the whole of Creation with Its presence. I do need people around me, but I do not need anyone to make me whole, because I already am whole and complete within myself. The only lack there is within me is the full conscious awareness that I am soul and spirit; that God is my beloved Mother/Father Creator. The Great loving Spirit that pervades the whole of Creation is also in you and me, our loved ones, as well as all those we are not too keen on or downright dislike.

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Six pointed Star

Where Do We Come From?

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Where Do We Come From?

Where do we come from and where are we going to when our present lifetime is over? The essence of our being is spirit, so we can only have come from the world of spirit. And when our physical body returns to the Earth, where does our spirit go? What else can it do but return to where it once came from, the world of light? And that does not mean some place elsewhere. It is merely another dimension of our present existence. The world of light or spirit is an integral part of our world that becomes invisible to our earthly eyes, each time we enter into another physical body. That’s basically all there is to it.

We are as much part of God as God is of us and there has never been a time when we were not with God. This is why the Divine will never forget or leave us. Each one of us is a spark of the Great White Spirit. Being spirit, like God, we are eternal and immortal, and like God cannot die. Our spirit is masculine and attached to each spirit is a soul, its soft and sensitive feminine counterpart, who is the memory bank of all our experiences. We carry them around with us from lifetime to lifetime. This continues until they are no longer required by us and shed.

For the past two thousand years or so, the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, brought our world the Jesus legend with the message: ‘The truth will set you free!’ From the moment this myth appeared in our world it has been a call from the Highest levels of life to encourage humankind to search for God’s sacred wisdom and truth. And now the time has come for the realisation that they can not be found in the surface words of our world’s spiritual teachings. Their esoteric higher meanings have always been hiding behind them. Through coming to terms with them is it possible to find a better understanding of God’s true nature, our own and our special relationship with the Divine.

As soon as we wake up to the presence of the Universal laws, in particular the law of Karma, and start to conduct our lives in keeping with the requirements of these laws, the Universe places the power into everyone’s own hands to at last free ourselves from the karmic chains and shackles that have kept us tied to earthly life for far too long. This is how we ourselves alone can release us from the wheel of Karma.

With all my heart and soul I believe that there is a great plan of life in which everybody has their place. And with my whole being I trust that this plan is perfect, and that our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life holds both our worlds – as well as all other worlds – safely in His/Her loving hands. More than that: I know these things and that is a faith and a trust that no-one will ever be able to shake or take from me, for the simple reason that it is not based on something that is written in a book somewhere, but deeply engraved in my heart and soul.

When I reflect on the mysteries of life and death and the Universe as a whole, I become aware how all things work together for the good of the whole, and I realise that everything that happens anywhere in the whole of Creation has been planned and is held in the mind of the Great Architect and Master Designer of all worlds and all beings. The knowledge of this helps me to open my heart, soul and mind with confidence to the One, who holds the plan and takes care that it unfolds as it should and that therefore all life is moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life in a well ordered fashion.

This helps me to walk with a tranquil heart and an open mind to the beauty, the wonders and the glories of all the Universes that cannot be seen by earthly eyes, but only perceived by our minds. Knowing that God is in other people just the same as in me, makes it easy to be sincere and true in all my relationships. And I rejoice that truly, truly there is no death and that wherever there is love between human souls there can be no separation.

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Six pointed Star

The Law Of Karma

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Letter To A Friend - The Law Of KarmaAll life is ruled by Universal or God’s laws. One of them is the law of Karma, which decrees that everything has to return to its source. Because of this whatever we send out into the world like a boomerang unerringly finds its way back to us. Probably one its best explanations I have ever come across can be found in James van Praagh’s ‘Reaching to Heaven – a Spiritual Journey through Life and Death’. On page 78, he writes under the heading ‘Karma: We are all familiar with the saying: ‘What goes around comes around.’ This is another way of stating the Universal law known as Karma. The word karma has its origin in Sanskrit; it literally means ‘action’. Within this law of action is built a natural cycle of cause and effect. Simply put, we have gone through lifetimes either sowing seeds or throwing rocks, and we will reap the effects of what we have created, good or bad.’

The law of Karma is the law of cause and effect  and its cycles extend through many lifetimes. This is for the simple reason that it may be impossible to settle the results of our present actions during our present earthly sojourn. Karma means paying one's debts and consists of a balancing act, because we also reap the rewards for the things we did well in previous lifetimes. The Universal law of Karma in truth is a law of opportunities which are thus created as a means for our spirit and soul to progress. Once we have become aware that we are responsible for ourselves and every one of our thoughts, words and actions, that every action causes a re-action, either positive or negative, the need for creating difficult karmic situations and relationships leaves us.

However, our final release from the wheel of Karma can only take place, when we have fully grasped – on all levels of our being – that we are eternal beings and when we are conducting our lives in accordance with the knowledge we are now finding. To my mind, the realisation that the things we could not complete in our present lifetime can be finished off in another one is the single most liberating item of spiritual wisdom the Age of Aquarius is bringing to us and our world.

It has been said that the answers to all our questions are within. I can personally verify that this is so; there is no need to turn to others to answer our questions. To find what we are looking for, it is best to reach out and ask God and the Angels to come to our help. Masters and guides from the world of spirit are also waiting to be called upon by us, so that they can guide and protect us in all our endeavours. They too are happy to help us find the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. White Eagle is one of these guides and part two contains a collection of his teachings on the subject of life and death. To whet your appetite, here is one of them:

White Eagle: ‘It may strengthen and comfort you to know that not one of you treads the path of life alone. From the moment of birth until physical death, you are guarded by Angels who have been appointed to carry out this task. Humankind has always walked the Earth with Angels. The human race, whether it knows it or not, lives through the Ages under the guardianship of God’s Angels.’

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Six pointed Star

The Academy Of Earthly Life

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Earth Life Is A SchoolSpiritually, not knowing and understanding is darkness. Light begins to come to us steadily and constantly as soon as we make it our business to find out about something. As pointed out in the introduction, Earth life is a place of learning, a school, where every so often we spend brief spells. Even if a lifetime lasts one hundred years and more, it is still but the batting of an eyelid in terms of Eternity. We are in this life to evolve into enlightened beings, healers and lightbringers to our world, each in their own right. We are sparks of the Divine, immortal and eternal beings who cannot die. The essence of our nature is spirit and soul and our true home is the spirit world. Each one of us needs to build for themselves an inner bridge that connects us with our other world.

I believe that for as long as we fail to grasp that our earthly existence is but a temporary state and a passing developmental phase, we shall be unable to shed our fear of death once and for all. Most of those who went there before us still had to wrestle with their fear of death because they did not know any better. But I do hope and pray that, when your time and mine for moving on has come, we shall be able to do so with joy and untouched by fear. It’s good to know that our loved ones who are already there do not love us any less than they ever did. On the contrary, their appreciation for us is likely to have grown stronger, purer and wiser now that they are once again looking at life through the eyes of their spirit self, the essence of their being.

When we have reached the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, we have a much clearer perception of our own inner beauty and qualities as well as those of others. This makes it easy for us to forgive the relationship struggles we had with some of the people we left behind. We now understand that all relationship problems are no more than lessons that are designed to help the parties involved to bring forth and develop the characteristics of their higher Christ nature. The awareness of this makes reaching out and forgiving quite a natural reaction. The knowledge of this is helpful in the case of longstanding family feuds and disputes that have been carried forward from one generation to the next, forever in the hope of one day being able to resolve them. Every new lifetime presents us with fresh opportunities for doing just that.

With a renewed understanding that there is no death, spiritually it is never too late for making peace with anyone and a new beginning. When both parties involved have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, it is still possible for them to reach out for each other with love and forgiveness in their hearts, asking God and the Angels to assist with the peacemaking and healing process of some of humankind’s most ancient wounds.

The law of life is evolution and all life is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, and that on many different levels. Each one of us is a many faceted jewel that is unique and very special. Within us we carry great treasures, but many of them have to remain hidden from our own view for a very long time. But eventually our development reaches the point when we begin to become aware of them one and one small step after another get in touch with and unearth them.

Although on the surface of life our existence appears to be something very permanent and real, sooner or later we have to come to terms with the fact that each lifetime is a but a passing phase and a temporary condition, and that whatever we believe to be ours in material terms, even our physical body, is transient and borrowed. The only thing we truly own is our consciousness. Everything else has to be handed back as soon as the purpose of our present lifetime has been fulfilled. Only then do we move on, no matter how old or young our present physical body may be at the time of our passing.

When with the passing of time ever more of us understand and accept these concepts, vast amounts of unnecessary struggling and suffering will vanish from our world, as if by some kind of magic. All we have to do is make it our business to find out. That’s the beauty of enlightenment.

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Six pointed Star

Bridges Of Love

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Bridges Of Love

My parents died a long time ago.
I loved them very much and
When they went from me,
My love for them
Neither vanished nor faded away.

For a while my love seemed to
Took on a sadder colour,
But when I felt that their love for me
Had not changed, my love for them
Deepened and matured.

To this day, from time to time
I turn to my parents
In the world of light and ask them
To walk beside me or just sit with me,
So we can talk or be silent.

