Searching For Our Own Truth

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition -  Each Searching For Their Own TruthBeing thoroughly fed up with the deviousness and deception, lying and cheating of the Piscean Age, has prepared us and our world to seek a better understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth by re-establishing our direct connection with our Creator through our inner guidance by the living God within. The knowledge that comes to us from there is not of the kind that can be imbibed by book-learning alone. Because spiritual wisdom and understanding is a constantly expanding living organism, it is impossible to find God’s ultimate truth in any kind of book, as by the time of its appearance it is likely to be outdated already. And as on top of this, everyone’s perception of truth varies slightly from everybody else’s, clearly it is best to set off in search of our own truth.

In prayers, meditations and quiet reflections our consciousness tunes itself like a transmitter/receiver station – which in truth it is – into the wavelengths of the Highest. Through regularly entering into the silence within, God’s sacred understanding of things begins to reveal itself to us. This truth is so elusive that it is almost impossible to capture and describe in words. We need to break through the limitations of our minds and the many false perceptions of our small earthly self, so that we can become one with the Universal wisdom of the Great Mother and the Cosmic intelligence of the Great Father. They alone can take us into their knowingness and that simply cannot be expressed in earthly terms and languages.

However, when one looks back over the centuries and millennia and watches humankind’s spiritual development, it is not hard to see that the religions of our world were specifically designed to stop us from becoming mystics and seekers of God’s sacred wisdom and truth before the time for doing so had come. Although finding it is humankind’s birthright and destiny, an enterprise of such vast proportions could only succeed when sufficient numbers of us and also our whole world had matured into spiritual adulthood, and when the Cosmic energies were right, which they are now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius.

To serve the purpose of keeping us away from too intimate a relationship with God, of necessity the religions of the past were organised ones and of the head. In contrast to this, the faith of the Aquarian Age is of the heart and has nothing to do with institutions and organisations. It is the kindness and compassion that is felt in our hearts and souls for the suffering of the whole of humankind, Mother Earth and all her kingdoms. Our new religion is a deep and abiding love for our Creator that is accompanied by an unshakeable trust in His/Her goodness and ability to heal every wound and make all crooked corners straight again for each one of God’s erring children of the Earth.

This new religion has no need for churches because it helps us to find  God in the joys and pleasures, the beauty and wonders of our world, as well as in the misery and distress of all of God’s creatures and creations of the human, animal, plant and mineral worlds alike. It is a faith that fills our hearts and souls with sadness for the suffering all of us in our ignorance of the true purpose and meaning of life inflicted upon our world in the course of many lifetimes. When we forgive ourselves and each other, our heart opens and the only thing we feel is wanting to make a valid contribution to alleviating and healing every last bit of the suffering and pain our planet has ever seen.

The new creed is a true one because it has its origin in the realisation of our innermost being that we are safe and enfolded in the infinite Power of the Great Father and the Love and Wisdom of the Great Mother. This attunement to and trust in God’s all-pervading life and the Divine eternal laws of the Universe is waiting to bestow upon all God’s children of the Earth the gifts of joy and healing. It opens the senses of our soul and in the fullness of time will enable us to recall all the lifetimes we have ever spent on the Earth plane.

Our consciousness of the life of the invisible spiritual planes that fill and surround our world increases. The old religions were afraid of astrology and condemned it because they did not yet understand that it is a gift from the Highest, the same as everything else that is made available to us earthlings. In contrast to that, the beliefs of the Aquarian Age welcome astrology as a precious tool an a lifehelp for getting to know ourselves and each other. It can teach us how to respond to the energies that are influencing all kingdoms of our beloved planet and therefore also us. This allows us to get ever more into harmony with the flow of  the Cosmic energies as well as those of everything that shares our world with us.

Every soul possesses an inborn instinctive knowledge of God. Upon reawakening to our true reality this aspect of our nature consciously connects us not only with every living creature, but with all life. Yet, it is hard to put Heavenly truths into earthly words to explain them to those around us. One can only try to give pointers and speak about things in the hope of stirring and quickening their hearts and minds, in the hope that in their own sweet way they might also attempt to tune their channel of communication into that of the Highest.

As touched upon earlier, spiritual wisdom and knowledge is a constantly growing and developing organism and therefore fluid. It aims to present us with the laws and principles of the Universe in ways that everybody can understand and work with. God’s truth can be likened to a mighty river with many tributaries, large and small. It is easy to get side-tracked into one of the side-arms and sometimes we get lost in them. But, even then there’s no need to worry, as our inner guidance will always take us back to the main theme and final goal: the loving union with our Creator.

Looking down upon the Earth from a great height, one becomes aware of  where all the branches of the great river of truth and of life have ever flown and how each one of them, one way or another, beautifully fits into the grand panorama of humankind’s existence.

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