How About Stealing Someone's Ideas?

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition -  How About Stealing Someone's Ideas?Do you believe that ideas can be stolen? Yes, according to earthly laws this is possible and an offence, but not in relation to the laws of the Universe. Let me explain: Potentially, all of us are transmitter/receiver stations of the Highest intelligence and our earthly minds are its extensions and an integral part of it. The Father/Mother Creator’s consciousness is the source not only of spiritual ideas but also of all others. The fire of the Gods that were the main theme of many of the ancient legends of our world were one of its symbolisms.

The ideas that come to any one of us at any given moment are this fire and every last one of its sparks belongs to God and therefore to everybody. No idea could ever be only one person’s property, because they freely float in the etheric to be picked up by all who are ready to receive them. Esoteric cosmology recognises the etheric as a plane other than the physical one. It is perceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the physical aspect of life.

Now, if one of these days, I came across an idea that someone said they had written an article or a quote, maybe a book about some of the ideas that in the course of my development came through me, my first reaction would be: ‘Great that the ideas are spreading!’ If that person was seeking personal fame and fortune, I’d wish them well and be glad that the ideas would in this way be brought to the attention of a wider audience.  If this is what their Highest Self wants them to do, who would I be to argue with that? Whatever they are doing, it’s their Karma, so I’d wish them all the best.

Naturally, I am well aware of the fact that if we make use of any idea or a quotation to pass it off as our own, when it is not, in terms of copyright and legality this amounts to plagiarism or theft of intellectual property. As you know by now, I am not in pursuit of moneymaking, fame or glory. All I am interested in is the spiritual advancement of the human race and the wellbeing of our whole world. So, if someone tried to gain personal glory or credit from what they have ‘stolen’ from me, as far as I am concerned, the only problem – for them, not for me – I can see is the negative Karma they are creating for themselves by pretending they are something they are not.

The eternal light of the Christ Spirit, the Universal Christ, is ever the builder and constructor, as well as the re-constructor and healer of all life. The Divine chain of command that rules us and our world and everything it contains, as well as all others, is as follows. First in line are the Angels as representatives of the Great Mother’s wisdom and of the will and power of the Great Father. They are followed by the Masters and guides in the world of light. All of them are making extra special efforts at accompanying, guiding and protecting us during this difficult time of transition from one age into another. 

They are the envoys and heralds through which the Great Father/Mother’s wisdom and power flows into us. This continues until our whole being is filled with a confidence that rests safely in the knowledge that they are constantly with us and our world to minister to all and to support every small effort one of us makes, and that they will never leave us. Regardless of how insignificant we may think of our role in the healing of our world, all human souls at least potentially are instruments through which the Christ light is waiting to manifest itself and work. All of us who are here at this special time of transition have been granted the gift of another lifetime, so that in due course we can be used to serve the Highest in some way or another. Each one of us is of the greatest importance in this work.

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