They always come when I call
And my heart tells me what they are saying.
It’s all very simple and has nothing to do
With spiritualism, religions or metaphysics.
It’s the power of my imagination
And the bond of love between us
That’s eternal and will never die.

Love is the greatest power of all.
Links of friendship and love like ours
Are bridges of love that span space and time.  
Although they are invisible to earthly eyes,
They are eternal and nothing can destroy them. 

Six pointed Star

Developing Our Christ Nature

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Developing Our Christ NatureEach one of us has been granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth to bring us closer to discovering that in truth we, as well as everybody else, are a great deal than mere earthly beings and through this knowledge assist us with bringing forth and developing the higher aspect of our nature, the Christ spirit. The life story of the Master Jesus is a legend that depicts the initiations all of us have to undergo in the course of the different stages of our development. From initially thinking of ourselves as nothing but an earthly being, it takes us all the way through to growing into a highly evolved Christ-like spirit and soul, a Christed  and a hole and healed one, who has achieved complete mastery over every aspect of their  nature.

The figure of Jesus, half human/half God, represents humankind’s earthly and higher nature. The different phases of the Master’s life are a picture book presentation of the evolutionary pathway of all human souls. It starts with the moment of our birth as a spark of the Divine on the highest levels of life, untouched by anything earthly, i.e. immaculate. This heavenly child is born into our world through earthly foster-type parents. From there the story moves to the child’s presentation to the world, a symbol of Earth life, and winds up with a great crescendo in the death of this child of God on the Cross, the oldest symbol known to humankind of our earthly existence. On it moves to the child’s resurrection and ascension to Heaven, which symbolises our return to the higher and eventually highest levels of life. Read more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

The Jesus legend is an early demonstration of the fact that in truth there is no death, only transformations into other life-states. Understanding and accepting this releases us from the need for getting lost in the illusion of Earth life and feeling bewildered and confused, resentful or even bitter and angry about the death of those who leave us behind on the Earth plane. Reminding ourselves of the temporary nature of everything in this existence is more constructive by far. Accepting on a deep inner level that this life is not our true reality is the first step towards rising above any of the experiences that may come our way.

Becoming aware again of our real immortal and eternal nature is the very reason why we are here. I do not share the belief that we come into this life without anything and that we pass out of it again with nothing. This merely applies to the physical aspects of life. Without appearing to be particularly wealthy there, spiritually a soul can be immensely rich. On the other hand, someone very rich in earthly life can spiritually be extremely poor, as that person’s spiritual/karmic balance sheet may show too many entries on the debit side of the ledger.

The law of life is love and love is our true nature and natural state. Everything else that happens is part of the learning curve of our earthly existence and therefore merely a temporary state. We have come from love and to love we return, and that is the case without exceptions. The core of everyone’s being is spirit and pure consciousness and it takes many lifetimes of studying, which each can only do through their own first hand experiences, until we finally find our way back home into our true nature again. The way I see it, possession and possessiveness are earthly things, because in truth we do not possess anything or anyone. Even the physical bodies we walk around in do not belong to us. They too have to be handed back to Mother Earth, at the end of each lifetime.

The knowledge and wisdom we gather as we steadily progress on our evolutionary path, help our consciousness to grow and expand. As we slowly move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, the only thing that truly ever belongs to us is our consciousness. Whatever is added to it through our learning is ours to keep in all eternity. And this is why no child that is ever born onto the Earth plane enters into a new lifetime with nothing. Accompanying each new tiny body is always a fully formed soul and spirit that is at the evolutionary level it has reached in the course of all its previous lifetimes. That is what each newly born baby brings into its present lifetime. Makes you think, doesn’t it?  

Any learning our spirit and soul acquires on the Earth plane we are allowed to take with us into the world of light in preparation for all coming lifetimes and way beyond, when we have reached the evolutionary level that Earth life cannot teach us anything any more. I hope that all of this will help you to realise the true purpose of life on the Earth and of making an effort at looking for the meaning that is always hidden behind the happenings in our lives, at any given moment. Without this it is impossible to find out what our experiences are trying to teach us. How can we learn and grow unless we can see for ourselves that invariably the goodness of life is at work and wishes to teach us some kind of a valuable lesson? Until we wake from our spiritual slumbers, lift our eyes to the higher levels of life and make a conscious effort at seeking the spiritual purpose that truly is hidden in everything, very little evolutionary progress can be made.

But when we have woken up, it begins to dawn on us that something good is actually happening to us during traumatic times of transformation, because in times of great sorrow and suffering God and the Angels can then draw much closer to us and enter our hearts and minds than ever before. With their help we slowly but surely develop an appreciation of the glory that lies behind our present existence. This makes it much easier to willingly submit ourselves to the lessons that still have to come our way for karmic reasons. Attending to them with patience and diligence considerably speeds up our personal evolution and indirectly that of our whole planet.

May every moment of your life become ever more blessed and enriched and may life reveal itself to you in all its beauty, wonder and splendour of worlds visible and invisible to earthly eyes.

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Six pointed Star

Love Transcends All

Yellow Rose of Wisdom - Rays of Wisdom - Comfort for the Bereaved - The Rose

The death of someone close is first and foremost a time for reminding us of our own mortality and that our time on this plane of life is limited, too. It is a time for taking stock and assessing the things that are truly important to us, and then making sure not to neglect them. For anyone who has already developed eyes to see beyond the seeming reality of life in physicality, someone’s passing can become a very uplifting experience. They may then be able to see for themselves that there is no death, and that there is absolute continuity in the processes of life, as the song of the rose tells us. If our relationship with the one who moved on was a truly loving one, then death does not exist.

Being the law of life, love transcends everything. It knows no limitations and boundaries, neither space nor time. All-forgiving and all-embracing, immortal and eternal, it cannot be damaged or destroyed by anything or anyone. Once we have developed this aspect of our nature, it is ours to keep forever. Our physical body can be hurt and taken from us, but nothing and nobody can hurt or harm our true inner Self. As part of God’s consciousness, it is spirit and pure love, unending and everlasting, just like our Creator.

As soon as the purpose of each lifetime has been fulfilled, God releases us from the prison of our physical body, and allows us to pass into a different state of life. The physical body is but an exterior husk that is shed when it is no longer of any use to us. That’s why it dies. It is a process that can be likened to the shelling of a pea. As the mortal remains are returned to Mother Earth, the most precious inner and higher part, our soul and spirit, lives on and moves on into another dimension.

No-one who passes on into the world of spirit automatically become an Angel and develops wings of light! We are what we are and the evolutionary level the soul has reached in this earthly existence at any given and the learning it has gained from its experiences, that’s the only luggage that is allowed on this very special journey.  Reaching higher levels has to be earned and very hard work on ourselves, our character and behaviour is required by each one of us whilst in physicality.

Every soul who re-enters the world of spirit first rests and receives healing. After a while its learning continues, if it so wishes. Spiritually, nobody ever forces us into anything, we are given always choices. But, as evolution is the law of life and every soul wants to progress, each one eventually reaches the point when it is ready to apply for another lifetime in physicality. It then wants to be reborn into another lifetime, more growth and learning through yet another life’s experience. The scriptures describe this beautifully in Ecclesiastes 3:1-11:

To Everything, There Is A Season
And a time for every purpose under the Sun:
A time to be born and a time to die.
A time to plant and a time
To pluck up that which has been planted.

A time to kill and a time to heal.
A time to tear down and a time to build up.
A time to weep and a time to laugh.
A time to mourn and a time to dance.
A time to cast away stones and
A time to gather stones together.

A time to embrace and
A time to refrain from embracing.
A time to lose and a time to seek.
A time to tie up and a time to untie.

A time to rend and a time to sew.
A time to keep silent and a time to speak.
A time to love and a time to hate.
A time for war and a time for peace –

He has made everything beautiful, in its time.

* * *

There were times when during our earthly sojourns
We had forgotten God’s true nature and our own;
When we thought that the death at the end of
Each one of them was the end of everything;
When we didn’t know that our departure from one level of life
Means to be reborn into our true home
And returning into the awareness of our real nature.

Our ignorance sucked us and our world ever deeper
Into the patriarchy with its warmongering
That dragged us into times of ever more seriously
Hurting and wounding others and being wounded.
All human souls have to imbibe thoroughly
The lessons this brings to us and our world
To help us differentiate between conditions of war and peace.
Out of the suffering of such evolutionary periods grows
The wisdom and understanding we need
For the permission from the Highest to return into
The knowledge of who and what we truly are.
This renews and rekindles
Our kinship and friendship with all life.

Rejoice, that time is now.
A time for finding forgiveness and healing,
For ourselves, each other, our world and all worlds,
For attending to and blessing the soul wounds of all lifetimes,
Our own and everybody else’s,
As well as those of our world.
That’s what the Age of Aquarius means to me.

Ecclesiastes is one of the most ancient parts of the Old Testament. It has its roots in Judaism and from there they penetrate ever deeper into the much older spiritual traditions of the Middle East and Africa, and in particular the Ancient Egyptian religion.

Six pointed Star

The Inner Woman And Man

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - The Inner Man And Woman

When our mother passes on yet another issue rears its head. No matter how old we are when this happens, the time for us has come to cut the umbilical cord with her once more. If we are adults in our own right already, her passing moves us into fully mature adulthood. Yet, without a degree of understanding of the processes of life behind the scenes this can be an unnecessarily scary and painful experience.

