Absent Or Distant Healing

IRays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Absent Or Distant Healingt is a well known fact that God moves and works in mysterious ways. That is why it is hardly surprising that healing can take many forms and that it may come to people in many different ways. It can be found through the laying on of hands or through the written or spoken word. Another highly effective and powerful tool against the suffering in our world is absent or distant healing.

To me, there are various sure signs that God and the Angels are at work, but the most helpful item of equipment in any healing process is a positive frame of mind that supports the sufferer in facing and tackling their ordeal with ever renewing strength. When this gift arrives, such people quite magically know – sometimes very suddenly – that somehow they are going to get well again and that, no matter what happens to them, they will always be safe. Another indication can be the making of useful contacts and the arrival of long awaited appointments with people who can assist in the recovery process.

Through my personal contacts as well as the Internet, I have received sufficient evidence that after sending healing to people, sometimes for prolonged periods, such things really happen. What better reward, if you wanted one, could there be for a healer than learning about it, in some cases after many months or even years later? If one hears anything at all, that is. I have observed such manifestations too many times to accept that they were nothing but coincidences. I don’t believe in coincidences, as Marlo Morgan writes in ‘Mutant Message Down Under’: ‘Everything in the Universe has a purpose. There are no misfits, freaks or accidents. There are only things we don’t understand.’

But, like all help from ‘above’, healing has to be asked for. It always comes when someone somewhere prays for it, regardless of who the person at either end of the prayer is. Wherever the attention of God and the Angels is drawn to a soul’s suffering, healing miracles take place, though this may show itself in many different and magical ways. Some seem to think that absent or distant healing has to be personally requested by the suffering one or that at least that person has to acquiesce.

I find it acceptable to pray on behalf of sufferers who are unable to do so for themselves, either through ignorance or incapacity, by someone who appreciates them sufficiently. Prayers are a potent force and we need to be careful what we pray for, because all our prayers are heard and replied to. And I know from first hand experience that it does not make one bit of difference whether someone prayed for healing themselves or whether a person requested it on their behalf.

This does not surprise me. After all, each one of us is a child of God and – awake to our true reality or not – we are all on the same pathway and here for the same reason. There is no difference between any of us; we are all equal and loved with the same strength; and on some level of their being everybody requires healing. None of us has any true power, but when we unselfishly seek to work with the Universal healing energy with love in our heart and with total disregard for the outcome, God and the Angels can use us as channels and work through us. As God’s messengers, the Angels’ energy is pure love and that is a gift that comes to everybody free of charge and can be tapped into by anyone, irrespective of their spiritual beliefs.

It is through difficulties, hardships and suffering that the human soul finds its way back to God. Some are guided to it through their healing experiences. Being aware that this is so, who would anyone be to deny others the help they so clearly need, yet are unable to ask for because they are unaware of their own soul needs and of the fact whenever help is wanted, it has to be asked for?  That is why whenever the Universe brings a person’s needs to my attention, I do not hesitate to put their name and location, if known, on my healing list. As, I hope, a true child of the Aquarian Age, I refuse to be bound by the restrictions of all religious organisations, no matter how well intentioned they may be and on whose teachings they are founded. Upon hearing or reading something that makes no sense to me, I listen to and follow my heart, safe in the knowledge that my inner teacher’s guidance can be trusted in all things.

As far as absent or distant healing is concerned, wherever groups of people come together to send healing, for example to the leaders of our world or for Mother Earth, they are doing so in the hope that their prayers will be answered.  Indeed they will be, notwithstanding the fact that none of those at the receiving end ever asked for anyone’s intercession. And how do we perceive that there is a need somewhere? Because our inner or Highest Self guides us into offering ourselves to act as channels through which the Universal healing energies can flow. Whenever I see or hear of any person’s suffering, as a purely instinctive reaction I want to reach out and bring help of some kind. And it is good to know that as healers, we can make a difference, in spite of the fact that we may never get to see any of the results of the work we are doing.

Finally, if you feel drained and exhausted after sending healing to someone, there is something wrong. When doing any kind of healing work, we are not to do so with our own energies. We are meant to call upon and attune ourselves to the White healing energies of the highest Star, the Christ Light, and thus become one of Its channels on the Earth plane. Each time this happens, Its energies mingle with our own and over time the two together grow ever stronger and more powerful.

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