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Rays of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Coming To The Rescue

I know from first hand experience what a gloomy, sad and depressing existence one leads for as long as one still looks at our earthly existence from the blinkered view that it is a one-off thing. While it is still in this state the human spirit and soul cannot help feeling as if it were trapped in a dark box from which there is no escape. This is a dungeon of despair that is entirely of our own making, if ever there was one. The walls of this prison consist of all the false beliefs and prejudices about God, ourselves and our reality, which our earthly personality has accumulated in the course of many lifetimes.

In that impoverished state the world is indeed a very threatening and frightening place, in which one feels hopelessly and helplessly subject to the forces of a frequently unkind destiny, which one does not understand. God and the Angels are the only ones who know for how many lifetimes any soul already has been in this position. Is it any wonder that depression is so widespread and causing such severe problems to so many?

However, the building of one of these boxes is a necessary part of every soul’s evolutionary pathway. Dunk and dismal jails that they are, their walls – when we finally start to dismantle them – can turn out to be surprisingly tough and resilient to our attempt at knocking them down. Legends, myths and fairy tales of our world have long told of this inner process of the spirit and soul waiting to be released from their ignorance by the wisdom and love of their Highest Self. Its symbol is the knight in shining armour. He comes riding on his white steed – symbolic of the power of God – to rescue the maiden in distress or the beautiful princess. The maiden/princess represents the human spirit and soul. Caught in the illusions of Earth life and its imaginings and false beliefs, she has fallen into a deep sleep from which her Highest or God self alone can awaken and release her.

George slaying the dragon is another version of the same myths. George, the Highest Self, comes to the rescue of the small earthly self by helping it to find a renewed vision of God and of its true nature and origin. This kills dragon of the fears that we ourselves once created through misrepresentations and misunderstandings of God’s wisdom. The more the light of the Divine sacred truth penetrates the walls of the black box, the prison of the small earthly self, the more this part of our nature rouses itself from its spiritual slumber. We begin to realise that life, our own and everybody else’s, really is a good one and that the Universe for all of us truly has nothing but the best in mind.

With every passing day, one tiny step by another we grow in understanding. Through this our fears and anxieties start to transmute themselves into a total trust in the fundamental goodness of life and its creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. Seeing is believing and being able to perceive with our inner vision what our existence truly is about helps our faith to grow. And every time we suddenly know something we never knew before, makes us more aware of the presence of our inner teacher and guide. We discover to our astonishment that its infinite wisdom and great love really does know the answers to all our questions. Each time another one comes to rescue us from a situation, our confidence in its existence grows and we follow its instructions ever more willingly.

Building the black box and also freeing ourselves from it are vital steps in every human soul’s evolutionary maturing process. It cannot be escaped by anyone and each one of us has to deal with it in their own way – though never on our own. For a long time God and the Angels have been waiting to be called upon by each one of us to come to our rescue. And if you are suffering from depression, rest assured that you have not been singled out in some way or treated unfairly by life. Wise ones, who are already on their road of consciously being reunited with their Source, accept that this too ultimately aims to show them the way towards finding their highest good and greatest joy, the same as everything else that has been in their lives. Reaching out for the helping hands of God and the Angels, they get to work and intrepidly move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

We are magnetic beings and everything in the whole of Creation is an attraction of energies. Therefore, even if we were born into a family of manic depressives, there is no need to give in to the temptation of saying: ‘Ah well, it’s in my genes. There is nothing that can be done about it.’ Don’t you believe it! Something showing up in our genes is no kind of evidence for anything. Because anything that was and now is in our lives was in some way created by us, that is far less than half the story.

Viewed from this angle, the issue of nurturing versus nature takes on a different slant. Yes, we are influenced by our environment, especially by the early participants in our upbringing. But, the more experienced and older in soul terms we become, the greater the percentage of the characteristics we developed in previous lifetimes and brought with us into this one is bound to be. As we move through Earth life, time and again, the ratio of nurture and nature constantly changes. The more highly evolved we become, as one of these increases the other one decreases and shrinks away.

Gradually, we grow into what at birth and during childhood is commonly known as ‘an old head on young shoulders’. In some newly born infants this can be observed clearly because the way they look and behave and react very early in their present lifetime. That must be the reason why some children look surprisingly like wizened old women and men at birth. It is because a very old soul and spirit is looking through their eyes at us and our world and are probably finding the whole thing quite tedious. Who knows?

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