Because on the inner level of life we are all one, our mother is as much part of us as we are a part of her. And her departure from the Earth plane does not have to change anything in our relationship with her. This is especially true if our connection with here has been a loving one. In that case she will remain that which she was to us before. But because she has gone through a complete transformation, of necessity we have done the same, and although her departure has not changed anything between the two of us, her physical death may signal that the time for us has come to reconnect – through her – more fully and consciously with the true mother of all life, the Great Mother, who in truth is the one who nurtures and takes care of all of us. This understanding considerably eases the pain of parting from our earthly mother and helps our soul to come to terms with her and our new state of life.

Something similar applies when a husband or wife passes on. For the one left behind, opportunities are always created for becoming more aware of, working with and integrating their own unconscious masculine/feminine part. If up to our loved one’s departure we lived this aspect out through them, their passing creates an opportunity for getting in touch with our own inner man/woman. Living the other part vicariously was good enough in times gone by, but now this is no longer possible. In the course of humankind’s long evolution there have been times when either patriarchy or matriarchy was ruling the roost.

At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius we are leaving behind six thousand years of patriarchy and it will take some time until we and our world have overcome the problems this created. The days when one person could be nothing but either a man or a woman, are gone for good. We are here to become more whole, to learn how to consciously experience and integrate all parts of our being. We need to balance them and teach them how to work together in harmony. It helps to find out that we and our world are going through times of great changes, when many things that served us well during past lifetimes, will no longer work.

Six pointed Star

The Grieving Process

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - The Grieving ProcessWhenever a loved one moves into a different life-state, we are involved in a major transformation whose final result is a complete re-birth. One of the great laws of life decrees that before anything new can come into being, something old must die; in this case some outdated part of us. The more we cling on to that which is old and outworn in our lives, the greater the birth pain and the more difficult and prolonged our labour shall be. How easily any kind of re-birth takes place depends entirely on the degree of our willingness to lovingly and understandingly let go of whatever is waiting to be shed.

No matter how we react to circumstances, especially when they are beyond our own control, it is necessary to let go of that which has been, as that makes room for something new and improved to enter our life. As this applies to all aspects of life, before a new self can be born, the old one has to die. Life relentlessly moves forward. It has got to be lived forward; there is no other way. Our loved one’s physical body died, so that their indwelling spirit and soul could go home to and be re-born to the other dimension of life that is our true home.

Why then do we find it so hard to let go and let them go in peace, so that we too can get on with our own life again? No matter in what manner a loved one passes on, a vital part for those left behind is the grieving process, because this gives us access to the comfort and the healing powers of the Angels. Recognising and accepting the necessity for the departure of a loved one from this plane of life, helps us to let go of the old conditions in our lives that have outlived their usefulness, to make room for that which is waiting to be born.

A great deal happens to us when we leave our physical bodies behind and move into the world of spirit. That is why it is essential at such times that those left behind take charge of their emotions. Should your friends call you hard, let them. They do not understand, but you know better.  Whenever your feelings are in danger of giving way to grief and hysteria, remind yourself that for a while your loved one needs to be left in peace and as undisturbed as possible, because they are passing through a highly critical time. It is helpful to know that unrestrained grief has a bad effect on the newly arrived soul in the world of spirit, and that you are controlling your emotions for them and out of love for them.

When the soul is allowed to pass through the portal of its physical death into our other world, accompanied by love, light and trust that God and the Angels are taking good care of our loved one, we do our share of helping not only its new life in the beyond, but also when its time for returning to the Earth plane has come. At each moment of departure from our present existence, every soul passes through some vital experiences during its re-entry into the world of light. Over-intense grieving by those left behind can rob it of the right perception for this part of its journey. 

Almost immediately the soul is released from its physical body, but before its vision of the other world opens, it sees pictures of a chain of events from its past life. If the soul is receptive and undisturbed, they can bestow upon it a great power and strength for its future life in the spheres it now finds itself in. If we are to make wise decisions with regard to our future lifetimes, which eventually have to be made by all of us, it is essential that during the time of our departure we should be as undisturbed as possible.

When the distress of our loves ones does not get in the way of our perception of the pictures that are shown to us, we more easily absorb the memories, emotions and feelings they awake. This is important because during these precious moments, we encounter the souls of those we have hurt and wounded, and any pain we have inflicted upon them is actually felt by us. The law of Karma sees to it that as we sow, so we shall reap, and that any pain we once caused others must eventually also be experienced by us.

Six pointed Star


Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - ProjectionWhen our parents die, the sense of security they once were able to convey to us – if indeed they succeeded in doing this – also goes from us. We shall return to this theme in the chapter ‘Parents And Children’. For now let us have a look at what happens each time one of our parents dies. For simplicity’s sake we are considering this mostly in connection with only one of them, our mother. Obviously, something similar happens when our father departs from this plane of life.

Our parent’s energies and our own are similar and their character traces are also a part of our own character make-up. Up to the time of their passing into the world of light, we may not yet have lived and owned up to some of them, because through their physical presence in our life they were externalised and we projected them onto her. Yet, their energies were and still are similar to ours, otherwise we could not have come through them into our present lifetime.
To stay with our mother, for as long as she remained with us on our present level of life, in some mysterious way we lived through her, but her passing means that this is no longer possible. We are not a piece of her, we never were. We are an independent individual spirit and soul in our own right. We appeared through her because she had agreed – once upon a time in the world of spirit – that the Universe should create a new body through her, which could be used as a vehicle for another lifetime in physicality by our spirit and soul.

In spite of the fact that our energies are of a similar nature and will always remain so, for us the time has come to accept and integrate the archetypal mother within ourselves. In this process of integration we are required to accept every one of our earthly mother’s characteristics as our own. As they are also ours, whether we look at them as being good, bad or indifferent, this can be a more than somewhat daunting task. But through owning up to them it is possible to become a fuller, richer and more whole person in our own right. We are all mirrors of each other. Therefore, the things we recognise in others – including our mother – are in us, too. This is not because we inherited them from her or some other ancestor, but because we ourselves developed them, as likely as not in the course of a great many lifetimes.

Mother’s passing presents us with the task of taking possession of as many of the gifts our life has been trying to present us with through her all along; at last the time is here to make them fully our own. Nobody has any problems with integrating and owning the good qualities she possessed. Yet, it is another matter entirely when it comes to dealing with her less desirable and endearing ones. No matter how objectionable they are, it is important to own up to them. Be aware though that it may be difficult to recognise within ourselves the characteristics we perceived in her as disagreeable.

The world around us is our mirror that constantly reflects back to us what we have within. Distasteful traits in other people we can only recognise because they are also inside us. If we can see them, no matter how successfully we try to cover them up, they are sure to be there. This psychological process is known as projection. If our energies and characteristics had not been so similar, it would not have been possible for us to have been created through her, and to come into this lifetime as her child.

Inside us we also carry the nastier character traces we observed in her and from which we may have suffered intensely. They are tucked away in our subconscious, waiting to be released. As the dynamics of human relationships are of an extremely complex nature, they deserve a closer examination. We all have everything within; nobody is all good or all bad, and everybody is a diverse mixture of all manner of things. When some people in our lives consistently cause us problems of one kind or another which, no matter how hard we try will not go away, it is worth our while to look inside and see whether there is something there that is asking for our attention. We are magnetic beings who can only draw into their orbit that which we ourselves are, and the environment we find ourselves in is always designed to act like a mirror that can be used to help us recognise our unconscious inner self.

We can only recognise in others what we ourselves are. Alas, rather than living our less pleasant characteristics out, we project them onto others instead. The world around us is always a reflection not only of their good as well as their distasteful behaviour patterns, but also our own. Nobody has any problems when it comes to taking possession of the good qualities that are on display in this way. Yet, it is another matter entirely when we have to deal with the less desirable and endearing ones. No matter how objectionable some of them may be, in the process of becoming more whole it is vital that we should also own up to them. Although our psyche tries to hide them from our conscious awareness, they are there, of that we can be sure. The very fact that we can recognise them in others proves that they are in us as well, because otherwise we would be unable to see them.

If our energies and characteristics were not so similar to those who irritate and annoy us – including those of our nearest and dearest – we would never have drawn a relationship with them into our lives; we would not have needed it. But, the way things have been thus far in our evolutionary plan of life, we most certainly do. For as long as we suffer intensely from the nastier character traces we observe in others, we are receiving signals from the Universe that the same is tucked away inside us, in our own subconscious, waiting to be released.

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Six pointed Star

Human Behaviour Is Chosen

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Human Behavious Is ChosenIt comforts me to know that we all have everything within, the very best but alas, the worst as well. That’s why, instead of looking in shock and horror at what some people are doing, the wise ones among us remind themselves that what is in them is also in us. In truth, we are all capable of all kinds of behaviour and it is entirely up to us who we want to be and how we wish to behave. The discovery that human behaviour is chosen and by no means compulsive is an empowering and liberating experience, because it brings the realisation that there is nothing to be afraid of inside ourselves. The right to choose how we wish to behave and react in any given situation is what freedom of choice is all about. In fact, that is the only true freedom that anyone ever has on the Earth plane.

