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Rays of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Parents And ChildrenTo paraphrase what Kahlil Gibran’s wrote in his poem ‘About Children’:  ‘Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing to experience itself. Your children come through you, but they are neither of nor from you. And although for a time, they are with you, they do not belong to you. You may give them your love, but not your thoughts, for they have their own pathway to walk and thoughts to think.’ I share this view and accept that our children are but a gift on time, and that they – the same as we ourselves – are the response of life’s yearning for growth and evolution, through real life experiences. Spiritually, our children are our sisters and brothers, and so are our parents. They too are our siblings in the great family of humankind, no more and no less, and therefore not truly our parents.

The same applies to partners and other family members who, if we were lucky or rather had karmically deserved it, once provided us with a sense of belonging and security. In spite of the fact that their spirit never really does go from us, their physical death reveals that the security we thought we had with them was part of the illusion of Earth life. Sooner or later we come to the conclusion that true security can only be found through our inner connection with higher and higher levels of life and ultimately with God, never in people and/or earthly possessions, in which we may have tried to ground ourselves. The best we as earthly parents can ever hope to achieve for the children who come through us is to create a temporary illusion of security.

Everything that is in our lives is there to teach us something and death is no exception. Most of all it shows that nothing  and no-one on the Earth plane has any real power. No matter how powerful and splendid someone may think they are, the Angel of Death – who is part of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love – calls them away at its bidding. Nobody leaves this plane as our inflated ego may try to make us believe, but without any kind of earthly possessions just the same as everybody else. The whole procedure of death is a demonstration that true and lasting power never belongs to any one of us earthlings. It belongs to God alone and the hierarchy of wise ones, who have been appointed to be in charge of us and who act on the commands of those superior to them on the highest levels of life.

The Angel of Death is a group of Angels. None of them has anything in common with the images of the grim reaper we know from days gone by. The countenance of these Angels is kind and loving and they radiate nothing but love. When we are ready to leave our physical body behind, one of them comes for our spirit and soul. Holding the hand of our astral body, it wraps its wings of golden light around us and takes us home to the world of light.

Sending absent or distant healing to someone who is preparing to go from this life is most beneficial. The Angels fill the person’s whole being with golden healing light and create an aura of the same around them. Any prayers that are sent from nearby and faraway places, including those from other parts of our world, add to these loving vibrations. They are a considerable help with easing the patient’s passage when for them the right moment for letting go of their earthly existence has come.

Our Guardian Angel never leaves us and shows us the way and assists us with getting re-acquainted with our old home. Having left the Earth plane, the only things that are still with us then are the soul qualities of our Christ nature we have been able to bring forth thus far. They are our only property and are of the greatest value and significance, as their development is the only way spiritual progress can be made on the evolutionary spiral of life. Anything else just holds us back.

Every new lifetime in physicality is a gift that is granted so that we should learn to rise above the downwards drag of our earthly nature’s desires, for example greed and power-seeking for personal benefit and glory. In due course every human soul is required to follow the upwards pull of their spirit and soul instead. While we are here, the physical part of us belongs to Mother Earth and everybody’s own spiritualisation assists this development for our planet. This is one of the main reasons for our presence on the Earth. And everything that happens to us is our true parents’ way of providing us with the security we always dreamed of and could never find in earthly life, simply because it doesn’t exist there.

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