The precious gift of free will has not been given to us for nothing. But, it is essential that we should never forget that every right inevitably brings with it a duty and a responsibility, which in this case is the one of having to choose how to behave, and that at all times. Nobody has to act upon bad or downright evil impulses; there is always a choice. It is up to each one of us to resist the pull of their lower earthly nature and to rise above its urges. If any of the unpleasant characteristics we observe in others upset and disturb us, it is a signal from our inner Self that they are still waiting to be lifted into our conscious awareness, so they can be released and got rid of, once and for all.

It is essential that we do not reject anything that surfaces in this way; everything has to be accepted and acknowledged. All lower instinctive reactions have to be reacted to with a firm: ‘No! This is not what I want to do.’ Then it is best to turn to God and the Angels, to ask them to teach us how to rise above and release all lower drives and urges, so their energies can be transmuted into blessing and healing ones for all life.

Going through the above described process can be painful. But diligently attending to whatever surfaces into our conscious awareness is well worthwhile, as through this enormous evolutionary forward strides can be made. And there is every likelihood that at the end of this journey of discovery we shall be a much more whole and integrated person than before. If we can muster the courage to consciously accept and integrate every one of the unpleasant aspects of the one who has passed on, we shall never have to act out their obnoxious behaviour patterns ourselves.

When something like this has served us well as a teaching aid, it is a good idea to give thanks for it, because our learning sets us free to move on and seriously get to work on letting go of all remnants of our excess baggage from the past. This creates the space that is necessary to bring forth from within all the desirable qualities we still wish to integrate into our character make-up. Once the change of energies has taken place inside us, the necessity will never again arise to draw people who act the old distasteful traces out towards us.

If however we fail to do this and the offending item remains unrecognised and therefore unresolved in our own subconscious, the mirror that such experiences represent will be held in front of us again and again. Until this has been attended to by us, there is every likelihood that we shall attract others into our orbit who behave towards us in a similar fashion. This does not change even when one of the perpetrators returns to the world of spirit. Until the offending character traces have been eradicated from our own consciousness, we shall continue to be at their receiving end, as a constant reminder of the way we once sinned against others in previous lifetimes. Thus balance is created in the greater scheme of life and excellent teaching and learning opportunities are provided for all parties involved.

Never forget that karmic conditions do not come into anyone’s life as some kind of a punishment. The law of Karma is one of opportunities, because with its help ever more of these are created for resolving issues and for once and for all shedding the parts that are no longer required by us. The karmic chains and shackles that were created by us for ourselves and each other in the course of many lifetimes, can only be dissolved by true forgiveness that comes from the heart. The increasing awareness of our true nature and the reason for our being on this plane of life makes this ever easier.

I believe that awareness is the device for putting an end to all the suffering that still exists in our world and understanding is the key that unlocks all its doors – inner and outer. It opens our hearts and souls to the need for first finding forgiveness for all those who have ever hurt and wounded us, and then also towards ourselves for having created all that suffering in the first place.

There eventually comes the time in everybody’s healing process when sufficient distance has been gained from the events of the past. We can then recognise that in truth there is every reason why we should be grateful to our perpetrators. We need to thank them for having been such excellent teachers, as through their offensive behaviour they showed us how we do not wish to be. They made an extremely valuable contribution towards our personal evolution by playing a major part in helping us to become the person we now are. Therefore, if any loved or unloved person who ever took part in our life – whether they are by now in the world of light or not is irrelevant – had in our view a few too many obnoxious qualities, which we with their help have overcome, let us give thanks to God and the Angels for providing us with such good teachers.

All human relationships are invaluable tools for personal growth and development and the importance of changing our character make-up cannot be stressed sufficiently. It is by no means as difficult as it may sound when one first encounters this concept. All that is required from us is that we should own up to the less pleasant qualities we witness in others and to accept them as our own. There is never any need for acting them out ourselves. If they have already been changed by us into agreeable ones there is no need to do anything but to say: ‘Yes, I also have this character trace. If the other person had not acted it towards me, I would probably have been like that myself, perish the thought. Thanks be to God and the Angels for protecting me from that!’ Something along these lines; be creative and above all things forgive, forgive, forgive! This breaks the vicious karmic circle that once drew those painful experiences into our lives. It set us and the other one free to move on to more advanced learning.

Six pointed Star

Freedom Of Choice

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Freedom Of Choice

As we know by now, each one of us chooses their own pathway because this provides us with exactly the right lessons during our present lifetime. If ours is a particularly traumatic and difficult one, it is as well to remind ourselves of this occasionally. It is possible to find comfort in the knowledge that such a lifetime is an indication that we are an experienced soul, who has tremendous amounts of inner strength and courage to draw upon and bring forth, in spite of the fact that this is unlikely to show on the surface early on in life. This also makes it easier, once the worst part of our grieving process is over, to accept that our loved ones are with us and all around us; that they truly are now closer to us than they could ever be in physicality.

In truly loving relationships the one on the other side of the veil will be able to help and guide the one on this side with the everyday running of its affairs. As ever, all one needs to do is to ask for their help. When we call, they will instantly be with us, because now they are only ever a thought away from us. No business trips and obligations any more – just the two of us. The other one is as much part of us, as we are part of them. Note the use of the present tense! They may no longer be in their physical bodies, because – no matter what the outer circumstances of loved ones passing on were – it was their choice to give their physical body back to Mother Earth. That is where, by rights, it belongs; yours and mine too, when at last we shall be free again to roam the world of the spirit.

Through gaining a fresh understanding and perception of the processes of life, I hope you will be able to find out for yourself that there really is nothing to be afraid of in the realm of the spirit. For a long time something like a veil, known as the veil of consciousness, has been hiding that world from us. But this is rapidly disappearing with the help new spiritual knowledge that for quite some time has been flowing ever more freely into our world. A good example of this is a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the Lodge’s Calendar November 2006. The following is its essence:

‘Only a thin veil divides you from those who have passed into our world. These people are by no means dead. They are very much alive and no different from the way they were when you knew them in earthly life. The main difference between then and now, for them, is that they no longer need a physical body for getting around and that they are much happier without it.

‘Think of your loved ones in a world where peace, love and happiness rule supreme. Without being consciously aware of it, this is the state every one of you in earthly life for a long time seeks in  vain. But eventually you need to learn how to, at least occasionally in prayers, meditations and quiet reflection, detach yourself  from the toil and strife of your physical existence. All of you have to learn how to find a degree of happiness and peace with your Highest or God Self. This is particularly easy whilst listening to music that soothes and calms your whole being and when with your mind’s eye you are perceiving the golden world of God.’

Six pointed Star

Being Dead Is Not Worse Than Being Alive

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Being Dead Is Not Worse Than Being AliveBarbara Kingsolver in ‘The Poisonwood Bible’ writes about death: ‘Being dead is not worse than being alive [in the illusion of Earth life]. It is different though. You could say the view is larger.’ ‘As our true nature is no longer hidden from us, once we return into the world of spirit, our other world and true home, our vision is bound to be much greater. Come to think of it, the world of spirit is not our other world; not even that! It is merely a part of our world that becomes invisible to our eyes, upon entry into another physical body. That is all! Through the knowledge we are now finding about ourselves and our world, the veil of consciousness is dissolving.

We and our world are awakening from the illusion and false belief that this temporary physical existence is all there is to life. With this knowledge we are coming home again into the awareness of our true and eternal reality, and recognise that we are spirit and soul. Ever more knowledge is now pouring into the consciousness of our race to help us overcome our fear of the unknown and death. The loving hands of God and the Angels, as well as those of wise teachers and guides from our other world are reaching out to each one of us. White Eagle is one of these guides; a selection of his teachings on the theme of death is on page three of this section.

All our needs are always looked after on both sides of the veil of consciousness. And any loved ones we already have in the world of light are sure to be taken care of much better than we could ever hope to do for them. When we first arrive in that world, we receive healing, we rest and are being refreshed, helping us to recover from the stresses and strains of Earth life. When he have recovered sufficiently, we move on to more learning – if we so wish. No-one ever forces us to do anything. But we are sure to be curious; we want to study what life is like on the other side of the veil. I find a most comforting thought that when we have rested and recovered sufficiently in that world – however long that may take – our Creator will grant us another lifetime, again if we so wish. We do not have to pick up yet another cross of Earth life – a further existence in physicality. But, we do so in order to create opportunities for finally resolving difficult relationships, and for paying any karmic debts we have incurred. Besides, we can continue with lessons that became too much for us, during previous lifetimes.

We are told that upon our return to the world of spirit we need three months of strict rest, and that we should resist the temptation of trying to contact them. When that time is up, it would be surprising if our loved one would not try to get in touch with us, in any case. Did you remember the film ‘Ghost’ with Whoopee Goldberg? If so, you may remember the scene in which the young man, who has passed into the world of spirit, tries to get in touch with his loved one ‘on the other side’. Without the awareness that there is such a world, the situation between our loved one and us could turn into a similarly frustrating one, for both. However, by becoming aware of what really happens, our experience could turn into a very uplifting and joyful one.

Six pointed Star

Spirit And Soul

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Spirit And SoulSomething like a veil of consciousness separates our earthly existence from our true home, the world of spirit or light. The essence of every human being, who presently dwells on this side of it, is a spirit and soul who is temporarily encased in matter. Each time another round of earthly education has run its course for us, we shed our physical body similar to an old garment. The Angel of Death takes our hand and releases us into the greater freedom of the spirit world. Other, more subtle bodies are worn underneath the physical one.

In truth, our two worlds belong to each other and are one. On the inner level of life there is no separation between anything and all life is one. The only difference between living on this side of the veil and the other one is that in the realms of spirit physical bodies are not required. That’s why we shed it as soon as the purpose of one lifetime has been fulfilled and the moment of our release has come. The only difference between our loved ones in the world of light and us is that they no longer need their physical bodies, while you and I have to continue taking part in earthly life’s lessons a bit longer.  

To get in touch with our love ones, all we have to do is find a quiet place, where we shall be undisturbed for a while. If enjoy candles and incense, so and good, they help but are not necessary. The important part is to withdraw from the busy world of your everyday thoughts, instead focusing and concentrating on the world of our innermost feelings. We need to become still and imagine a big bubble of bright white light all around us, gently drifting into a meditative state of mind. Those who are familiar with meditations will go ahead, but when seeking contact with the world of light, it is advisable to ask God and the Angels for their help, guidance and protection.

If you have lit a candle, look at the light, breathe in the light, take it within you into your innermost heart and feel how you become part of the light. If you like music, as much as I do, choose something quiet, loving and soothing. To me, classical music seems ideal. Gabriel Faure’s Requiem springs to mind. It is light and uplifting, quite unlike other requiems, which can be too heavy going. Faure’s music speaks of the happy release, the joy and the light, which we find when we leave our bodies behind, once more. Faure wrote this requiem for his parents, when they tragically and suddenly passed on whilst both were still quite young, if I remember right. Look into your heart and tune into the music, allow it to comfort and caress the hurt and wounded small child, which in truth we all are. Then ask the Angel of peace to come to you and bring you news from your loved one. Are they well and being taken care of? Do not take anyone’s word for it, but try this out for yourself, to find out that I am telling you the truth.

Six pointed Star

Our Unseen Friends And Helpers

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Our Unseen Friends And Helpers

As mentioned earlier, we are advised to leave the departed ones alone for about three months after they have passed away. This gives those who take care of us, in the spirit world, a chance to restore us after the ordeal we have gone through. This must be particularly necessary when someone has passed after a long and painful illness or other traumatic circumstances. Depending on the degree of our own awareness at the time of our passing, going through such a complete transformation, is probably hardly ever an easy task.

But, there never is any lack of help with us and around us – in this world and the next. Whenever we would like to get in touch with a loved that world, I feel it is best to ask our own and their Guardian Angel, to bring them into our heart. There is no doubt in my mind that come they will, only too happily, when asked. They are always there for us, waiting to be called upon and invited into our heart’s consciousness. All that needs doing is sending them a loving thought and, instantly, we are with them and they with us.

Each one of us has a group unseen guides and helpers in the world of spirit who are around us and with us, at all times. Our loved one is part of our group, and as soon as they have rested sufficiently, they will be only too happy to help us when we reach out for them. Whether or not we are as yet aware of the presence and the work of these unseen helpers makes no difference; they are there in any case. I imagine that you are aware that God’s great wisdom and love also has provided each one of us with a Guardian Angel, who lovingly takes care of us. From the moment of our creation, it has accompanied our pathway, not only throughout this lifetime, but all previous ones.

Isn’t it a wonderfully comforting thought that it will also be there for us if we require further lifetimes in physicality sometime in the future. As mentioned earlier, what we acquire in learning and consciousness in one lifetime remains ours in all eternity. Nothing in this life happens by chance, and if you already knew about the presence of the Angels as a child – and what a blessing that must be! – it is a sign that in previous lifetimes you did your spiritual footwork better than I did, because there was no such comfort for me, earlier in this lifetime.

For a long time I thought that things like Guardian Angels were just pretty stories, made up for those who were a bit soft in the head. I am glad to know better, now. Life does continue to present us with tests and trials, but they too become easier to cope with, knowing that we are never alone in our struggle. As one becomes aware that there are different dimensions to our being, and all the help that is available to us, life is not as painful and lonely any more. Most important, to me, is to know that our trials and tribulations always serve a good purpose, namely to teach us something. This knowledge gives our life direction and purpose.

How good it is to know that we are not alone here on the Earth and that our helpers in the world of spirit do know how difficult life in the material world is for us! They know because they themselves have passed this way, many times. Hence, they know and understand from first hand experience. It is a privilege to be allowed to find such knowledge, which can be likened to a good vintage wine. And we are not meant to keep it to ourselves, but to share it with our brothers and sisters, on the same pathway. So, this is nothing short of an invitation to sharing a glass of this delectable stuff with me. And it goes without saying that it is entirely up to you, whether you wish to partake. One thing I can promise you, if you do. This type of wine will never make you drunk, but it is sure to make you feel better.

Do you find it as odd as I do, and also a great pity, that we all for such a long time deny ourselves this, the most valuable part of our being? Why is it that we are so reluctant and slow to wake up to our true nature? When given time and with practice, it is surprising to find out how comparatively easy it is to get help and guidance from those in the world of spirit, about everything that matters to us and things that bother us. When we feel the need for it, we can ask questions about anything and the answers can come in all sorts of different ways. On occasions, one knows the answer in one’s own our heart quite suddenly; one simply knows something one could not understand before. At other times, it can take days or weeks for things to gradually become clear in our mind or we see something somewhere and, all of a sudden, we just know that this is our answer.

Occasionally we may experience moments when we feel an increasing urge to make peace with the members of our family who have gone before us. This could be our father and/or mother or maybe a beloved grandmother or grandfather. If we suffered from a clash of personalities or there was anything else disturbing our relationship that left unresolved issues between us, it is never too late to attend to them so they can be put to rest, once and for all. When in this way we work on shedding light into the darkest corners of our own psyche and at the same time make peace with those in the world of light, we are assisting the awakening of a vital aspect of our own nature that is likely to  have been dormant for many lifetimes.

Through these efforts we come ever closer to reconnecting with the Source of all being, the Great Mother/Father of all life, who takes care of all our needs on every level of our being. Never before has it been of greater importance that we should develop our own inner faith and work on building a belief system for ourselves that supports and nurtures us. The best way of achieving this is by learning from our own first hand experiences and through this growing in understanding and wisdom.

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Six pointed Star

The Alchemy Of Love

Good Relationships - Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing - War & Peace in Human RelationshipsAquarius is the sign of transmutation, of friendship, kinship and siblinghood with all life. Many of our relationships are in need of transmuting into friendships, while some of our old alliances are in need of renewing and healing. When we take an honest look at the people in our lives to see which ones mean the most to us, we may find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, offering solutions or cures, simply share our pain and touch our wounds with their warm and tender hearts and loving hands.

Truly caring friends are the ones who how to be silent in moments of despair or confusion, who stay with us in hours of grief, bereavement and loneliness, content with not knowing, curing or healing the wounds of soul and body. The presence of such friends helps us face the reality of the predicament of the basic human powerlessness before the great issues, like life and death. These people are outer manifestations of the living God inside the suffering one. With the same compassion, total and unconditional love and acceptance shown by them, the Divine embraces and comforts every distressed soul on the Earth plane. By applying simple human kindness and friendliness, consideration and respect for each other, to all our relationships, the alchemy of love assists us in transforming the base metal of even the most ordinary or difficult ones into the pure gold of truly caring friendships.

In its search for a better understanding of the reason for its afflictions, every human soul on the Earth plane in due course bends its knees before the Highest. Only when we reach out and ask for Its help and advice, can anyone be shown the way that eventually leads all of us back home into the re-discovery of our own true nature. On our present level of existence, true and lasting happiness can but be found in the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life. And this reunion can only take place when we have reached a sufficiently high degree of spiritual maturity. When a soul’s time for this has come and the dust has once more settled after a particularly traumatic experience, the Highest Self casts upon it the gift of Its wisdom. This consists of an increased comprehension of the wise higher purpose that lies behind all of Earth’s suffering, which is accompanied by the deep inner soul healing we all are eventually required to go in search of.

On the innermost level of our being, our Highest Self is the friend who deeply cares about us, never judges us but totally and unconditionally loves and accepts us, just the way we are. That, to me, is the true meaning of the Jesus legend’s long promised comforter described in St. John 14:16-17: ‘And I will ask of my Father and he will give you another Comforter, for he abides with you forever. It is the spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it has not seen him and does not know him. But you know him, because he abides with you and is in you.’

Love and friendship with all life are God’s true nature and our own. This is a love that gives of itself freely and willingly to all Its creations. It asks for nothing in return and from the moment of its emergence from the heartmind of God, every soul is accompanied by this love. This is the only truly caring friend who never leaves us and will stay with us forever. Thick and thin, good and evil alike are jointly experienced by the small earthly self and its Heavenly companion, who has always been there for it and forever will be. Ready to be called upon at any time, it has shown us the way through all our past adventures. It is with us in the present and will safely guide us through the explorations that are yet to come. Each time we act as a truly caring friend towards someone, God’s kingdom on the Earth is newly established.

Friendships of this nature are of particularly great value in times of coping with the loss of loved ones. They truly are gifts from the Universe, but they have to be earned before they can be given. If we can play this role for someone, maybe many, the Universal laws ensure that we too shall find at least one of these comforting presences, whenever we are in need of it ourselves.

Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life
For the gift of every one of our relationships.
Dwelling in the conscious awareness of our oneness
With You and the whole of Your Creation,
Help us to lift each one of our relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones, onto ever higher levels of
Friendship and total and unconditional love,
So that we may become ever more like You.

In the name of love we ask this.

Six pointed Star

What About Suicides?

Do They Really Go To Hell?

This part is dedicated to all who have lost a loved one to suicide and also to those who are feeling so desperate that they may be contemplating it themselves.

Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Do Suicides Go To Hell?

One of the many false beliefs that have been haunting our world far too long is that suicides will go from this plane of life straight to hell and that they will in all eternity be condemned by God and the Angels. Many to this day seem to quite seriously believe this to be true, when nothing could be further from what really happens. Not that such erroneous views would ever have stopped anyone who seriously intended to finish their present lifetime by their own hands, when they had had enough and could no longer cope with it. But, it surely is a belief that piles a great deal more suffering unto any troubled soul who believes it to be true, as some do to this day. Unaware that anything lies beyond or behind humankind’s present existence, all such souls can hope for is that they will be snuffed out like the light of a candle and disappear into oblivion, without leaving a trace of their being behind and that forever.

First, however, let’s have a look at Heaven and Hell – are they really places anyone goes to? To me, they represent the various states of consciousness, which we create for ourselves and each other, in the here and now. Because we have freedom of choice, it always has been up to each individual whether to create a living hell for ourselves and those around us or to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth in our daily lives.

All human souls throughout every one of their many lifetimes in physicality are in constant search of consciousness expanding experiences that increase their understanding of God’s true nature and of their own, and of the wisdom and truth of their Creator as it expresses itself on the Earth plane. For every soul there eventually comes the moment of awakening into the realisation of who and what they truly are and always have been, namely sparks of the Divine and eternal and immortal beings of light, who can and will never die. This quest continues until the soul has fully come home into the conscious awareness of its oneness with God and all life.

The experiences of my present lifetime have taught me that Hell on Earth is living without spirituality and without the conscious knowledge of the purpose and meaning of our present existence. At our entry into the Aquarian Age ever more of us are finding to our astonishment that God is something quite different from what we were told in past ages, namely that God is in you and me and in everything. Having succeeded in bringing my own small piece of Heaven onto the Earth, I am happy to share it with anyone who wishes to join me in it by partaking of my reflections and insights into the spiritual background of life.. Welcome to my Heaven, dear Friend.

Together let us now take a look at whether anyone really does go to hell for committing suicide. If there really were such a place of torment, would there be any need for people to visit it after the living hell they must have endured on the Earth plane, which drove them into considering finishing it all by their own hands in the first place? What else could bring about in human beings a state of mind when they can no longer tolerate their troubles, until eventually they cannot see any other way out of their misery?

When it is destined for one of us that our suicide plan should succeed, we are sure to believe that we have reached Heaven – or at least some kind of heavenly state –when the Angel of Death gently takes us by our hand and leads us through the veil of consciousness from our present hellish existence into our other world, the one of light. What heavenly bliss when, after a period of resting and recovering there from the stresses and strains of Earth life, the wise ones in charge of us take us under their wings. They explain to us where we went astray on our pathway through life and show us how we could have done better.

In this way the wise ones help us to draw the learning from the lessons that lie behind us and can benefit from them next time round. Having arrived in the world of spirit, every soul eventually comes to the conclusion that, rather than staying there forever, it would be wiser by far to get on with our evolutionary pathway and continue to grow and expand our consciousness through new encounters and experiences. And so it is likely that we shall apply for another lifetime in the not too distant future. As incredible as this may seem to you now, if you are feeling suicidal and are reading this, it is nonetheless the truth, as each new lifetime on the Earth creates a plentiful supply of fresh opportunities for resolving outstanding issues, mending and healing any disturbed relationships that have been left behind, and repaying our Karmic debts. 

When we no longer wander around in physical bodies in the world of light, we cannot help being  aware of our real higher nature as spirit and soul, who from time to time spends one of its frequent lifetimes on the Earth plane. In that state is much easier to come to terms with the fact that the purpose of all life is evolution and that this quite naturally also applies to us. There is then no longer any doubt in our minds about our true identity as a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. As one of those we pay careful attention to what the wise ones have to say.

The wise ones are all too familiar with the extent of humankind’s suffering on the Earth and many of them once walked there, just like us. And irrespective of what we left behind in Earth life, those in charge of us never sit in judgement over anyone. They truly are our friends who love us and deeply care for us. It is up to every one of us individually whether we wish to follow their guidance or not, for at all times we are free to make up our own minds and decide for ourselves on our preferred course of action or inaction, as the case may be. Our kindly advisors know only too well how hard and difficult Earth life with its harsh living conditions can be at times for soft and sensitive human souls. They appreciate how lonely and frightening an existence it can be for as long as our small and easily frightened earthly self remains unaware of why it has to be on the Earth and take part its life. It takes a long time until we become aware that in truth none of us is ever alone, although it frequently appears to be that way.

Whether we are as yet aware of it or not, the wise ones are constantly around and with us. They appreciate how hard it is for human souls to play their role as earthling, when for a very long time for educational reasons we have to remain unaware of our true identity as a beloved child of God, and that like Him/Her we have a masculine spirit and a feminine soul, i.e. the soft and sensitive feeling side of our nature. Each one of us has to spend many lifetimes on the Earth before we once more become aware that God is as much part of us, as we are part of God. Once we have matured sufficiently we begin to grasp how our Creator Father/Mother really does know the way of all life, for the simple reason that S/He is there with us and accompanies us through every one of our errors and silently endures everyone’s toils, troubles and pains, confusions and struggles.

This is how it comes about that our Creator knows the heart and soul of every human being much better than we ourselves do. S/He knows much better than anyone else will ever be able to do that for the period of our development as mere earthlings, it is impossible to be genuinely thankful for our earthly education. God appreciates that giving thanks and praise for everything that ever was, will be and now is, has to wait until such times when our earthly self has joined its spirit and soul in their conscious awareness of our true nature and origin. When our inner doors open,  our understanding of the meaning and the higher purpose of life increases and our consciousness expands, the way it is meant to do during each subsequent lifetime.

In the course of our long evolutionary cycle, time and again we return to the Earth plane to attend to unfinished business, resolve outstanding issues and heal relationships in which someone got hurt in past lifetimes.  This continues until we can deal with these things in the masterly fashion that is in keeping with our true Divine nature. Our conduct then shows the wise ones that all our lessons have been thoroughly absorbed and that our earthly education is complete. Only then will they allow us to move on to learning experiences on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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* * *

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World‘

One day when I was in great discomfort, I prayed:
‘Please, save me from pain!’
The Christ responded with: ‘To help you bring forth
My Divine characteristics, so that you can grow ever closer to Me,
Each one of My children of the Earth
Must become familiar with pain.
Unless you have waded through painful experiences yourself,
How else can you hope to
Appreciate the depth of another’s suffering?

As you can see, your suffering and worldly cares
Are essential parts of your earthly education.
They are My teaching aids that with the passage of time
Slowly take you back home into the oneness with Me,
Until you are fully re-united with Me.
So rejoice! The more profound your struggles
And the deeper your pain,
The closer your spirit and soul can draw to Me.

This is how, for a very long time unbeknown to your earthly self,
Your consciousness expands and your soul grows.
Yet, it can only do so through each living their own lives,
Gathering their own experiences, and feeling their feelings,
Sadness as much as joy, and happiness as much as pain.
So, whenever something seems too hard or heavy for you to bear,
And wherever you may find yourself, never despair!
Just reach out for My hand, call for Me and I will be there.

I am the only one who can help you work your way through whatever comes your way,
And although you are but one tiny twig on the tree of life and knowledge,
Each one of you is a many-faceted jewel,
Priceless, precious and loved beyond compare and of immense value to Me.
You are one of the most beautiful flowers in My eternal garden and
I am the gardener, who prunes you constantly,
So that you may flower and mature and bear ever more fruit.’

In spite of all that was said before, I had the audacity to say:
‘Please, give me only the things of life I enjoy.’
And the Christ replied: ‘Beloved child,
Isn’t it blessing enough that I have created you and given you life?
From love you come and to love you return,
For love is My true nature and yours.
You are on the Earth plane,
So that one day you will find the truth that is in Me.
And when I grant you the gift of the wisdom to comprehend it,
You will be able to appreciate and recognise that
Everything that is in your life is a loving sacrifice from Me
And that things, people and every experience
That comes your way are included in this.

Six pointed Star

Death Is Not Real

Death Is Not Real - The Kybalion - Rays of Wisdom - Depression and Suicide

‘Death is not real, even in the relative sense. It is but a birth to a new life and you shall go on, and on, and on, to higher and still higher planes of life, for aeons upon aeons of time. The Universe is your home and you shall explore its farthest recesses before the end of time on the Earth plane has come. You are dwelling in the infinite mind of The All, and your possibilities and opportunities are unlimited, both in time and space. And at the end of the grand cycle of aeons, when The All shall draw back into itself all of its creations, you will go gladly for you will then be able to know the whole truth of being at one with The All. Such is the report of the illumined, those who have advanced well along the path.’ From ‘The Kybalion : Hermetic Philosophy’.

‘The Kybalion’ is a book published in 1908 that claims to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. It was published anonymously by a group or person under the pseudonym of ‘The Three Initiates’

The dreams we have of you,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Is only a shadow of Your dreams for us,
Only a shadow of all that will be,
If we but follow You.

The joy I feel today, beloved Father/Mother,
Is only a shadow of Your joys for me,
Only a shadow of Your joys for me,
When we meet face to face.

Carey Landry
Edited by Aquarius

Six pointed Star

Death As Teacher

 Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Death As TeacherIn God’s eyes each one of us is special, unique and precious, but in spite of this it is good to know that we have many things in common with everybody else. For example, no matter where we were born and which race we belong to, there is only one way of coming into this life, for departing from it again and of where to go after leaving the Earth plane. The thought that death is inevitably the end of every human lifespan on the Earth provides our lives with a certain order and structure.

Every death in our surroundings serves as a reminder of our own mortality and some scary questions are bound to rear their heads, for example: ‘What if it were me lying there? When will it be my turn? How will I go?’ and so forth. And the way people sometimes are very suddenly and unexpectedly taken away from our midst drives home the point that life is a precious gift that can easily be taken from us again. This reveals to us the fragility and temporariness of everyone’s earthly existence.

Through death life itself teaches us to bend our knees before the Highest. This means the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, who knows the exact moment of our birth and departure from this plane of life, and the power and might of the Great Father, who through Her brings us into being with the help of an earthly set of parents, at precisely the right moment. It is the same power that takes us out of Earth life again at the predestined time, which was written in the great book of life a long time before we ever put in our present appearance in physicality. What greater wonder and miracle than this could there be anywhere? Just think, this is only the beginning and the scratching of the surface of the mystery of our being!

For many of us this lifetime is going to be an extra special one, because anyone who is ready to listen to what the voice of their spirit and soul has to say, God and the Angels are glad to show them how to return into the conscious awareness of their true nature and origin. When this happens we gradually become aware of our true nature again and that in truth we are beings of love, created by love.  We then realise that the higher purpose of each new lifetime on Earth always has been to present us with fresh opportunities for learning how to love wisely, the way God loves us, totally and unconditionally. This shows us that what is commonly thought of love in earthly life is usually emotional love. And if we are really honest with ourselves, it is probably not love at all, but an expression of needfulness and emotional dependence, no more and no less.

As we know by now, every experience can teach us something, and it makes no difference whether on the surface of life something appears to be good or bad.  The knowledge of this helps our earthly self to recognise that our life and all life is by no means chaotic, that everything is organised in a certain way and that there is a purpose and a higher meaning to Earth life and that every human soul has a high and holy destiny.

We may often still fail to grasp the purpose of the events in our lives. But this is no tragedy because we now appreciate that all we need to do is listen to the small still voice of consciousness, the wise one within, our intuition, and it will tell us what the Universe and our Highest or God Self is trying to convey to us through our experiences. The understanding of the processes and the higher purpose of life that is gradually developing in our consciousness helps us to make sense of our present existence and eases the pain when the death of a loved one comes round.

For as long as our eyes were focussed purely on the material world and its requirements, the way they did in the past, the meaning behind life’s major lessons remained a closed book to us. As a result, whenever we had to endure and work our way through difficult and traumatic times, we could do nothing but come to the conclusion that life had dealt us a particularly rough deal. This changes profoundly with the awakening awareness that there are other dimensions of us and our world, that nothing in anyone’s life happens perchance and that every experience has a specific meaning and only ever comes our way to fulfil the higher purpose of teaching us something.

When this understanding has been found and someone goes from us – even if it happens suddenly and in tragic circumstances – our suffering is no longer as intense as it once used to be. The pain of parting is eased by the fact that in truth there is no death, that our loved one has merely moved into another dimension of life and still loves us the way he/she always did. Their love is likely to deepen and increase because their vision is no longer clouded by earthly concerns, which all too often gets into the way of relationship on the Earth plane. The wise ones in charge of us in the world of light smile and rejoice each time this happens. It shows them that not only one but two of us have woken from our spiritual slumbers, the first on this side of the veil of consciousness and the second on the other.

It is everyone’s own responsibility to go in search of the messages someone’s death is trying to bring to those left behind. If, in spite of our efforts, we cannot find them, God and the Angels are glad to help – if we but ask. The deep underlying purpose of all suffering in our world is to help our soul to grow and our consciousness to expand in wisdom and understanding. Trying to get comfort and healing for the things that are painful in our lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually, in the end results in the knowledge that lights the way back home into the conscious awareness of our relationship and loving union with our Creator.

For those who are still lost in the illusion of Earth life, the moment of going down on their knees and reaching out for the blessing, healing and helping hands of the Highest forces of life also comes eventually. These hands are always reaching out to us and waiting to be called upon.

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Parents And Children

Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Parents And ChildrenTo paraphrase what Kahlil Gibran’s wrote in his poem ‘About Children’:  ‘Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing to experience itself. Your children come through you, but they are neither of nor from you. And although for a time, they are with you, they do not belong to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts, for they have their own pathway to walk and thoughts to think.’ I share this view and accept that our children are but a gift on time, and that they – the same as we ourselves – are the response of life’s yearning for growth and evolution, through real life experiences. Spiritually, our children are our sisters and brothers, and so are our parents. They too are our siblings in the great family of humankind, no more and no less, and therefore not truly our parents.

The same applies to partners and other family members who, if we were lucky or rather had karmically deserved it, once provided us with a sense of belonging and security. In spite of the fact that their spirit never really does go from us, their physical death reveals that the security we thought we had with them was part of the illusion of Earth life. Sooner or later we come to the conclusion that true security can only be found through our inner connection with higher and higher levels of life and ultimately with God, never in people and/or earthly possessions, in which we may have tried to ground ourselves. The best we as earthly parents can ever hope to achieve for the children who come through us is to create a temporary illusion of security.

Everything that is in our lives is there to teach us something and death is no exception. Most of all it shows that nothing  and no-one on the Earth plane has any real power. No matter how powerful and splendid someone may think they are, the Angel of Death – who is part of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love – calls them away at its bidding. Nobody leaves this plane as our inflated ego may try to make us believe, but without any kind of earthly possessions just the same as everybody else. The whole procedure of death is a demonstration that true and lasting power never belongs to any one of us earthlings. It belongs to God alone and the hierarchy of wise ones, who have been appointed to be in charge of us and who act on the commands of those superior to them on the highest levels of life.

The Angel of Death is a group of Angels. None of them has anything in common with the images of the grim reaper we know from days gone by. The countenance of these Angels is kind and loving and they radiate nothing but love. When we are ready to leave our physical body behind, one of them comes for our spirit and soul. Holding the hand of our astral body, it wraps its wings of golden light around us and takes us home to the world of light.

Sending absent or distant healing to someone who is preparing to go from this life is most beneficial. The Angels fill the person’s whole being with golden healing light and create an aura of the same around them. Any prayers that are sent from nearby and faraway places, including those from other parts of our world, add to these loving vibrations. They are a considerable help with easing the patient’s passage when for them the right moment for letting go of their earthly existence has come.

Our Guardian Angel never leaves us and shows us the way and assists us with getting re-acquainted with our old home. Having left the Earth plane, the only things that are still with us then are the soul qualities of our Christ nature we have been able to bring forth thus far. They are our only property and are of the greatest value and significance, as their development is the only way spiritual progress can be made on the evolutionary spiral of life. Anything else just holds us back.

Every new lifetime in physicality is a gift that is granted so that we should learn to rise above the downwards drag of our earthly nature’s desires, for example greed and power-seeking for personal benefit and glory. In due course every human soul is required to follow the upwards pull of their spirit and soul instead. While we are here, the physical part of us belongs to Mother Earth and everybody’s own spiritualisation assists this development for our planet. This is one of the main reasons for our presence on the Earth. And everything that happens to us is our true parents’ way of providing us with the security we always dreamed of and could never find in earthly life, simply because it doesn’t exist there.

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What’s On The Other Side?

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - What's On The Other Side? My inner guidance tells me that each time we leave our physical bodies behind, our spirit and soul moves into a different dimension of life that is known as the world of light. This is humankind’s true home from which we emerge at the beginning of every new lifetime and disappear into at the end of it. The spirit world is an integral part of our world. It’s just that something like a veil separates our two worlds and that creates an illusion of separateness, although on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything.

In spite of knowing these things, I still have only a vague idea of what lies on the other side of the veil and what to expect behind the gateway that leads us out of our earthly existence home into our true reality as spirit and soul. I trust our spirit guides when they tell us that their world is in many ways similar to ours and that it is more beautiful. It is also more peaceful due to the fact that everybody is aware of their true nature and behaves accordingly. No longer being enclosed by a physical body, it stands to reason that the spirit world offers us much more freedom for moving about and if we so wish, we can visit the halls of learning and study any subject that interests us.

The Angel of Death is a group of Angels and when our time for departure has come, one of them calls to take our spirit and soul home. These Angels have nothing in common with the frightening images of the grim reaper from days gone by. The countenance of these Angels is one of kindness and compassion; their whole being radiates nothing but love. They help us let go of the outer shell of our physical body. In earthly life it acts like a kind of overcoat that protects the more sensitive bodies underneath.

Taking us by the hand of our astral body, the Angel wraps us in golden light and transports us into the world of light. After an initial period of healing there, the loved ones who went before us come to welcome us to their world, which soon will be yours and mine, too. In this world everybody is aware of their true nature as children of God and that we contain the same dualities. Just like God and the Angels we are androgynous, male and female are one single unit and both parts are of equal value. Because of this the spirit world knows no gender rivalries.

Each time we enter into the spirit world we leave behind our earthly personality with its multitude of airs and graces, foibles and shortcomings, ranks and degrees. This personality is picked up and continued each time we enter into another lifetime. The memories of all experiences of our past ones and the learning we were able to gain from them are stored in our soul. Our strengths and weaknesses, the thinking and behaviour patterns we have developed thus far, as well as our karmic debts accompany us.

From the first breath we take in each new lifetime they are affecting us from the subconscious level of our being. But for the wise higher reason of protecting us against ourselves, for a long time they have to remain hidden from the view of our earthly self. If during the early stages of our earthly education we knew what we sometimes got up to in previous lifetimes, we would be unable to live with ourselves. With this wise arrangement, however, our soul memories are ready and available to us straight away to help or hinder our pathway, as the case may be.

And because the law of life is love and evolution, each new earthly sojourn offers many opportunities for becoming a better person and making progress on the evolutionary spiral. We are granted the gift of each new lifetime to transform our weaknesses into strengths, to make good where we once sinned and in this way redeem some of our karmic debts.

As soon as we are back in the spirit world, everybody is the same and the only thing that counts is what we now are and not what we have or have been. Everybody has but one possession and that is their spirit and soul. The only difference between any two of them is that some are more highly evolved than others. No-one judges us *. Stripped of everything, we stand before ourselves and, with the help of the wise ones in charge of us and the Akashic Records *, we assess our performances during all earthly lifetimes thus far.

Each time we wish to connect with someone on the Earth plane, again the same as the Angels and our spirit guides and helpers, we can take on the appearance of either a man or a woman that represents the role we once played in earthly lifetimes. We can choose whatever allows people on the material plane to recognise us and helps them to trust the truth of any messages we wish to convey. This is also the case when we first arrive in the spirit world and our family and friends come to greet and welcome us. To assist us with feeling at home and settling down, for as long as necessary they once more play the part they once had in our life. Because we are familiar with this world from numerous previous occasions, this does usually not take very long.

To my mind, humankind’s most urgent need is letting go of our hold on the material world, its values and concerns. True and lasting security can only be found by any of us in the awareness that God is as much part of us as we are of God. The more we bring forth the highest and noblest characteristics of our Divine nature and express them in the world around us, the more easily the wings of the Great White Eagle can lift us above the sadness and heaviness of earthly life into the realities of our true home and nature, the spirit realm. The eagle in all its manifestations is a symbol that represents the human spirit’s power to reach beyond and free itself from its bondage with the physical world.

The efforts of wise ones who spend every day and moment that is left of their present earthly lifetime in this way are supported by a steadily increasing inflow of the Divine love and fire energies. In this way, with the passing of time, their lives are filling ever more with peace and harmony, as well as mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, not only to them but also to everything they come into contact with.

Without wishing away what is left of my present earthly lifetime, I am looking forward to no longer hauling a physical body around with me. And knowing that the Angels brought me safely into every one of my earthly lifetimes and took me out of them again, and that not only once but many times, is a great comfort to me. Because it cannot have been any other way, I trust them to be with me, to guide and protect me against all unwanted influences, the way they have always done, wherever my evolutionary pathway may still require me to go.

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Yearning For Our True Home

The Wanderer

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Wanderer

I come from highlands down to shore,
The valleys steam, the oceans roar.
I wander silent, joyless here:
My sigh keeps asking! ‘Where? Oh, where?’
Their Sun appears to me so cold,
Their blossoms limp, their life so old;
And what they speak of, empty fare:
I am a stranger everywhere.

Where are you, land, beloved home?
Imagined, sought, but never known!
The land, the land, whence hope does flow,
The land where all my roses grow,

Where friends shall never meet in vain,
Where all my dead shall rise again,
The land that speaks my language true:
Oh land, where are you?

I wander silent, joyless here,
My sigh keeps asking: ‘Where? Oh where?’
The spirits answer my distress:
‘Where you are not, there’s happiness.’

Georg Phillip Schmidt
Translated by Walter A. Aue
Set to music by Schubert

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‘The Wanderer’
Sung by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

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Going Home

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Going Home

Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s how everybody goes home
Into the spirit world.

It’s not far, just close by,
Through an open door.
Work all done, cares laid by,
Pain and fear no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us,
Father’s waiting too.
Angels and helpers gathered
With the friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way,
Earth-bound sorrows done.
Shadows gone, break of day,
Real life’s just begun.

There’s no break, there’s no end ,
Just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile,
Going on and on.

I’m just going home!
And although I’ve gone before you,
I did not do so alone and neither will you,
When your time for following me has come.
God and the Angels are always with us
And wherever our road may still have to take us,
We shall be safe, for they never leave us.
Life in all Eternity rests in the loving embrace
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

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Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Letter To A Friend - Epilogue

Who is blind?
The one who cannot see another world.
Who is dumb?
The one who cannot speak a word of love at the right time.
Who is poor?
The one who is plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
The one whose heart is contented.


This part of my work is an attempt at standing by and holding the hand of those who are presently working their way through the pain and grief that accompanies the passing of our loved ones into the world of light. It came into being because many in our world to this day have little or no understanding of the processes that lie behind the scenes of our earthly existence. It fills me with sadness to witness that some people are struggling hard to come to terms with losing a loved one, even if that person departed from our plane of life years ago.

I believe that first and foremost we are spirit and soul, who are having an earthly experience, and that our true home is the world of spirit or light. The gift of each new lifetime on the Earth is given to us, so that we should learn and grow in wisdom and understanding of the purpose and meaning of the human condition and all life. The main reason for being here is that we should investigate and be inquisitive about everything that comes our way, eager to learn and understand until we finally grasp that the things that take place behind the  surface of the world of appearances is by far the most important, valuable and beautiful aspect of all life and also our own. By sharing some of my reflections and insights I have found into this, in particular into the nature of death, I hope to at least occasionally reach someone to whom my words speak and whose pain of parting with a loved one will be eased, maybe even healed.

To paraphrase Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: ‘The most beautiful people in this world are those who have experienced defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and battled their way out of the depths back into the fullness of life. This has provided them with an appreciation, a sensitivity and understanding that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen, they evolve.’
You will find that the events that are presently moving through your life, when they are used in the spirit of enquiry and learning, will in time become for you a gateway into a another dimension. When the great wisdom of our Divine Father/Mother intends it to be so, who would we be to argue? If you will but reach out and touch the Angel’s hand, who is guiding you through it all, you will find – wrapped in this parcel of sorrow and pain that your life is now bringing you – a gift of love and of an ever growing understanding of the true purpose of life.

Our life moves in two and a half year cycles. Astrology confirms this, but I will not bore you with technicalities here. The experts agree that it takes about this amount of time for the inner wounds of a bereavement to heal and to come to terms with the changes in our life. When this particular period of loss and grieving in our lives is over and we have done the healing work it requires, we shall be ready for new experiences and enjoying our life more fully than ever before.

The same as all my other writings this letter grew and evolved over many years. As I myself found a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of life, I gradually added to it. By making it available here I hope that some of you will be guided to the threshold of your own understanding. The way I see it, in Spirit and in God/the Universe/our Highest Self – delete whatever name does not speak to your innermost self – we are all one. It is a natural human reaction that when someone is suffering one wants to do something about it. In no single other aspect of life is more suffering experienced than in connection with death, caused by not knowing and understanding what this life is all about.

The more we learn about the realities that lie behind Earth life, the easier we shall be able to set ourselves free from unnecessary suffering. The aim of this work is to do my share of helping humankind to overcome two of its worst fears, the fear of life and the fear of death. If it succeeds in doing so, at least occasionally, my efforts will not have been in vain.

So long as this you fail to see:
That death precedes re-birth;
A gloomy guest you’ll always be,
Upon this darkling Earth.

From ‘The Soul’s Yearning’

An Arabic Wisdom says: ‘Trust the veiled hand that leads none by the path they would [consciously] choose to go; and always be prepared for change, for the Universe’s law is ebb and flow.’ May the Angels of healing and of peace be with you and all those around you, to bring you comfort and sustenance during this difficult time of adjustment. May God bless you and keep you and all your loved ones safe, now and forever.

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‘Many Mansions’ by Gina Cerminara
‘White Eagle on Reincarnation’

With Love and Light,

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‘The Purpose Of My Life’s Work – Reaping The Bountiful Harvest’

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